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Medical data mining: knowledge discovery in a clinical data warehouse

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Mohammed M Elmogy. Samir El-Masri. Alaa Eldin M. Shaker El-Sappagh. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Shaker H. As healthcare continues to become overwhelmed with data, but lack the information more complex, the industry needs to find an they need to make right decisions.

Knowledge effective means of evaluating its large volume of Discovery in Databases KDD can help clinical, financial, demographic and socioeconomic organizations turn their data into information. This quality by using fast and better clinical decision practice leads to unwanted biases, errors and making. In this paper, a review study is done on excessive medical costs which affects the quality of existing data mining and knowledge discovery service provided to patients.

Integration of KDD techniques, applications and process models that tools with EHR could reduce medical errors, are applicable to healthcare environments. The enhance patient safety, decrease unwanted practice challenges for applying data mining techniques variation, and improve patient outcome.

EHR is only a first step in capturing and utilizing health-related data — the problem is turning that data Key Words: Data mining, knowledge discovery, into useful information. Models produced via data healthcare, Electronic health record, health mining and predictive analysis can form the informatics.

There is a intelligence is the extraction of interesting non- wealth of data available within the healthcare trivial, implicit, previously unknown and potentially industry that would benefit from the application of useful meaningful patterns or knowledge from huge KDD tools and techniques. These techniques amount of data stored in multiple data sources such transform the huge mounds of data into useful as file systems, databases, data warehouses and etc information for decision making [3].

A proper by automatic or semi-automatic means [10]. The tools and techniques learning, pattern recognition, databases, statistics, of KDD have achieved impressiveresults in other AI, knowledge acquisition for expert systems, data industries, and healthcare needs to take advantage of visualization, and high-performance computing. A hospital typically More traditional query tools require the user to has detailed data about every charge entered on a make many assumptions.

Each lab test, link between cholesterol and heart disease? The power of KDD is that it will search the dataset There is an enormous volume of data for all relationships, including those that may not generated [8], but few tools exist in the healthcare have occurred to the analyst.

With large datasets, setting to analyze the data fully to determine the best there may be many variables interacting with one practices and the most effective treatments.

In another in very subtle ways. KDD can help find the general, the healthcare industry lags far behind other hidden relationships and patterns within industries in terms of information technology data.

Data mining is the core step, information that could be better used by employing which results in the discovery of hidden but useful KDD techniques. Several examples include knowledge from massive databases. This process identifying patients who should receive flu shots, must have a model to control its execution steps. EHR stores spatial health.

Because of the complexity of healthcare and demographic data which can help in public environment, there are many challenges that face the health management and planning.

This - Finding themselves in an increasingly competitive paper is organized as follows: section 2 discusses market, many healthcare organizations are now data mining applications.

Section 3 discusses KDD employing sophisticated marketing efforts. KDD process models. Section 4 discusses data mining can help in this arena in ways similar to other techniques. Section 5 is the data mining challenges, industries. Organizations can use their data to and conclusion is discusses in section 6. Generally, these can be industries.

Several insurance companies use KDD grouped as the evaluation of treatment effectiveness; techniques to sift through their claims, seeking to management of healthcare; andCustomer identify fraudulent providers. Relationship Management CRM. More specialized - KDD is used to predict patient problems based on medical data mining, such as analysis of DNA his medical history.

By comparing and contrasting causes, patients; they may identify a new risk factor that symptoms, and courses of treatments, data mining could help detect the disease sooner in other patients can deliver an analysis of which courses of action and allow for more timely intervention. It can search for resources and assist in future planning for improved patterns that might indicate an attack by bio- services.

For example, forecasting patient volume, terrorists. Moreover, this system can be used for ambulance run volume, etc and predicting length-of- hospital infection control, or as an automated early- stay for incoming patients. Accurate prognosis and risk assessment as survival analysis III.

Figure 1 shows a typical decision inpatient settings, and ambulatory care settings. It making environment. A Data their level of satisfaction. Warehouse DW can be created to integrate data from many sources and enhance data quality. Data - Many providers are migrating toward the use HER warehouse is not enough for data analysis. Data [12]. EHR store a large quantity of patient data on mining is required to discover hidden patterns in test results, medications, prior diagnoses, and other either EHR or DW.

