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In this study, we examined the role of the eastern bent-winged bat Miniopterus fuliginosus in the dispersion of bat adenovirus and bat alphacoronavirus in east Asia, considering their gene flows and divergence times based on deep-sequencing data , using bat fecal guano samples.

Albrecht, C. Meyer, and E.

Genetic structure in migratory and nonmigratory populations of Brazilian free-tailed bats

Kelly A. J Parasitol 1 August ; 4 : — Dispersal influences the evolution and adaptation of organisms, but it can be difficult to detect. Host-specific parasites provide information about the dispersal of their hosts and may be valuable for examining host dispersal that does not result in gene flow or that has low signals of gene flow. We examined the population connectivity of the buffy flower bat, Erophylla sezekorni Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae , and its associated obligate ectoparasite, Trichobius frequens Diptera: Streblidae , across a narrow oceanic channel in The Bahamas that has previously been implicated as a barrier to dispersal in bats.

Long-distance movement by a great fruit-eating bat, Artibeus lituratus Olfers, , in southeastern Brazil Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae : evidence for migration in Neotropical bats? In Brazil, bat migrations have been inferred based on seasonal variations in bat abundances observed for several species, probably as a result of variations in temperature and food availability. We report the longest bat movement recorded in Brazil, along km in a straight line, difference in altitude of m, from a mixed Araucaria forest in Curitiba, PR, to the Atlantic Forest, Alto Ribeira, SP, by a female Artibeus lituratus Olfers, , over a period of 14 months. This data is consistent with the occurrence of migratory movements in Neotropical bats, such as the ecologically flexible Artibeus spp. Implications for the conservation of these bats are clear, as their home ranges may be much larger than their foraging areas, encompassing more than one biome and overcoming political borders. Yet little is known about far range dispersal and migrations of these species.

Social systems are major drivers of population structure and gene flow, with important effects on dynamics and dispersal of associated populations of parasites. Among bats, the common vampire bat Desmodus rotundus has likely one of the most complex social structures. All populations had a low level of relatedness and showed deviations from Hardy—Weinberg equilibrium and a low but significant inbreeding coefficient. The associated heterozygote deficiency was likely related to a Wahlund effect and to cryptic structures, reflecting social groups living in syntopy, both in roosting and foraging areas, with only limited admixture. Discrepancy between mitochondrial and nuclear markers suggests female philopatry and higher dispersal rates in males, associated with peripheral positions in the groups.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Gassel Published Biology Journal of Mammalogy. The genetic compositions of a migratory population of Tadarida brasiliensis mexicana from Texas, two populations of this subspecies from California, one or both of which are nonmigratory, and three populations of T. There were no statistically significant differences in allelic frequencies among the T. View via Publisher.

PDF | On Aug 22, , Caroline Moussy and others published Migration and dispersal patterns of bats and their influence on genetic structure Appendix 1.

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Either your web browser doesn't support Javascript or it is currently turned off. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. Dispersal is a driving factor in the creation and maintenance of biodiversity, yet little is known about the effects of habitat variation and geography on dispersal and population connectivity in most mammalian groups. We examined the population genetics, phylogeography, and morphology of this species in Florida and across islands of The Bahamas, which are part of an island archipelago in the West Indies.

Understanding the genetic connectivity and population structure of such elusive mammals is important for assessing their conservation status. In this study, we report the genetic diversity and structure of M. Within Europe, the Italian population south of the Alps was isolated from the other sites. In Britain, there was genetic structuring between the northern and southern part of the geographical range. Despite there being little genetic divergence in mitochondrial DNA mtDNA sequences throughout most of Europe, the mtDNA patterns in Britain confirmed this separation of northern and southern populations.

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In temperate bats, migration is most evident in females. This reflects seasonal differences in their habitat requirements, and the fact that seasonally suitable sites can be geographically distant. Tropical bats mainly migrate to track variation in food availability.