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The aim of the author, in this chapter, is to evaluate the contribution of using big data techniques in forensic accounting applications and the skills that will be provided to students while integrating these techniques in forensic accounting trainings. For this purpose, studies on forensic accounting education and their applications were reviewed. In addition, opinions were evaluated by considering the relevant literature about the importance of big data, benefits of big data, use of big data techniques, and interest shown of them. Report bugs here.

Forensic Audit Vs. Forensic Accounting

Sumartono, SE. Sam Ratulangi No. V Atas Jayapura Utara Papua. Research aims : This paper aims primarily to investigate the effect of the skills of forensic accountants on the public sector in revealing fraud in Indonesia. Therefore, this research focuses on the investigation of forensic accountants in the public sector. In total, 44 respondents returned the questionnaires, which can be considered suitable for a descriptive survey. Research findings : The results showed that the investigative skill and business valuation affected significantly and positively, and then business skill had significant and negative effects on the skills of forensic accountants in revealing fraud in the public sectors.

On the other hand, financial accounting skills had no significant impact on the skills of forensic accountants in revealing fraud in the public sectors. Future studies should add more institutions and respondents involved in the analysis process to gain a complete representation of the skills of forensic accountants.

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Forensic Accounting Investigation Techniques: Any

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Research Projects

Scopus Citedness. This study aims to explore and analyze 1 the effect of the implementation of forensic accounting on fraud prevention; 2 the effect of the implementation of forensic accounting on fraud detection; and 3 the effect of the implementation of investigative audit on fraud disclosure in regional fi nancial management. The research method used in this study is descriptive qualitative method that examines some information derived from informants through in-depth interview.

Sumartono, SE. Sam Ratulangi No. V Atas Jayapura Utara Papua.

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Integrated Forensic Accounting Investigative Process Model in Digital Environment

An innovative approach in combating economic crime using forensic accounting techniques

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Off late i have seen number of Indian experts using forensic audit as synonym of Forensic Accounting. Which makes me think what is forensic audit exactly? There is a lot of literature which highlight the differences between forensic accounting and fraud examination. Those who are certified as forensic accountants from India Forensic can refer the Forensic Accounting Manual. This article attempts to compare these two seemingly similar professions.

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A Guide to Forensic Accounting Investigation

NCCA Accreditation

The purpose of this study is to develop an innovative approach of combating economic crime using the forensic accounting techniques. The approach considered the identification of the effective forensic accounting techniques from the available literature and also explored the anti-economic crime policy, capable of assisting in the combating of economic crime. This brought about the development of two conceptual models, which incorporate all the requirements for the implementation of forensic accounting and the integration of forensic accounting technique into the organizational control system for effective fraud mitigation. The analysis of the literature review indicated that one of the drawbacks, which has continue to mitigate the implementation of forensic accounting as a tool for combating fraud is lack of a suitable framework. This was the major focal point of this work, which produced two simplified conceptual models suitable for effective fraud mitigation.

Forensic Audit Vs. Forensic Accounting

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The Effects of Big Data on Forensic Accounting Practices and Education


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PDF | In any profession, there exist ways of doing things. These are sometimes referred to as methods, skills, and or techniques. Forensic.

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PDF | Economic crimes have increased dramatically in recent years. This becomes evident in viewing newspaper reports, which on an almost.

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