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The raw data supporting the conclusions of this article will be made available by the authors, without undue reservation.

A critical component of internal marketing is the provision of internal service quality. While researchers have conducted studies of internal service quality, there has been no general agreement on the measurement of the concept.

Internal Marketing: A Model for Implementation and Development

By analyzing the antecedent factors that affect market orientation, this study links concepts from these topics with those of internal marketing to provide business administrators with an effective method of building a market orientation culture. The research subjects were presidents and high-level managers at accredited Taiwanese district hospitals or above. For this cross-sectional study, researchers mailed questionnaires in October and received responses. The data were analyzed with SPSS To examine research hypothesizes, we performed a multiple linear regression to investigate the associations between market orientation and the three sub-constructs of internal marketing. This study finds that internal marketing significantly influences market orientation.

Internal marketing involves the development of organizational strategies that promote the welfare of the employees who, in turn, play a transcendental role in achieving institutional goals. Ecuadoran co-operativism lacks relevant studies of this construct and, because of this, this research intends to analyze the dimensions of internal marketing, through the validation of a measuring instrument that has been adapted to this sector of the social economy, in a developing country. The methodology is based on the completion of field work, where a structured questionnaire for a representative sample of 2, employees and officers of the operatives of Ecuador was applied. The suitability of the scale was determined through the means of a model of Ecuadoran structural equations. A globalized economy requires all the businesses, including co-operatives that are constantly restructuring to adapt to changes in the environment Puusa et al. Taking into account that human capital is a resource that is difficult to imitate due to competition, it has thus become an important factor for organizational success Teixeira,

International Journal of Human Resource Studies

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The Effect of Internal Marketing on Employees' Service Immersion to Customers

Journal Metrics. This study suggests applying the concept of internal marketing to combat turnover intentions in knowledge workers in the IT sector. Internal marketing sees all employees as the firm's customers. The major hypothesis examined here is that when employees feel that a firm considers and treats them like customers, it increases employment commitment and reduces turnover intentions.

Internal marketing strategies in LIS: a strategic management perspective

Purpose: This study seeks to identify whether internal marketing factors have a statistically significant positive effect on the flow of services to customers of bank service employees. Specifically, the purpose of this study is to confirm the importance of internal marketing in the employees' services immersion to customers. In addition, the study seeks to identify whether employees' perceived organizational support recognition mediates between internal marketing factors and the employee's immersion in services to customers. Research design, data and methodology: This study distributed questionnaires to employees working at banks to obtain data. Finally, the study conducted a statistical analysis on a questionnaire of 94 employees.

Internal marketing IM is increasingly recognized as a tool to institutionalize organizational values, improve employee commitment and enhance customer satisfaction. Its implementation and development have not been sufficiently supported by the literature. A theoretical model would contribute to its conceptual development and facilitate its application in the organization, enabling to achieve strategic objectives such as customer orientation, organizational commitment, and organization performance. This paper proposes a theoretical model for implementing and developing IM in organizations. It identifies the evolution and the different theoretical approaches, such as: a the employee as a customer of the organization; b IM as a process; and c the culture of external customer orientation. The proposed model considers IM as a path for performing the strategic management of human resources through the marketing perspective.

Submit Manuscript. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effect of internal marketing on customer satisfaction in the second-tier microfinance institutions in Cameroon. Specifically, in this paper, the role of three dimensions of internal marketing on customer satisfaction is empirically examined. Hypotheses are developed based on the literature review. The conceptual model is tested using the structural equations modeling SEM with STATA 14 on survey data collected from customers and 60 employees of second-tier microfinance institutions in Cameroon.

Metrics details. The purpose of this study was to explore the effect of internal marketing on job satisfaction in health services, particularly in public hospitals in Northern Greece. A questionnaire with three sections was used. The first one referred to internal marketing by using Foreman and Money's scale, while the second one contained questions on job satisfaction based on Stamps and Piermonte's work.

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