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Climate Change And Its Impact On Water Resources In India Pdf

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The effects of climate change span the physical environment , ecosystems and human societies. It also includes the economic and social changes which stem from living in a warmer world. Human-caused climate change is one of the threats to sustainability.


Do something for our planet, print this page only if needed. Even a small action can make an enormous difference when millions of people do it! Skip to content. Skip to navigation. If you have forgotten your password, we can send you a new one. The main climate change consequences related to water resources are increases in temperature, shifts in precipitation patterns and snow cover, and a likely increase in the frequency of flooding and droughts.

Accueil Dossiers Climate change and water resource In the Himalayas, where the increase in temperatures is higher than the world average, climate change is expected to impact water resources in a particularly significant manner. Whereas climate specialists using measurements and simulations play down this statement by underlining uncertainties and differences between the west and east of the range, the media and development agencies tend to paint a uniform picture of a water shortage now and in the future. As part of an interdisciplinary programme glaciology, hydrology, agronomy, geography in the Koshi basin in Nepal, we discuss these remarks, while stressing the need to distinguish between situations according to the geographical units and to take into account the cultural, social and economic context when addressing this subject. The investigations that we carried out at four fieldwork sites, which are representative of Nepalese milieus, aimed to find out whether populations noticed any variations in water resources that affected their practices farming, livestock breeding, tourism and if they attributed them to climate change. Our results show contrasting situations and changes in practices with no obvious connection to the climate.

Climate impacts on water resources

The issue of economic development is intrinsically connected with global warming. The temperature of the planet rises because of indiscriminate exploitation of its resources and destruction of the environment. The effect of global warming further intensifies temporal and spatial variations in precipitation, melting of snow and water availability. An American Meteorological Society study report observes that year 's global heat record including extreme heat in Asia happened purely because of global warming due to human activities like the burning of fossil fuel. The NASA ranked the second warmest year after Seventeen of 18 earth's very warm years have been since

PDF | Direct and indirect effects of climate change will have an adverse impact on water resources, human systems, regional agriculture, and.

Climate impacts on water resources

Climate Variability and its impacts on runoff in the Kosasthaliyar sub-basin, India. Climate change has implications beyond the water resources sector, such as effects on agriculture and fisheries. Hence, such studies are becoming increasingly important. These downscaled data are used to study runoff changes due to climate change for the Kosasthaliyar sub-basin in South India. The runoff changes from to are not perceptible when compared to the historical period of to

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The Future of Water in India

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Chennai after severe flooding. They found, with very high confidence, that the oceans have warmed, the cryosphere is shrinking, and global glaciers are rapidly melting. Since every person on Earth relies either directly or indirectly on the ocean and cryosphere, understanding how they are changing is vital to determining the impacts on food and water security, ecosystems, and human security.

Views: Corresponding author Email: umeshjnu gmail. Singh U. K, Kumar B.

Climate Change and the Sustainable Use of Water Resources

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Effects of climate change