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We incorporated a superheated steam blanching pretreatment step into a paprika drying process and compared the far-infrared FIR drying rates, hardness of the sample surfaces, cell membrane stabilities, and energy consumption of blanched and non-blanched paprika. The average drying rate of blanched paprika samples during FIR drying was higher than that of non-blanched samples. The hardness and cell membrane stability of dried blanched samples were lower than those of non-blanched samples. We estimated that the softening of the sample surfaces and injury to the cell membranes caused the drying rate to increase. These findings contribute to the development of environmentally friendly FIR drying techniques for paprika. Dried paprika powder is commonly used throughout the world. Paprika powder has features such as a high nutritional content including L-ascorbic acid and polyphenol and good clear colour; therefore, it is widely used as a spice for cooking.


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In fruit and vegetable blanching, exposure to boiling water destroys many of the microorganisms on their surfaces. Without this, serious problems could result when.

Blanching is used to destroy enzymatic activity in vegetable and some fruits prior to other processing like freezing or dehydration or canning or thermal processing. It is a pretreatment by mild heat for a specific time followed by rapid cooling or passing immediately to the next processing stage. The time and temperature combination varies from product to product, the condition and size of product. In some of the fruits and vegetables poly phenol oxydase enzyme is responsible for discoloration in presence of oxygen, hence it needs to be inactivated by blanching pretreatment, before futher processing of fruits and vegetables to maintain its original colour after processing.

Although it causes some unavoidable loss in flavour and nutritional value, blanching is required to reduce bacterial content of the vegetables and to inactivate naturally occurring enzymes which might otherwise cause undesirable changes during storage of the frozen food. Adams, J. Report bugs here.

New Perspectives on Food Blanching pp Cite as. Blanching is a suitable way for aiding in the shelf-life increase of various foods prior to other processes of the food industry. Usually it is a process used for vegetables, although there are also reports on the blanching of fruit, animal source foods, fungi, etc. After a search in a renowned database, hundreds of documents dealing with the theme blanching were found.

This experiment was carried out to determine the blanching time of vegetables. Blanching is an essential step of heat processing used for agricultural products. Fruits and vegetables are blanched prior to canning, freezing and dehydration. The aims of blanching are to inactivate the native enzymes and to destroy enzyme substrates such as peroxides to reduce the microbial load in the food and raw material, to soften and shrink the food facilitating the filling into containers expel cellular gases thereby reducing can corrosion and improve the texture particularly of hydrated foods. Over blanching damages the texture of the product. Blanching is effected by heating the food rapidly to a selected temperature and holding the food at this temperature for a specific time to inactivate the enzymes followed by rapid cooling.

PDF | Thermal blanching is an essential operation for many fruits and vegetables processing. It not only contributes to the inactivation of.

The nutrient retention and sensory quality factors of vegetables blanched by two methods and solar-dried or dried in the cabinet dryer were evaluated. The type and conditions of the blanching treatment prior to drying affect the retention of ascorbic acid, carotene, and ash in the dried vegetables. The sun-dried vegetables had inferior colour, texture and accpetibility compared to the vegetables dried in the cabinet dryer.

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The enzyme kinetics indicated the presence of two isoenzymes with different thermal stability, following two-phase model, in which the reaction rate constant increased with increasing temperature for both the heat labile and heat resistant component.