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Big Data Analytics In Oil And Gas Industry Pdf

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HSE Health, Safety, and Environment management is one of the most concerned matters of every business, especially in petroleum Industry.

Application of Big Data in Petroleum Industry Application of Big Data in Petroleum Industry

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Sign in. In , marketing commentator Michael Palmer had blogged. Data is just like crude. A fter nine years, the statement still holds true across any industry that depends on large volumes of data. It is true that until and unless, data is not broken down into pieces and analyzed, it holds little value. As the world becomes more receptive to the advantages o f big data, the oil industry does not seem to be far behind.

Elbashir, Mahmoud M. El-Halwagi, Ioannis G. Economou, Kenneth R. A comprehensive review of the current status and challenges for natural gas and shale gas production, …. Probability and statistics are increasingly important in a huge range of professions. But many people use ….

Role of Data Analytics in the Oil Industry

O il and gas companies are constantly facing a number of industry-specific challenges , including lack of visibility into complex operational processes, the difficulties of performance improvement, equipment life cycle management, logistics complexity, and meeting environmental regulations. Have a look at how the ever-growing amount of data generated by oil and gas companies can surmount these challenges when crunched into meaningful insights. Big data analytics assists in streamlining key oil and gas operations, such as exploration, drilling, production and delivery, in the three sectors — upstream, midstream and downstream. The upstream analytics begins with the acquisition of seismic data collected with sensors across a potential area of interest in search of petroleum sources. Once the data is gathered, it is processed and analyzed to determine a location for drilling.

Big data refers to store, manage, analyze, and process efficiently a huge amount of datasets and to distribute it. Recent advancements in big data technologies include data recording, storage, and processing, and now big data is used in the refinery sector for the estimation of the energy efficiency and to reduce the downtime, maintenance, and repair cost by using various models and analytics methods. In the liquefied natural gas and city gas distribution industry, also, it is used in maintenance and to predict the failure of process and equipment. In this paper, authors have reviewed that how big data now used in the storage and transportation of oil and gas, health and safety in the downstream industry and to accurately predict the future markets of oil and gas. There are many areas where we can efficiently utilize big data techniques, and there are several challenges faced in applying big data in the petroleum downstream industry. Technological advancements in petroleum industry in recent years cause generation of huge amount of datasets in different sectors of petroleum industry including upstream, midstream, and downstream.

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Big Data and analytics may be new to some industries, but the oil and gas industry has long dealt with large quantities of data to make technical decisions.

A Profile of the Oil and Gas Industry, Second Edition

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It sheds light on key production, revenue, and consumption trends so that players could improve their sales and growth in the Global Big Data in Oil and Gas Market.

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Here are some key Big Data Analytics use cases in the oil and gas industry

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Big data analytics has become an essential tool for many oil and gas applications (Crockett & Kurrey, ) (Mohammadpoor & Torabi, ). In.