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When I discovered that Dyedinwool had removed Lust on a Deathbed, her unfinished Miss my Lion and her whole account, I was really, really upset. So, why?

Aiden invites prostitutes over in an attempt to make him feel better. Tyler is instantly intrigued with Mallory. Rated M for a reason.

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When I discovered that Dyedinwool had removed Lust on a Deathbed, her unfinished Miss my Lion and her whole account, I was really, really upset. So, why? Of course, content has something to do with it, but in this case there was nothing objectionable. So the first question is: why would you pull a story, thus disappointing your readers, who might have reviewed, recced and pimped it?

What demon moves you? Now I was so lucky to get a copy of Lust on a Deathbed from a nice camper here and therefore I come to my second point, thus making this campfire interactive:.

Would you share the best pulled stories you have copy of with other campers? Summary: Bella jumped from the cliff and forgot. Eventually she married Mike Newton and they have a daughter. She writes and is content, if not completely happy. But, the day she has the confirmation to have terminal cancer it is the day she meets Edward again in New York, And he has very red eyes ….

The trilogy by LolaShoes A life extraordinary and the two sequels. From the Honeymoon to Bella becoming a vamp and beyond. Intelligent, deep, a great read. Poison in me by Halawia. Summary: New Moon alternative. He went away and became the monster he always knew he was. The world changed and he forgot her. But she always remembered. And she's not the girl she once was. When all you knew is lost, can you ever become you again? Green, Red and Gold by Segolily. The very first fanfiction I read!

It follows Edward from human green , to vegetarian newborn gold to rebel years red till the moment he meets Bella. I have also 2 supernatural fics by Bratty-Vamp.

My favorite is probably Abbracciare il Cantante. Summary What if Edward left Forks after his first encounter with Bella, and he never returned? Fate couldn't keep these two apart. But meeting at a later time andplace might have changed the nature of their relationship. Then there is In Vain. Summary Bella is a girl who desperately wants control over her own life.

Edward is a Volturi guard who is accustomed to being in a position of control. Together, they struggle with a force that neither of them have any control over,whatsoever. OOC, AU. Master of the Universe by Snowqueenicedragon, of course. Summary: Remember Jane Eyre?

Poor but honest and proud girl meets powerful, fascinating and mysterious billionaire. She falls for him. But he conceals a dark secret. Lot of graphic sex. C by ss Summary: "People just assume that you're my nurse. Together they come to an understanding, one that challenges all palpable perceptions. Dead on my feet by Cesca Marie. Summary i from memory. Recovering from a devastating Illness Edward feels invisible, as people is scared to face his reality.

Bella who has lost to illness a loved one is the only one who can understand him. These stories are on my top favored stories. I miss these stories. Thank you. I know you posted this a while ago but do you still have a pdf of "Dead on my feet"? It's one of my faviourites. My email is mintchocolate live. Thank you! I know it's been a while since you posted this and there is a very good chance you don't still have the fics but I wanted to ask if you still have lolashoes.

I had all of her stories but my hard drive crashed and I lost everything. If you still have it and are willing to share it I'd really appreciatte it. My email address is libbysmom gmail. I was at chapter 10 of The Disillusioned - where Edward is in Forks Hospital Psych wing as he thinks he is a vampire, I was really getting into it and now it's gone :. Was it completed? I can't remember who it was by - damn me and my terrible habit of keeping about 12 tabs of fics open and not saving them to a fave author or something :S.

Oh hell, this surprised me too. It was finished, I believe. So campers, does anybody have a copy of it? I know readers are disappointed when a writer pulls but really, in my opinion, they shouldn't feel that the writer is obligated to them in any way more than what they've already been priviledged to read.

Most writers that I've known hate to let people down but there are a variety of reasons why the felt they had to move in that direction.

Surely readers who have read, recced, and reviewed understand this. The writer publishes for anyone to read. That's the end of their responsibility. Readers can read or not, review or not, rec or not, pimp or not, as they choose. It's free will and there's no obligation to do otherwise. Some writers pull because the emotional toll posting fanfiction takes on them when reviewers aren't quite so positive in their comments, tweets, and facebook postings. It hurts to so expose yourself in a public forum only to be flayed over something by complete strangers.

Some writers are able to develop a thick skin, others aren't. There's no requirement to go either way. Some writers pull because fanfiction. Usually, the go to another website, though, although I know of at least one or two who have just simply walked away. The lure of just checking on reviews and then replying to this isreviewers is huge and it can grow until the obsession returns.

They can say, "Please don't translate. Now, courtesy demands that writers and readers respect each other and to that end, writers should resolve their stories and readers should respect their work but in the end Only, I was trying to understand what makes one pull it after completion andwith no intention of publishing it. You give me some reasons, but I don't think they apply here. Lust on a deathbed was quite a successful story, with a lot of enthusiastic readers.

And, even if you leave fanfiction writing behind you, why should you erase your past? Unless you are ashamed of it, of course, but here we enter the realm of pathology. What's there to be ashamed of? I used to get so upset when writers pulled their stories! I still don't understand why an author pulls au fics unless there is a personal reason for safety or job security. But if they do decide to delete an account then I think it's common courtesy to let your loyal readers know ahead of time.

She wasn't a reader but she and I discussed several aspects of the writing process and she was insightful and supportive. I'm sorry she left the fan fiction world. I miss my lion was a really good story and she never completed it. I think when an author doesn't update for a long time that is an indicator that they're going to be pulling in the near future.

I have all the lola shoes and bratty vamp fics. A while back, I removed a few of my earliest fics. I have absolutely no intention to publish any of them I couldn't, even if I wanted to; I don't write AH. The demon that drove me to pull was embarrassment. In my case, most of the pulled stories were Harry Potter fics, and they were my first attempts at creative writing since high school. A lot of them were experiments that, in my opinion, didn't quite work.

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Happy Friday, hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! We invite the seasoned fic readers to join us on a trip down memory lane and help us share the treasures of early Twilight fanfiction with our newer sistas. So please enjoy…. Goodnight, Noises Everywhere by Feisty Y. Bella is the only survivor of a virus which has killed off the human race. Is there anyone-anything-still alive on this dying planet?

Therefore it is only natural that my first real post is in this category. As I wanted to find something as good to read, I had a problem — there are over , stories, and I am quite particular what I want. I decided to try another way… which gives broader view. The most objective available indicator of quality of the story I consider to be number of reviews it gets. So I made some work and here are the results:. I can absolutely respect that thought.

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I read until there was about a good 2 inches left on the cursor. I woke up this morning, started doing my internship and would take occasional breaks in between to quickly read Marked. I was so pissed.

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TwiFanfictionRecs. Sharing Twilight Fanfiction Recommendations. Clipped Wings & Inked Armor by hunterhunting (@HelenaHunting) ~ Pulled/.

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I've found I like (almost) ALL kinds of Twilight fan fiction. She tends to write troubled Edwards and most of her stories have a signature Of course, you can probably get someone to send you a pdf of EP but once an (Complete) * Clipped Wings and Inked Armor are available for purchase as two separate books at.

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