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Summary : Motivated experienced professional looking to combine finance degree with previous industrial skills to contribute to a company's success. Detail-oriented self-starter who is comfortable with precision.

Tool and die makers are a class of machinists in the manufacturing industries. Variations on the name include tool maker, toolmaker , die maker, diemaker , mold maker, moldmaker or tool jig and die-maker , or Fitter , depending on which area of concentration or industry an individual works in. Tool and die makers work primarily in toolroom environments—sometimes literally in one room but more often in an environment with flexible, semipermeable boundaries from production work.

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Die (manufacturing)

This distance should be 1. The solid blocks that are symmetrical facethe problem of incorrect assembly, which can be avoided by fool pro of ing the die block. Fool pro of ing is achieved by placing one dowel at some other distance from its nearestscrew hole. It is possible to save a large amount of material by using insert die s in theconstruction of die blocks. In the construction of large die block or the complex contour die , die blocks are made in two or more sections in order to save the tool steel.

The die may also be sectioned when the size of the die opening is not large enough to permitinternal machining. In case of failure, only one component needs to be replaced andhence, it is one of the advantages of sectional die blocks. Figure 5. Sectional components may be screwed and doweled to a die holderwith sections butting against each other. These sections are wide enough to avoid tilting. Design of Die Making ToolsFigure 5. This lateral displacement is due to heavy cutting force.

This arrangement reduces the cutting forces. Design of the punch also depends upon the pressure which is required to penetratethrough the workpiece.

The method of mounting the punch is determined by the plan areato be blanked or pierced. For example, a punch for small workpiece may require a punchblock for mounting the punch into the die holder, whereas a punch of large workpiecemay be made up of solid block of tool steel and bolted to the punch holder. A punch mustwithstand the maximum blanking or piercing pressure. Small punches require a punchsupport to avoid breakage. The basic types of punches can be summarised as plain punch, pedestal punch, perforatedpunch and punches mounted in punch plate.

Plain PunchThis type of punch is economical and easy to operate. It is a simple block of hardened tool steel. The shape of punch depends upon the required pr of ile. Plainpunch is directly mounted onto the punch holder of die set. A plain punch is shownin Figure 5. When extra length is needed, plain punch is mounted on to the flatpunch plate. Screws and dowels hold plain punch in the same way as they holdsolid die blocks. The length and width of plain punch should at least be equal tothe punch height for the stability.

When high and unbalanced blanking andpiercing pressures are required, it is necessary to use heights greater than eitherpunch length or width. In such situations, some other kind of punch should beconsidered. Design of MetalShaping ToolsThese are constructed by machining in a way that leaves a flange around the base of the punch.

The pedestal punch is shown in Figure 5. Its base area is largerthan its cutting face area. Pedestal punches are advantageous because of large baseand solid construction, hence, are stable. As cutting force distributed uniformlyover large base, pedestal punches are capable of withstanding heavy cutting force.

The flange of pedestal punch should be wide and thick enough to provide space forholes. These holes are used for mounting. Perforator PunchesFigure 5. Punches Mounted in Punch PlatePunch plates are used to hold and position the punch. The punch plate is also usedto increase the strength of punch. Perforated punch has rounded head and shank;hence they are easily mounted in punch plates.

Rectangular or odd shaped punchesare not easily mounted in punch plates. Punch PlatePunch If diameter of piercing punch is smaller than thickness of the strip, diameter of punch shank should be at least twice the hole size and cutting face should be ground tothe hole size for a distance about twice the stock thickness.

The punches having morethan 4 inch unguided length are avoided. If the length of the punch is more than 4 inch, aspacer block should be used in between punch and punch plate. Various methods of supporting slender punches are shown in Figures 5. A quill that is used to. Pilots also bring thestock strip into proper position for blanking and piercing operation simultaneously.

Ifstrip is fed by hand, it may go beyond proper position due to strip stop. In such asituation, pilot takes it back to proper position in a direction away from the strip stop. Pilot also prevents buckling of strip. When the strip is fed by hand, under feeding of stripoccurs and pilot pulls the strip forward. Diameter of pilot is generally 0. In this way, pilot will take care of proper positioning before actual cutting.

Pilot nose contour is shown in Figure 5. Classification of PilotPilots are classified as : direct pilot, indirect pilot and spring loaded pilot. Direct PilotDirect pilots are mounted on punch face. A direct pilot is shown inFigure 5. It acts as a misfeed detector, which detects overfeeding orunderfeeding of strip. If it finds misfeed, it actuates a switch to cut of f theelectric power to press. Indirect PilotIndirect pilot is used with previously pierced hole at a certain distance fromblanking punches.

