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Secondly is the process of self-labelling.

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The concept of deviance is complex because norms vary considerably across groups, times, and places. In other words, what one group may consider acceptable, another may consider deviant. For example, in some parts of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Muslim Africa, women are circumcised. In America, the thought of female circumcision, or female genital mutilation as it is known in the United States, is unthinkable; female genital mutilation, usually done in unsanitary conditions that often lead to infections, is done as a blatantly oppressive tactic to prevent women from having sexual pleasure. A number of theories related to deviance and criminology have emerged within the past 50 years or so.

Labelling Theory - Explained

Labeling theory states that people come to identify and behave in ways that reflect how others label them. This theory is most commonly associated with the sociology of crime since labeling someone unlawfully deviant can lead to poor conduct. Describing someone as a criminal, for example, can cause others to treat the person more negatively, and, in turn, the individual acts out. Labeling theory is one of the most important approaches to understanding deviant and criminal behavior. Definitions of criminality are established by those in power through the formulation of laws and the interpretation of those laws by police, courts, and correctional institutions.

Labeling theory

Sociological theories of deviance are those that use social context and social pressures to explain deviance. The study of social deviance is the study of the violation of cultural norms in either formal or informal contexts. Social deviance is a phenomenon that has existed in all societies with norms.

7.3A: Sociological Theories of Deviance

Sociological theories of deviance are those that use social context and social pressures to explain deviance.

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Labeling theory provides a distinctively sociological approach that focuses on the role of social labeling in the development of crime and deviance. The theory.

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Deviant behaviour is behaviour that people so label.