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Continuous settlement has restricted excavation to the Byzantine and Roman levels and information about the Phoenician town comes only from documentary sources.

Cyclopædia of Biblical, theological, and ecclesiastical literature

Continuous settlement has restricted excavation to the Byzantine and Roman levels and information about the Phoenician town comes only from documentary sources. It was situated on an offshore island and had a double harbour linked by a canal which allowed sheltered anchorage and a safe outlet whatever the wind direction.

It appears in ancient documents as a powerful and important trading centre famous especially for the purple dye made from murex shells which was known as Tyrian Purple after this site.

It was the parent city of Carthage which inherited the leadership of the western Phoenician Punic cities after Tyre fell to the Neo-Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar in BC. On this occasion the city withstood a 13 year siege before it fell; in BC there was another remarkable siege by Alexander the Great who finally succeeded by building a causeway to the island from the mainland TYRE was the most celebrated city of Phoenicia and the theatre of an immense commerce and navigation.

In reference to its antiquity Isaiah xxii 7 calls it "a city whose antiquity is of antient days". From Hiram, king of Tyre, Solomon obtained timber, gold and workmen for the building of the temple.

In later times the friendship of the Tyrians and Jews seems to have been interrupted, whence the prophets Amos and Joel speak of Tyre as of a hostile city Amos i 9, 10 and Joel ii 4. At the time of the Assyrian invasion under Shalmaneser, Old Tyre had arrived to such a pitch of opulence and splendour that Isaiah speaks of it as the "joyous city It was afterwards taken by Nebuchadnezzar whose forces it withstood for thirteen years ; but not until the Tyrians had removed their effects to the insular town and left nothing but the bare walls to the victor, by whom they were demolished.

The fate of Tyre is the subject of numerous predictions. Bishop Newton has proved how minutely these various predictions were fulfilled, to whose valuable Dissertations on the Prophecies the reader is necessarily referred.

Yet a few of the most striking predictions, the fulfilment of which rests on the most unexceptionable testimony, may be selected. Dissertations on the Prophecies : which have remarkably been Fulfilled and at this time are Fulfilling in the World by Thomas Newton One of the most singular events in history was the manner in which the siege of Tyre was conducted by Alexander the Great.

Irritated that a single city should alone oppose his victorious march, enraged at the murder of some of his soldiers and fearful for his fame; even his army's despairing of success could not deter him from the siege. And Tyre was taken in a manner, the success of which was more wonderful than the design was daring; for it was surrounded by a wall one hundred and fifty feet in height and situated on an island half a mile distant from the shore.

A mound was formed from the continent to the island ; and the ruins of old Tyre, two hundred and forty years after its demolition, afforded ready materials for the purpose.

Such was the work that the attempts at first defeated the power of an Alexander. The enemy consumed and the storm destroyed it. But its remains, buried beneath the water, formed a barrier which rendered successful his renewed efforts.

A vast mass of additional matter was requisite. The soil and the very rubbish were gathered and heaped. And the mighty conqueror, who afterwards failed in raising again any of the ruins of Babylon, cast those of Tyre into the sea and took her very DUST from off her. He left not the remnant of a ruin and the site of ancient Tyre is now unknown. I will make thee a terror and thou shalt be no more. Thou shalt be sought for yet thou shalt never be found again' Ezekiel xxiv 4, 12, After the capture of Tyre the conqueror ordered it to be set on fire.

Fifteen thousand of the Tyrians escaped in ships; and exclusive of multitudes that were cruelly slain, thirty thousand were sold into slavery. Each of these facts had been announced for centuries: -- 'Behold the Lord will cast her out -- he will smite her power in the sea and she shall be devoured with fire. Pass ye over to Tarshish -- pass over to Chittim. The isles that are in the sea shall be troubled at thy departure. The children of Israel also and the children of Judah have ye sold.

I will return the recompence upon your own head'. But it was also prophesied -- 'I will make thee like the top of a rock. Thou shalt be a place to spread nets upon' Ezekiel xxvi 14, The same prediction is repeated with an assurance of its truth : -- I will make her like the top of a rock; it shall be a place for the spreading of nets in the midst of the sea, for I have spoken it' Ezekiel xxvi 5. Tyre, though deprived of its former inhabitants, soon revived as a city and greatly regained its commerce.