The distortion isavoided by using indirect pilot as it provides support to strip. A spring-loaded pilot is shown in Figure 5. Springretracts the pilot from misfeed. This pilot pierces the hole if it is used forthin plate. Classification of StrippersFixed StripperFixed stripper is solid attached to the die block or die shoe as shown inFigure 5. Spring Operated StripperSpring operated stripper goes up and down on the shank of the punch.

Channel StrippersChannel strippers are widely used because they are simple in constructionand easy in operation. The strip is passedthrough the milled channel. In general, the height of the channel should be1. The clearance is provided to take care of dimensionalvariation in the width of strip. Enough clearance is provided around the punch forits easy removal; but clearance should be less than 1.

The back edge of the channel is used as a back gauge to position the stripaccurately. A stock pusher is used to hold the strip against the back edge. It is alsodesirable to help in reducing the wear. The wear resistance is also increased byusing inserts of mild steel.

The wear resistance is increased by pressing hardeneddowel pin along with the back guide. This is shown in Figure 5. The thickness of channel stripper is found out from the size of the socket head cap screw which isused to hold the strip in position. Spring Operated StripperThis type of stripper is also called pressure pad stripper. Its main advantage overother stripper, is that it holds the strip flat during the operation. Spring operatedstripper is shown in Figure 5.

Springstripper may also be mounted on rods. To minimize the bending, length of the rodshould provide adequate support to the inner diameter of the spring. This isachieved by pressing a dowel of proper diameter and length into one plate anddrilling a clearance hole in other plate to provide passage for dowel to pass throughother plate. The stock guide does not make contact with the.

If clamping of strip is not practical, guide rails may be used to avoid stripperfrom clamping the work. If space is limited, button stockstrip guide may be used as shown in Figures 5. Minimum 3 button guideson each side of the strip will satisfactorily guide the strip. But best method for guidingthe strip is the use of guide rails. Sometimes dowel pin is used as a stock stop. After each stroke of thepress, an edge of previously blanked hole is pushed against a dowel pin.

To release thestrip from the pin, enough clearance is provided in a strip channel to allow the stock to belifted above the pin during upward stroke of the press.

Skilled operator is required forsuch type of operation. Trip StopTrip stop is shown in Figure 5. The pawl rises on ratchet principle as the stockis fed forward manually. The pawl drops and positions the stock accurately againstthe vertical surface of the pawl after the stock is pulled back by operator. It is widely used on progressive die sespecially when last operation is cut of f or trimming.

When workpiece has samewidth as the stock and feeding is from one side and scrap is not passed through theother side, a shoulder stop is easy to use.

Mold, Tool & Die

Industeel offers a full range of steel grades specially designed to fit mould and tools requirements, including all standard grades and tailor-made trademarks products for premium quality. Our production of high performance mould steel is achieved through state of the art processing and the exclusive use of top grade raw materials allowing to produce large-size moulds and tools. Find out more about our production process : perfect steel mastery. Learn more. Grades for individual mould construction into which the cavities, cooling system and drill holes are incorporated. Suitable for many plastic moulding processes such as extrusion, injection, blow and compression moulding. Extra wide tool steel plates x mm suitable to cover a large range of applications.

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This distance should be 1. The solid blocks that are symmetrical facethe problem of incorrect assembly, which can be avoided by fool pro of ing the die block. Fool pro of ing is achieved by placing one dowel at some other distance from its nearestscrew hole. It is possible to save a large amount of material by using insert die s in theconstruction of die blocks. In the construction of large die block or the complex contour die , die blocks are made in two or more sections in order to save the tool steel.

May machine and grind jig and fixture parts himself. Tool Setter, Press sets press tools (die and punch) in power and hand press for manufacture of sheet metal.

Tool and Die Maker

The successful introduction of interchangeable parts and the development of machine tools, both in the 19th century, brought the modern machine shop into being. All you need to know are a few steps and you need a tap and die … Most pressure pads use high-pressure coil or gas springs. Please refer to the appropriate style manual or other sources if you have any questions.

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Engineers work with customers at the outset of the product development phase, offering consultation and advanced process simulation to prevent hang-ups in the fabrication and testing phases. Our programmers have developed advanced simulation software packages to give detailed feedback about the manufacturability of a design. The software optimizes the blank, predicts stock widths, and verifies that the part can be produced to print.

Tool and Die Maker I Resume

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