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Medieval theatre

Dutch Renaissance and Golden Age. The morality play is a genre of medieval and early Tudor theatrical entertainment. In their own time, these plays were known as interludes , a broader term for dramas with or without a moral. The plays were most popular in Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries. Having grown out of the religiously based mystery plays of the Middle Ages, they represented a shift towards a more secular base for European theatre. Morality plays typically contain a protagonist who represents either humanity as a whole or a smaller social structure.

Short Notes on Mystery Miracle and Morality plays in English Drama definition

Mystery Miracle and Morality plays. Read more from 1st year click. In Mystery and Miracle Plays, incidents from the Bible and episodes from the Lives of the Saints were turned into dramas and these were performed on the occasion of religious festivals, which under the Catholic Church were as numerous as in the Hindu Calendar. The Mystery Plays began with a simple pageant of the Christmas or Easter story in the church itself. These plays were first written and performed by the clergy within the precincts of the Church. But as laymen gradually began to take a greater interest in those performances, non-religious themes, gradually found a place in them and these dramatic representations gradually assumed a secular aspect.

Her heart began pounding against her chest, anticipation thrumming in her body like a second skin. Maybe he had just gone out for a minute. Start studying Study Guide , Morality play-Everyman. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The well-made walls would have muffled a gunshot. He wondered if the furnishings resembled what Celeste Temple had desired for her house with Roger Bascombe. For the first time he realized that Celeste must have been well into the work before Bascombe had severed their engagement.

Mystery and morality plays

Medieval theatre encompasses theatrical performance in the period between the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century and the beginning of the Renaissance in approximately the 15th century. Medieval theatre covers all drama produced in Europe over that thousand-year period and refers to a variety of genres, including liturgical drama , mystery plays , morality plays , farces and masques. Beginning with Hrotsvitha of Gandersheim in the 10th century, Medieval drama was for the most part very religious and moral in its themes, staging and traditions. Due to a lack of surviving records and texts, a low literacy rate of the general population, and the opposition of the clergy to some types of performance, there are few surviving sources on Medieval drama of the Early and High Medieval periods. However, by the late period, drama and theatre began to become more secularized and a larger number of records survive documenting plays and performances.

History Mystery Plays originated in the Middle Ages, during the twelfth century, from the lack of interest from the churchgoers in the typical church services and their ignorance of the Latin language. This problem prompted the elaboration of certain services. As the theatricals became more popular they were moved out of the church to accommodate the growing audience.

The plays were used to educate the masses on Christianity. Secondly, characters, though abstractions, are given human qualities. Firstly, it showed the way to plot-construction based on character.

Medieval Mystery Plays

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