It was populous and flourishing at the beginning of the Christian era. It contained many disciples of Jesus in the days of the apostles. An elegant temple and many churches were afterwards built there. It was the see of the first archbishop under the patriarch of Jerusalem. Her merchandise and her hire, according to the prophecy, were holiness to the Lord.

The Mamelukes succeeded as its masters; and it has now remained for three hundred years in the possession of the Turks.

But it was not excluded from among the multitude of cities and of countries whose ruin and devastation, as accomplished by the cruelties and ravages of Turkish barbarity and despotism, were foretold nearly two thousand years before the existence of that nation of plunderers. And although it has more lately, by a brief respite from the greatest oppression, risen somewhat from its ruins, the last of the predictions respecting it has been literally fulfilled according to the unanimous testimony of modern travellers.

From these accounts it appears that modern Tyre now called Soor is situated at the extremity of a sandy peninsula and covers a space about one mile in length and half a mile in breadth. Its appearance has nothing of magnificence. Its small port is choked up with sand and rubbish so that the boats of the fishermen who visit this once renowned emporium, and dry their nets upon its rocks and ruins, cannot be admitted without great difficulty.

According to Mr. Buckingham the place now contains about stone buildings; but Mr. Rae Wilson reduces this number to The population has been variously stated by different travellers at , , and from to The causes of these discrepancies it falls not within the plan of this work to account for. The commerce of Tyre with Alexandria, which consists chiefly of silk and tobacco, is very trifling. Numerous beautiful columns stretched along the beach; -- or standing in fragments half buried in the sand, which have been accumulating for ages of which our engraving will afford some idea , still exist an affecting monument of the fragile and transitory nature of earthly grandeur.

Dissertations on the prophecies : which have been

Cyclopaedia of Biblical, theological, and ecclesiastical literature

Main Ancient Medieval Modern. Editor: Paul Halsall "Yes, I am fond of history. I read it a little as a duty, but it tells me nothing that does not either vex or weary me. How are historians to remedy the silence about women in many traditional accounts of history? This question has received a number of distinct answers. The first solution was to locate the great women of the past, following the lead of much popular historiography that focuses on "great men". The problem here is that just as the "great men" approach to history sidelines and ignores the lives of the mass of people, focusing on great women merely replicates the exclusionary historical approaches of the past.

Containing 49, entries cross-referenced and cross-linked to other resources on StudyLight. The Cyclopaedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature is a reference work of ten volumes and two supplements published in the 19th century, co-authored by John McClintock, academic and minister, and Dr. James Strong, professor of exegetical theology. All scripture references and reference to other entries within the text have been linked. To use this resource to it's full potential, follow all the links presented within the text of the entry you are reading. StudyLight relies on cutting-edge technology to enhance your experience through our 'AutoSuggest' feature. To activate this feature you must be using: Apple Safari , Google Chrome , Firefox , Opera and Internet Explorer or a more recent version of any of these.

ISBN Works of John Owen Commentary on Hebrews in 7 volumes from the Banner of Truth Trust. ISBN X. An abridgement by James M.

Cyclopaedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature

Published by Harper in New York. Written in English. The history of the White Mountains from the first settlement of upper Coos and Pequaket.

MBinSTL said:. Practice of Perfection and Christian Virtues, by Fr. Alphonsus Rodriguez, S. Translated directly from the original Spanish by Fr.

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Caspar Olevian

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That theory of authorship has been questioned by some modern scholarship. Born in Trier , Olevian was the son of a baker and attended a course of humanist studies in Paris. He went on to study law at Bourges and came under the influence of Reformation teaching. On his return to Trier his beliefs came into conflict with those of the local clergy. After the Elector's death his son Louis VI, Elector Palatine , who was strongly Lutheran in conviction, attempted to turn the school away from the Reformed doctrine of the Heidelberg catechism. Olevianus was banned from teaching but he was able to move to Berleburg.

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Cyclopaedia of Biblical, theological, and ecclesiastical literature Contributor: Princeton Theological Seminary Library. Language Volume: 1.

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John Owen (1616-1683)

Эта последняя цифра достигла Севильи в доли секунды. Три… три… Беккера словно еще раз ударило пулей, выпущенной из пистолета. Мир опять замер .

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Potter's Complete Bible Encyclopedia Vol. 1

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