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In this way, the most important functions would be performed by the most talented persons, and the greatest rewards go to those positions which required most training and were most important for maintenance of the social system. The theory was and remains highly influential but has generated enormous controversy.

The Functionalist View of Stratification:. Main principles of structural functionalism :. Societies are complex systems of interrelated and interdependent parts, and each part of a society significantly influences the others. Each part of a society exists because it has a vital function to perform in maintaining the existence or stability of society as a whole; the existence of any part of a society is therefore explained when its function for the whole is identified. The tendency of society is toward stability, harmony, or equilibrium, in other words toward balance.

Social Stratification and Inequality

In this way, the most important functions would be performed by the most talented persons, and the greatest rewards go to those positions which required most training and were most important for maintenance of the social system. The theory was and remains highly influential but has generated enormous controversy. Tumin 's Readings on Social Stratification , , offers a good selection of the classic contributions to the debate.

Davis and Moore's argument is based on the functionalist premiss that social order rests on consensual values which define collective goals that are in the general interest. In order to encourage those who are best able to realize these goals it is necessary to offer unequal rewards.

Both of these propositions have allegedly been found empirically wanting. Critics have also suggested that the theory is simply an apologia for inequality. Some also maintain that it is tautological circular , since it proposes that the occupations and other social roles which are most highly rewarded are most important to social stability, and then cites the high levels of reward as evidence of their social importance. Nevertheless, the theory continues to inform important topics of sociological discussion, including for example the literatures on social mobility and social justice.

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functional theory of stratification

Why does poverty exist, and why and how do poor people end up being poor? We review what these perspectives say generally about social stratification rankings of people based on wealth and other resources a society values before turning to explanations focusing specifically on poverty. In general, the functionalist perspective and conflict perspective both try to explain why social stratification exists and endures, while the symbolic interactionist perspective discusses the differences that stratification produces for everyday interaction. Table 2. In line with this view, functionalist theorists in sociology assume that stratification exists because it also serves important functions for society. When applied to American society, their assumptions would be as follows:. This example is very hypothetical, but please keep reading.

Beginning with an article by Tumin in , the Davis-Moore theory elicited regular analysis, commentary, criticism, and debate through the s. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve. Abrahamson, Mark. Bendix, Reinhard and Seymour Martin Lipset. Class, Status, and Power. New York: The Free Press.

Some Principles of Stratification. Author(s): Kingsley Davis and Wilbert E. Moore. Source: American Sociological Review, Vol. 10, No. 2, Annual Meeting.

The Davis–Moore theory of stratification: The life course of a socially constructed classic

The Davis—Moore hypothesis , sometimes referred to as the Davis—Moore theory , is a central claim within the structural functionalist paradigm of sociological theory, and was advanced by Kingsley Davis and Wilbert E. Moore in a paper published in As a structural functionalist theory, it is also associated with Talcott Parsons and Robert K.

2.3 Explaining Poverty

Weber argued that property can bring prestige, since people tend to hold rich people in high regard. Prestige can also come from other sources, such as athletic or intellectual ability. In those instances, prestige can lead to property, if people are willing to pay for access to prestige.

The Conflict View

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Davis–Moore hypothesis

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6.3: Explaining Stratification