The third model, which consists of eight steps, number of stages. The last two companies Data Warehouse Creation served as sources of data and case studies. The main Knowledge Discovery extensions of the latter model include providing a Data Selection Transformation Mining Knowledge moregeneral, research-oriented description of the External and Cleaning Sources steps, introduction of several explicit feedbackmechanisms and a modification of the Figure 1:Decision Making Environment description of the last step, which emphasizes that knowledgediscovered for a particular domain may Following standard process in KDD help analysts by be applied in other domains.

Another KDD process [11]. Another model is the five-step model patterns. However, not all of the patterns are useful. Another model is the seven-step model by the rest.

Definition and Analysis ofBusiness Problems, This process is a time-consuming, Understanding and Preparation of Data, Setup of the incremental, and iterative process by its very nature, Search for Knowledge,Search for Knowledge, hence many repetition and feedback loops exists in Knowledge Refinement, Application of Knowledge Figure 2.

Individual phases can be repeated alone, in Solving theBusiness Problems, and Deployment and the entire process is usually repeated for and Practical Evaluation of the Solutions. Finally is different data sets. However, the various steps do not Data Preprocessing, Data Transformation, DM, differ much from methodology to methodology. The Evaluation and Interpretation, andTake Action steps. The next model, by Cabena et al. Another currently very have been observed.

The goal is to build a model important issue is to provide interoperability and that can predict the value of the target attribute for compatibility between different software systems new unseen examples. If the target value is nominal and platforms, which also concerns KDD models.

For real-valued systems. Unsupervised learning refers to A current goal is to enable users to carry modeling with an unknown target variable. In that out KDD projects without possessing extensive case, models are solely descriptive. The goal of the background knowledge, without manual data process is to build a model that describes interesting manipulation, and without manual procedures to regularities in the data.

Clustering is an example of exchange data and knowledge between different a descriptive algorithm that is concerned with DM methods. This requires the ability to store and partitioning the examples in similar subgroups. The technologies, based on the database, the knowledge to be which can help in achieving these goals, are XML discovered and the techniques to be utilized.

If the software platforms. DM tools. Then, the information can be used for model-based methods e. Boolean and quantitative rules , IV. One of the most difficult techniques become increasingly important in tasks is to choose the right data mining technique modeling sophisticated structures and their which requires more and more expertise.

The final interactions and relationships. Data mining algorithms are needed in - The structure of the available data. For selection for non-expert miners [26]. Discovered example, in data preprocessing, algorithms e. Because of space restriction, we will not target , by making use of the remaining attributes give examples of applicable techniques in healthcare referred to as predictive attributes. This is also real problems. These formats also need advanced data mining techniques.

The use of static techniques thus V. Episodic data is often the key to good data 1- Need for algorithms with very high accuracy mining. Techniques as anomaly detection [21], because it is an issue of life or death. Moreover, unlike other arguably 7- Mining complex knowledge from complex data: simpler domains, the medical discipline itself is Using multi-relational data mining, mining diverse, complex and, to an outsider, relatively knowledge in the form of graphs and mining non- opaque.

Using text mining is challenging in analysis triggers. First type used to fire data mining of physician free text describing patient diagnoses technique to analyze the data automatically after and free text prescription.

Data Mining from Multimedia Patient Records

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The significant advances in pre-processing, pattern recognition, and interpretation of medical images, texts and signals can, and should, be coupled with other data mining and knowledge discovery techniques, to increase the benefits of mining multimedia patient records. This integration is expected to greatly improve the results of patient records mining specifically when applied to a comprehensive set of data that includes description of the patient history and status. To achieve these objectives, careful selection of appropriate techniques is required, especially in the preprocessing phase following a specified methodology. In this chapter, the importance of preprocessing and feature extraction phases in mining large collections of multimedia patient records is emphasized. Selected techniques with illustrative examples are given showing the applicability of rule-based methodologies in the preparation phases of a data mining process. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. El-Sappagh and S. El-Masri and A. El-Sappagh , S. Many healthcare leaders find themselves overwhelmed with data, but lack the information they need to make right decisions. Organizations that take advantage of KDD techniques will find that they can lower the healthcare costs while improving healthcare quality by using fast and better clinical decision making.

PDF | Clinical databases have accumulated large quantities of information about patients and their medical conditions. Relationships and patterns within | Find.

Medical data mining: knowledge discovery in a clinical data warehouse

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Data Mining from Multimedia Patient Records

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Medical data mining: knowledge discovery in a clinical data warehouse

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