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Angular 2 Design Patterns And Best Practices Pdf

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Building scalable software is a challenging task. When we think about scalability in front-end applications, we can think of increasing complexity, more and more business rules, a growing amount of data loaded into the application and large teams often distributed around the world. In order to deal with mentioned factors to maintain a high quality of delivery and prevent technical debt, robust and well-grounded architecture is necessary.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework used for creating single web page applications. The first chapter in this book, you learn about writing your first Angular application. The book uses the web editor so that reader can learn about Angular JS coding.

Angular Architecture Patterns and Best Practices (that help to scale)

You can delve deeper into the Angular architecture here in the official documentation. Completely Learn the architecture behind an Angular application and how to use it. Best course to learn Angular. In this article, we will understand the high level architecture of an Angular application and go through the core concepts on which the framework is built. So to get these frameworks we need to go to their site download the JS files and so on. You will see that all parts of a complex application remain simple when the architecture is chosen correctly.

Table of Contents 1. Preface 1. Who this book is for 2. What this book covers 3. To get the most out of this book 1. Download the example code files 2.

I have been working on a large scale Angular application at Trade Me , New Zealand for a couple of years now. Over the past few years, our team has been refining our application both in terms of coding standards and performance to make it be in its best possible state. When using ngFor to loop over an array in templates, use it with a trackBy function which will return an unique identifier for each item. When an array changes, Angular re-renders the whole DOM tree. But if you use trackBy , Angular will know which element has changed and will only make DOM changes for that particular element.

Best practices for a clean and performant Angular application

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Angular design patterns.pdf

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Angular architecture and best practices free download

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