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Binzel , Jr. Dedication Acknowledgments Preface Introduction 1. Case Dismissed 2. The Nutrition Connection 3.

Alternative cancer treatment books by doctors and researchers

If you feel you have been helped by this site, please share the message and take a look at the easy ways you can contribute at no financial cost. Outstanding resource on the holistic healing of cancer. See alternative cancer treatment researcher Lothar Hirneise pages. Price UK: John Diamond, W. Lee Cowden, Burton Goldberg pages. A wide collection of alternative medicine for cancer by M. It outlines the pioneering successful cancer treatment plans of 37 alternative medicine cancer specialists, guiding you through the safest and most effective treatment alternatives known today.

Learn how leading practitioners use herbs, nutrition, supplements, diet, oxygen, enzymes, glandular extracts, homeopathic remedies, plus specialized new substances such as Ukrain, Essiac, Carnivora, Iscador, X, shark cartilage, and many other to prevent and reverse cancer.

This book saved my life. The cannabis plant and its powerful oils have amazing medical properties. Since curing his own skin cancer in using the cannabis oil he had made himself, Rick Simpson has been at the vanguard of helping to restitute this therapeutic powerhouse to its rightful place.

One of Dr. Note that Hulda Clark does not deal with thoughts , emotions or spirituality. Read excerpts from Dr. So you can count on this method, not merely hope it will work for you.

But removing the malignancy left the tumors behind as they were, prior to the malignant development. Eliminating tumors became the focus of additional research, and is the subject of this book.

The Day Program described in this book does both. Once you win this battle, even advanced cancer can be cured. It is a total approach that not only shrinks tumors, but also normalizes your blood chemistry, lowers your cancer markers, and returns your health. The Cure For All Diseases. Introduction and extensive excerpts. The Prevention of All Cancers. Kill the malignancy-causing parasite and the tumor-causing bacteria.

Learn the dietary triggers for each oncovirus that immortalizes your tumor cells. Pull out one link and the whole cancer process is blocked. This kind of prevention is more powerful than a cure. You can get started now! I found that this book was very detailed, but I think that if you are a first time reader of Dr.

Clark's books, it may be best to first read her book, The Cure For All Diseases as a basic foundation. Then it would be good to read Prevention for the advanced information. I like the Diseases book more because of it's simplicity, and that I believe that simple methods are more effective because more people will actually be able to follow simple methods. I have personally had three family members with various forms of cancer, and they all successfully followed the herbal parasite cleanse and basic zapping programs found in Dr.

Clark's Diseases book and are all cancer free to this day. I don't think any of them would have gotten into making Homeographic Drops, Plate Zappping, Syncrometer Science, or any of the involved processes found in the new Prevention book. It was difficult enought just to get them to take their Black Walnut Hull herbs, and use a zapper, so anything more involved would have been a turn off to them, I just know it. An alternative health care provider would be very interested in the information found in the Prevention book, but the average person may find the information a bit overwhelming if it is the first book one reads by Hulda Clark.

I started as a believer in chemotherapy. I was impressed by the then-emerging cures for Hodgkin's disease, acute lymphocytic leukemia and some other relatively rare cancers.

At the same time, I began to learn how skeptical many good scientists Incisive statements and warnings on chemotherapy by researchers and oncologists. Antioxidants Against Cancer. Detailed discussion of the importance of antioxidants both in fending off cancer and other illness and for tolerating better the conventional cancer treatment mainstays, toxic chemotherapy and radiation.

The Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook. You can support this humanitarian site at no extra cost to you by buying printed books or other items through Healing Cancer Naturally's Amazon links. William L. Fischer has been involved in medicine, health care, and natural healing for over 30 years. After working with several of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in his native Germany, he moved to the United States and began publishing books on natural healing.

For him to obtain the most comprehensive information available, his research has taken him around the world to such diverse places as Iran, the Far East, Europe, and Egypt to study natural healing techniques Fischer arrived at the personal conclusion that Dr.

Excerpts from Dr. Cancer is Not a Disease! Rather, a disease is part of the body's intrinsic intelligence and constant effort to live and survive.

If we saw disease as the body's attempt of self-protection, supporting its efforts versus attacking or suppressing it through approaches of medical intervention would make spontaneous healing not only possible but most likely. What we need Cancer Is Not A Disease is for everyone who wishes to create a permanent state of balance where the body no longer needs to take recourse to such drastic protective measures as infection, cancer, heart disease, or diabetes.

I credit a significant part of why I am alive today to reading that little book! LeShan knew decades before MDs saw the link that people with cancer were often seriously depressed. Some of them had been depressed for so long that they no longer even knew they were depressed. They simply thought life was supposed to be drab and dreary. Compare Holistic cancer healing advice by health care professionals 4 : Twelve steps to surviving incurable cancer.

Dentist Dr. Kelley who held numerous degrees from Baylor University, University of Alabama and the University of West Virginia, cured himself of pancreatic cancer in If you need to buy a book on how to get well from degenerative disease, this is the first choice. Disease as simple as arthritis, and as tough as cancer respond to this therapy. The program is nutritional and detoxification with minimum supplements. I would also highly recommend this book to anyone contemplating the use of conventional medicine because of the excellent material on the disease process and the potential for using this or some other alternative therapy in a complimentary or combination process of natural and conventional healing.

