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Today, almost every person is directly or indirectly affected by the Internet. The Internet is an interconnection between several computers of different types belonging to various networks all over the world.

CBSE Class 10 Computer Science Basics Of Information Technology Notes

This is supposed to be a flash animation. You'll need the flash plugin and a browser that supports it to view it. Computer is an electronic device which is used to store the data, as per given instructions it gives results quickly and accurately. We can modify, and use it under the same license. Denial of Services: The main aim of this attack is to bring down the targeted network and make it to deny the service for legitimate users. Generation of the Computer Charlse Babbase is known as father of computer he has invented first analytical computer in year The characteristics of computers that have made them so powerful and universally useful are speed, accuracy, diligence, versatility and storage capacity.

They are unfamiliar with the school system and learning process. Indian Talent Olympiad - Apply Now!! By practising given Class 6 Computer Science Worksheets will help in scoring more marks in your Examinations. Basic Computer Quiz. Collection of Worksheets for Class 1 Computers.

A computer is any machine that can be programmed to carry out a set of algorithms and arithmetic instructions. In terms of construction, each of these main components are attached to the motherboard and then put into a protective case—resembling the clean, polished look most of us are accustomed to seeing. Sure, most computers have their own distinct design - and different brands of hardware installed - but the components listed above are standard across all computers. This is by no means intended to be an invitation to disassemble your computer, nor is it a set of instructions to do so. Without the proper knowledge, you can severely damage your computer, and importantly, doing so is unsafe. What it is : All components of a computer communicate through a circuit board called the motherboard, as was mentioned above.

The 5 different parts of a computer—taking a look under the hood

Fill in the blanks to complete the statements. Justify the statements. While working with a computer we can read the information stored in its memory and perform other actions in While presenting pictures and videos about the works of scientists, we can use To draw graphs based on the quantitative information obtained in an experiment, one uses The first generation computers used to shut down because of A computer will not work unless

Computer hardware refers to the physical parts or components of a computer Touch screen. 5. Scanner. 6. Webcam. 7. Touchpads. 8. MIDI keyboard. 9.

Computer Hardware

Multiple Choice questions: 1. Which disk is made up of a circular thin plastic jacket coated with magnetic material? Which system uses only the digits 0 and?

Multimedia is a technology which stores data as text, photo, animation, music, video, etc. Multimedia System : It is a system which has capability to integrate two or more types of media such as text, graphics, audio, video and animation. Multimedia Technology : Multimedia technology allows storing data and information for further reference.

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Computer Fundamentals PDF Free Download Parts Software & Hardware

Answer the following questions: Q1. Explain the following terms Answer a RAM: Random access Memory refers to memory that can be selected and used randomly. It is also referred to as volatile memory. Name any two utility softwares. Answer Text Editor facilitate the creation of flawless text documents.

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components — Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) and Control. Unit (CU). using other media, such as notebook, manual, journal, COMPUTER SCIENCE – CLASS XI​. 10 clock inside a computer. The clock speed indicates the.

5 parts of a computer

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NCERT Solutions for Class 10th: Ch 1 Computer and its Components Computer Science


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Computer is an advanced electronic device that takes raw data as input from the user and processes these data under the control of set of instructions called program and gives the result output and saves output for the future use.

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For example: Ram, age, 32, years, old.

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Chapter 1: Computer and its Components. 1 – 17 Pointing device such as mouse is connected to the PC via a serial port, PS/2 mouse port or. USB port.