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Technology And Innovation In Financial Services Scenarios To 2020 Pdf

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There has never been a more exciting time in the banking industry. More than expanding the services offered, financial institutions will be able to process data and engage with consumers faster than ever, as the rollout of 5G networks becomes a reality. These superfast networks will provide the opportunity to instantaneously and intelligently meet any consumer need, at any time, on any channel.

India has a diversified financial sector undergoing rapid expansion, both in terms of strong growth of existing financial services firms and new entities entering the market.

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The Biggest Technology Trends That Will Disrupt Banking in 2020

Tech firms have enjoyed a deluge of funding in the last few years. Figures for are not yet completely finalized, but initial reports point to a slowdown in funding levels in the first half of the year and a mild rebound in Q3. This is true across sectors, and is most definitely true for the fintech sector, which is the largest sector in the growth company space. This, coupled with the retreat in funding for seed-stage companies, points toward a general consolidation and development of the sector. As the market and the fintech landscape are maturing, now is the time to see which companies are here to stay and can become profitable - there will be some necessary consolidation and perhaps some high-profile failures. Finally, in terms of geography, more and more mega-deals are happening in developing countries, where a large un- and underbanked population provided a very fertile ground for rapid growth. It is also an interesting case study of how to build a great financial services firm.

Technology and Innovation in Financial Services: Scenarios to 2020 - Preface and Executive Summary

COVID has generated significant instability and high volatility in global capital markets. The low interest rate scenario, along with the significant impact of the COVID, is reducing the core banking profitability in mature markets. Financial institutions are thus shifting towards commission-based income from the likes of payments and tech businesses. One of the immediate effects of the health emergency on the real global economy is the increased credit risk of corporate and retail clients of the banks. In order to continue financing the real economy and support its recovery, banks are called to distinguish between purely temporary phenomena, destined to be reabsorbed in a short time, and longer lasting impacts which would require actions of management and reclassification. The contraction in economic activity is having adverse consequences on credit quality as banks are increasing loan loss provisions. A few European banks, have already posted significant losses in Q1'20 Jan-Mar to face a potential surge in bad loans.

The purpose of this paper is to help in providing a better understanding of the application of blockchain technology in the context of the banking and finance sectors. The aim is to outline blockchain's benefits, opportunities, costs, risks as well as challenges of the technology in the context of banking and finance services. Careful examination of the extant literature, including utilising relevant academic-based research databases has been carried out. It covered reviewing various research contributions published in peer-reviewed journals, academic reports, as well as technical reports to help in identifying related benefits, opportunities, costs and risks. The findings reveal that there are limited contributions in utilising blockchain in the banking and finance sectors when compared with other sectors.

Technology and Innovation in Financial Services: Scenarios to - Preface and Executive Summary. Download PDF. Three scenarios explore.

Inbound Open Innovation in Financial Services

In our analysis, we have selected a series of indicators that go beyond our operational scope as a bank — indicators that affect us and involve everyone collectively. Some of the indicators are alarming, others hopeful; the way many of them evolve may be corrected or accelerated, depending on the decisions that we take both as institutions and as individuals. The perspective of over years of history, during which BBVA has done nothing but grow, speaks of our comparative capacity to adjust ourselves to the world around us. BBVA has survived and prospered through military conflicts, changes in government models, political tensions, energy and economic crises, etc.

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Technology and Innovation in Financial Services: Scenarios to 2020 - Preface and Executive Summary

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