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Difference Between Lightning Arrester And Surge Arrester Pdf

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Definition: The device which is used for the protection of the equipment at the substations against travelling waves, such type of device is called lightning arrester or surge diverter. In other words, lightning arrester diverts the abnormals high voltage to the ground without affecting the continuity of supply.

A surge arrester is a protective device for limiting voltage on equipment by discharging or bypassing surge current. It prevents continued flow to follow current to ground and it is capable of repeating these functions as specified per ANSI standard C An arrester does not absorb lightning or stop lightning. It diverts the lightning, limits the voltage and protects the equipment installed in parallel. Surge arresters have many applications, anywhere from protecting a home to a utility substation.

Lightning Arrester

Electrical equipments connected in power system are exposed to many stresses, and one of major concern is protecting them from transient over voltages. Transients over voltages are caused by lightning discharges and switching operations. A surge arrester is a protective device connected in parallel with system equipment to be protected. Overvoltages at the protected equipment are limited by the arrester that conducts energy associated with surge to ground and protect the equipment. The highly non-linear characteristics of an arrester allow the arrester to limit the voltage across its terminal nearly a constant value over a wide range of arrester current. During the time arrester is in conduction, a large percentage of surge voltage appears across line surge impedance and not across equipment to be protected. By properly applying the arrester, the equipment insulation will not be exposed to damaging voltages, thus eliminating the opportunity for insulation failure.

Surge Arresters: fundamentals of surge arresters

GE offers an extensive line of surge arrester products. From distribution class to EHV arresters up to kV rating as well as high energy varistors for series capacitor applications. Lightning arresters are devices used to stop lightning from damaging electrical power systems. Modern electrical systems tend to be vulnerable to voltage surges of any kind, so arresters have become more necessary. Lightning arresters catch surges in electrical wiring and divert them to grounding cables, which direct the current into the ground.

Different terms used for arresters are sometimes confusing even professional engineers and electricians use them interchangeably. We will discuss the main difference between the different types of arresters such as surge arrester, lightning arrester, surge suppressor and lighting rod as sometimes, they may used for same purpose. The difference shows that what kind of system you want to protect from what and how? We will discuss all of them in details below. Surge arrester is a voltage limiting device installed inside the installation equipment panel to protect the insulation, equipment and machines not only from lightning, but also from transient voltage produced by switching, sparks, load shading and other electrical faults such as ground faults etc.

Lightning arrester works like surge arrester from outside of the conductor. They absorb the electrical surges in the transmission tower itself. Lightning rod is a pre​.

Surge arrester

All the terms in the electrical industry can be confusing. Even the professionals are confused sometimes. You might have heard the terms lightning arrester and surge arrester. It is important to know the difference.

A surge arrester is a device to protect electrical equipment from over-voltage transients caused by external lightning or internal switching events. Also called a surge protection device SPD or transient voltage surge suppressor TVSS , this class of device is used to protect equipment in power transmission and distribution systems. For consumer equipment protection, different products called surge protectors are used. The energy criterion for various insulation material can be compared by impulse ratio.

Lightning generates voltage surges in different ways and they directly hit on your house. It can strike wiring of the circuit within the walls of the house. Lightning can hit an object close to your home to cause a surge like the ground or a tree. So it plays an essential role to protect the electrical devices and traction installation from surges. The proper protection for this device is very necessary to check the normal power supply of rolling stock for smooth running in electrified sections.

Surge arrester is used to protect the circuit or electrical equipment from high voltage transient or electrical surges. It may damage the electrical equipment. In order to avoid this, the surge arresters are normally used.

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