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Over the past four decades, psychiatric social workers have been conducting group interventions for persons with substance use disorders at NIMHANS. In this article, the authors highlight the brief history of group therapy, differences between group therapy and group work, and purpose and indicators of group therapy.

William Montilva. BIOSoft C. The successful application of Information Technologies IT in an organization depends on the business processes used for managing such technologies. It is widely recognized that the use of the Enterprise Architecture EA practice for organizing these technologies into a framework is a key factor for achieving a better IT - business alignment. This article presents a business process model for the IT Management that can be used in medium and large organizations as a framework for modelling and analysing their IT management processes.

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Business process management BPM is the discipline in which people use various methods to discover , model , analyze , measure, improve, optimize, and automate business processes. Though not required, enabling technologies are often used with BPM. It can be differentiated from program management in that program management is concerned with managing a group of inter-dependent projects. From another viewpoint, process management includes program management. In project management , process management is the use of a repeatable process to improve the outcome of the project. Key distinctions between process management and project management are repeatability and predictability. If the structure and sequence of work is unique, then it is a project.

A business process , business method or business function is a collection of related, structured activities or tasks by people or equipment in which a specific sequence produces a service or product serves a particular business goal for a particular customer or customers. Business processes occur at all organizational levels and may or may not be visible to the customers. A business process begins with a mission objective an external event and ends with achievement of the business objective of providing a result that provides customer value. Additionally, a process may be divided into subprocesses process decomposition , the particular inner functions of the process. Business processes may also have a process owner, a responsible party for ensuring the process runs smoothly from start to finish.

Group dynamics is a system of behaviors and psychological processes occurring within a social group intra group dynamics , or between social groups inter group dynamics. The study of group dynamics can be useful in understanding decision-making behaviour, tracking the spread of diseases in society, creating effective therapy techniques, and following the emergence and popularity of new ideas and technologies. The history of group dynamics or group processes [2] has a consistent, underlying premise: 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As a field of study, group dynamics has roots in both psychology and sociology. Wilhelm Wundt — , credited as the founder of experimental psychology, had a particular interest in the psychology of communities, which he believed possessed phenomena human language, customs, and religion that could not be described through a study of the individual.

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Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. Total quality management integrates fundamental management techniques, existing improvement efforts, and technical tools. Convene the IEP team to reflect on the planning and implementation processes and what was learned. Ranging from business, creative, minimal, educational, clean, elegant. The Needs Assessment documents user and facility needs, evaluates the existing facility, defines space requirements, and provides project cost data. Project-level quality in construction is derived by the customer's satisfaction with the constructed facility and the contracting service. See full list on projectmanagementdocs.

The overriding theme of Group Work: Processes and Applications is a focus on the specialized group work that counselors perform from a systemic perspective in.

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The first project explored the use of a high-resolution dynamical weather model, the Weather Research and Forecasting model, to simulate heavy precipitation events in the Taylor Park Dam watershed in a robust and representative manner. Small-scale physical processes that generate extreme precipitation were simulated under various atmospheric conditions by utilizing a modeling framework that simulates intense precipitation systems at cloud-scale resolution with an ensemble-based framework. The purpose of the second project was to improve understanding of the processes responsible for heavy precipitation events, including atmospheric rivers ARs , in the intermountain west. This report includes a brief review of those projects, along with a discussion of potential applications of the tools and methods developed under them into the workflow of the Flood Hydrology and Meteorology Group, including current and future projects. Currently, datasets and tools developed under the two projects are being used in four Reclamation Dam Safety Office studies, including a hydrologic hazard analysis at Taylor Park Dam in Colorado and a hydrologic hazard analysis at Grand Coulee Dam in Washington. Future applications of the tools and methods may be accomplished through hydrologic hazard analyses or alternative research projects.

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[PDF] Group Work: Processes and Applications (Erford) Read Full Ebook

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