I chose to first start with the Gerson Therapy. The results have been wonderful with the cancer having gone in remission after about 18 months and numerous other problems have responded to the therapy as well. Includes modified treatment schedule tables for nonmalignant vs. More than sixty case histories of so-called incurable "terminal" cancer patients followed-up 30 years after their original death sentence.

Fully medically documented proof for vitamin B17 against cancer. Read sample cancer survivor stories from the book. The author has interviewed many former cancer patients who "outsmarted" their cancer and fully recovered from diseases such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung, colon, brain, bone and kidney cancer, pancreatic, lymphatic and more cancers.

While telling these real-life healing stories in a conversational style, Ms. Light : Medicine of The Future. Skin and other cancers may be due to other factors than those strongly promoted by the mainstream or to a combination of factors such as long-term exposure to neon and other artificial lighting, the use of chemical-laden sun lotions, various deficiencies incl. This and much more including the early detection and healing of cancer is discussed in this truly ground-breaking work on light and health.

More on Light: Medicine of The Future incl. Hanna Kroeger. Well-known herbalist Hanna Kroeger combines and applies many natural healing approaches such as diet, herbs, vitamins and hands-on healing to parasites, cancer, and leukemia.

Written by the co-founder and former president of FACT Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy , a consumer advocacy organization promoting nontoxic cancer therapies. An encyclopaedic handbook combining scientific research, naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine and experience in the care of people with cancer.

In an entertaining style, instructor for The International College of Naturopathy Verne Varona discusses how to stop cancer and even reverse it through nutritional therapy. A complete, easy-to-follow program of nutritious and tasty recipes, helpful shopping and cooking tips and advice on eating out, backed by inspiring case histories. Based on nutrition studies with hundreds of patients in formal clinical settings, this book discusses how to boost the body's "host defense mechanisms" with nutrition and supplements, classifying foods for health benefits etc.

Included: You CAN prevent breast cancer! Based on wide all-round research and Natural Hygiene thinking, they contain lots of scientific info on body cleansing and detoxification, food combining, elimination cycle, dairy etc. Learn about the lymph system, and why instead of removing a lymph node and having chemotherapy for breast cancer, it is smarter to change your eating and exercise habits.

Learn what foods contribute to breast cancer. The Cancer Cure That Worked! Fifty Years of Suppression by Barry Lynes. Describes the successful vibrational medicine approach of Royal Rife and of other great pioneers, and how their work was suppressed by orthodox medical establishment.

More on Rife. World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffins. This book serves as an eye opener to anybody who has ever wondered why there has been so little progress in the fight against cancer, despite the vasts sums of money being invested.

See details under Dr Binzel: vitamin B 17 plus diet as a cancer treatment High survival rates with Laetrile compared to conventional treatment.

Alive & well

Among the nutrients they contain is one called amygdalin, which is also known as vitamin B This attacks cancer cells, and thus can help prevent cancer from breaking out in our bodies. Amygdalin vitamin B17 is contained in many hundreds of foods, but ones that are particularly rich in amygdalin have disappeared to a large extent from our Western diet. Peoples throughout the world who still eat a traditional diet, have been found to be largely free from cancer. These diets are rich in foods containing amygdalin. Apart from apricot kernels, examples of other amygdalin rich foods are bitter almonds amygdalin tastes bitter - sweet almonds do not contain it, and apricot kernels that are not bitter do not contain it. Other foods containing amygdalin are apple pips, grape seeds, millet, broad beans, most berries, cassava and many other seeds, beans, pulses and grains - but not ones that have been highly hybridised African orange pips contain some amygdalin, but American ones don't, wheat is low in amygdalin.

Talk:G. Edward Griffin/Archive 6

Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine' - Nobel laureate and former Gerson patient cured of diabetes by his diet - Albert Scheitzer, M. The Gerson Institute is a non-profit organization located in San Diego, California, dedicated to providing education and training in the alternative, non-toxic treatment of cancer and other diseases, using the Gerson Therapy. The Gerson Therapy is a safe, natural treatment developed by Dr. Founded by Charlotte Gerson Dr.

If you feel you have been helped by this site, please share the message and take a look at the easy ways you can contribute at no financial cost. Outstanding resource on the holistic healing of cancer. See alternative cancer treatment researcher Lothar Hirneise pages.

Actual Cases of Cancer Victors. Dee Simmons writes: "Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. First of all I couldn't believe this could happen to me. I had never been sick, not even a cold, and had always considered myself to be a very healthy person. Immediately, I had a decision to make

Binzel jr.

Different problems have arisen of late and edit warring makes it difficult to track what problems exist at any particular time. First, too much of the article particularly the lede goes into the evils of laetrile. Necessary debunking of laetrile is properly done in the laetrile article. I submit that debunking should be placed in a short footnote.

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Abricot Kernels Vit B17

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Cancer: 21 Sites & Various Free Ebooks


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