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The Dark Side of Emotional Intelligence

Some of the greatest moments in human history were fueled by emotional intelligence. When Martin Luther King, Jr. Delivering this electrifying message required emotional intelligence—the ability to recognize, understand, and manage emotions. King demonstrated remarkable skill in managing his own emotions and in sparking emotions that moved his audience to action. His tone of pained indignation matched that note for note. Recognizing the power of emotions, another one of the most influential leaders of the 20th century spent years studying the emotional effects of his body language.

Emotional Intelligence: The Hype, the Hope, the Evidence

As a departure from past research on emotional intelligence EI , which generally examines the influence of an individual's level of EI on that individual's consequences, we examined relationships between the emotional intelligence EI of both members of dyads involved in a negotiation in order to explain objective and subjective outcomes. As expected, individuals high in EI reported a more positive experience. However, surprisingly, such individuals also achieved significantly lower objective scores than their counterparts. By contrast, having a partner high in EI predicted greater objective gain, and a more positive negotiating experience. Thus, high EI individuals appeared to benefit in affective terms, but appeared to create objective value that they were less able to claim. We discuss the tension between creating and claiming value, and implications for emotion in organizations.

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Emotional Intelligence: Science and Myth

Emotional Deception. Emotions sprung from deception like suspicion and anger can tear a relationship apart, but more importantly they can truly hurt another person by shattering their sense of truth. Confront deception head on.

Richard D. Emotional intelligence EI is one of the most widely discussed topics in current psychology. Although first mentioned in the professional literature nearly two decades ago, in the past five years it has received extensive media attention. The term "emotional intelligence" refers to the ability to identify, express, and understand emotions; to assimilate emotions into thought; and to regulate both positive and negative emotions in oneself and others. Yet despite the flourishing research programs and broad popular interest, scientific evidence for a clearly identified construct of EI is sparse.

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At the outset, I thought that the ideas and research programs around these alternative notions of intelligence, and particularly in EI, were laudable and done with good intent.

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