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Railroad Commission Of Texas Pipeline Safety Rules And Regulations Pdf

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The Railroad Commission of Texas RRC ; also sometimes called the Texas Railroad Commission , TRC is the state agency that regulates the oil and gas industry , gas utilities, pipeline safety, safety in the liquefied petroleum gas industry, and surface coal and uranium mining. Despite its name, it ceased regulating railroads in Established by the Texas Legislature in , it is the state's oldest regulatory agency and began as part of the Efficiency Movement of the Progressive Era.

The draft rules, which are currently posted only for informal comment, are garnering significant industry attention, with trade groups questioning whether potential compliance costs accord with identified safety risks. Most rural gathering pipelines are exempt from the safety standards applicable to transmission pipelines due to the perception that their remote location and lower throughput lessens safety risks. Proponents of additional pipeline safety regulation have claimed in recent years that the longstanding regulatory exemption for rural gathering pipelines is outdated, when the size and operating pressures of some unregulated rural gathering pipelines exceed those of regulated transmission pipelines. Of interest is how the Commission intends to apply the draft rules to existing rural gathering pipelines. The Commission clarified at its July 24 rulemaking workshop that operators of these pipelines would likely be required to comply within 1 — 2 years of the rules becoming effective.

Pipeline Safety Information

Included was a portion of the Mega Rule that focuses on the safety of gas transmission pipelines. The other two published rules focus on the safety of hazardous liquid pipelines and enhanced emergency order procedures. Transportation Secretary Elaine L.

Chao in a press release. Each of the new rules includes important information for pipeline operators, midstream, and gas transmission operators. The Mega Rule will be rolled out in three separate parts, including the Gas Gathering Rule later on — likely in The first part of the Mega Rule was published to the Federal Register on October 1 focusing on these three areas :.

In addition, the rule updates reporting and records retention standards for gas transmission pipelines. Why Was This Rule Enacted? This final rule addresses congressional mandates, National Transportation Safety Board recommendations, and responds to public input.

The amendments in the rule address integrity management IM requirements and other requirements. Overall, the rule focuses on:. Additionally, the rule requires operators to inspect affected pipelines following an extreme weather event or natural disaster to address any resulting damage. Specifically, PHMSA is extending reporting requirements for certain hazardous liquid gravity and rural gathering lines to require:.

The third rule published on October 1 focuses on increased emergency safety measures. This rule increases the authority of PHMSA to issue an emergency order that addresses unsafe safety conditions or hazards that pose an imminent threat to pipeline safety.

An emergency order may impose emergency restrictions, prohibitions, or other safety measures on owners and operators of gas or hazardous liquid pipeline facilities. These regulations establish procedures for the issuance of emergency orders to address an unsafe condition or practice, or a combination of unsafe conditions or practices, that constitute or cause an imminent hazard to public health and safety or the environment. The regulations describe the duration and scope of such orders and provide a mechanism by which pipeline owners and operators subject to, and aggrieved by, emergency orders can seek administrative or judicial review.

Timeline: The effective date of the rule is December 2, , several months earlier than the other two rules. All three of the rules published on October 1 — and the forthcoming final parts of the Gas Gathering Rule — will require operators to take steps toward aligning with the latest requirements for pipeline safety. Because of our involvement in the Gas Pipeline Advisory Committee GPAC that contributed to the rulemaking, we have unique understanding and insight into the new rules.

Contact EnerSys today to discuss your pipeline assets, current safety measures, and how we can help close gaps that move your operation into alignment with the new pipeline safety rules issued by PHMSA.

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Get Started Today. Download Now. LinkedIn Profile Youtube Profile. Overall, the rule focuses on: The actions an operator must take to reconfirm the MAOP of previously untested natural gas transmission pipelines and pipelines lacking certain material or operational records. The consideration of seismicity as a risk factor in IM. Safety features on in-line inspection launchers and receivers.

A 6-month grace period for 7-calendar-year integrity management reassessment intervals. Related recordkeeping provisions. Timeline: The effective date of the rule is July 1, Specifically, PHMSA is extending reporting requirements for certain hazardous liquid gravity and rural gathering lines to require: The inspection of pipelines in areas affected by extreme weather and natural disasters.

The use of leak detection systems beyond HCAs to all regulated, non-gathering hazardous liquid pipelines. That all pipelines in or affecting HCAs be capable of accommodating in-line inspection tools within 20 years, unless the basic construction of a pipeline cannot be modified to permit that accommodation. Please Share This. Russel Treat Russel Treat is an industry leader, software entrepreneur, podcaster, and trusted subject matter expert specializing in oil and gas pipeline operations, custody transfer measurement, leak detection, and automation.

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Scale, scope, and regulation in the Texas gas transmission industry

Become an Access Member and let employers find you. It's free. Yes, let employers find me. Pipeline Safety is seeking field inspectors to perform technical fieldwork related to pipeline safety operations in the Kilgore region. Work involves conducting pipeline safety evaluations as well as incident and accident investigations. The inspector determines pipeline operators' compliance with applicable natural gas and hazardous liquids pipeline safety rules and regulations 49 Code of Federal Regulations, Parts and ; 16 Texas Administrative Code, Chapters 8 and

Pipeline Safety Update - Issue No. 157

This article describes and analyzes the Texas Railroad Commission's regulatory policies for the intrastate gas transmission industry, paying special attention to the impact of direct utility competition on scale and scope economies. Our econometric results suggest that most firms operate at substantial decreasing returns to scale, and the largest firms suffer the biggest diseconomies of scale. There are economies of scope between types of gas sales, but diseconomies of scope when a pipeline combines transportation with multiple categories of gas sales. These results suggest that the Texas Railroad Commission's liberal policies on entry and private contracting have not resulted in inefficient entry.

Millions of miles of pipelines are used to move energy resources from areas of production to consumers. Pipelines are the most efficient and economical method of transporting our nation's energy resources and are also considered the among the safest. It is important for all residents to be aware of pipeline safety and understand the best ways to protect property and lives. If an emergency occurs at or near a production area, call

The Final Rule instead prohibits the use of reworked plastic. PHMSA also indicated its intent to engage with stakeholders on the use of plastic materials in previously unregulated gathering lines that have become regulated because of population encroachment. The Final Rule also amends the Hazardous Liquid Integrity Management regulations to require that operators retain integrity management compliance records for the useful life of the pipeline. Revised dates appear in bold.

What’s Next for Pipeline Operators?

PHMSA issues guidance to state pipeline safety program managers regarding enforcement of plastic pipeline regulations. District court dismisses complaint against PHMSA regarding inspection of pipelines located on federal lands. API releases two standards addressing natural gas gathering pipelines. Texas Railroad Commission reminds operators to include abandoned pipelines in digital mapping shapefiles. PHMSA states that the proposal is intended to reduce regulatory burden.

PHMSA Issues New Pipeline Safety Rules — Including Mega Rule Part 1

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OMB also analyzes the cost-benefit analyses in support of the proposals.