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A Critical Analysis of the Priest in the Power and the Glory by Graham Greene

This page requires JavaScript , which you don't seem to have. Please try a different browser. Themes Motifs Symbols Key Facts. Important Quotes Explained. Further Study Full Book Quiz. Because he is a "whiskey priest" and he craves alcohol Because he wants to offer some to the people he meets in order to win their trust Because he wants to have it for mass Because he needs a gift to bring to a wedding he has been invited to in Carmen.

Why does the gang of men chase the priest through the streets of the capital? Because they recognize that he is the priest Because they mistake him for the gringo Because they catch him trying to steal a bottle of wine from them Because they discover a bottle of brandy in his coat pocket. Why does the mestizo want to turn the priest over to the authorities? Because he wants the reward money Because he hates what priests have done to his country Because he had a bad experience with priests in his childhood Because there's nothing else to do.

What kind of animal does the priest allow the sick mestizo to ride during their brief journey together? A camel A horse A mule An unusually large antelope. What is Mrs. Fellows most afraid of? Death Armed rebellion by the peasants Flash floods during the rainy season Her husband's facial hair. What is Mr. Tench's occupation? Where does the priest have his final conversation with Brigida? At an abandoned churchyard In the jail cell the day before he is executed Near the rubbish pile On a boat headed towards Vera Cruz.

Who is the lieutenant's boss? The Fuja The jufo The juju The jefe. Who refuses to have the priest hear his confession? Fidel Castro The lieutenant Mr. Tench The gringo. What is one reason Mr. Lehr dislikes Catholicism? Because he believes Catholics are evil people Because he believes Catholics are too interested in meaningless ritual Because he is an atheist and believes all religion is harmful Because a nun killed his dog.

What is the priest trying to do in the beginning of the novel? For what does the priest fight the crippled dog? A bone A scrap of bacon A place to sleep for the night The remote control. Why does the priest tell the prisoners who he is? So they won't kill him Because he thinks it is pointless to try to hide any longer Because he wants to say mass in the jail cell To impress them.

What is the name of the priest's daughter? Belinda Maria Coral Brigida. Why does the lieutenant begin taking hostages? Because he hates the townspeople and wants them to suffer Because he wishes to impress the governor with his strategy Because he wants the people to turn the priest in and thinks this will work Because he wants more friends. Who is Mr. Tench with when he witnesses the priest's execution? Tench His hygienist The lieutenant The jefe. Where is Mr.

Tench from? What does the priest do in the boy's dream at the end of the novel? Lifts his hand Says something that sounds like "excuse" Flickers his eyelid Exhales slowly. Who is Juan? A priest who has gotten married A boy in a story A man who helps the priest procure alcohol A person the priest meets in the jail cell.

What does the lieutenant bring the priest on the night before he dies? A bottle of alcohol Rosary beads A blanket A cigarette. Who shot the dead boy the priest finds in the hut? The gringo The lieutenant The jefe An Indian medicine man. Why does the mestizo refrain from turning the priest in when he sees him at the police station?

Because he has a change of heart Because he is too ill Because he is worried the police won't give him the reward if the priest is already in jail Because he thinks the lieutenant will be angry with him for not noticing him sooner. Who urges the priest to flee from the authorities? The gringo The lieutenant The mestizo Mr. Popular pages: The Power and the Glory. Take a Study Break.

Current Volume: Volume 1 (2017)

Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory, set in the primitive landscape of Mexico symbolizes the struggle between the church and the state, represented by the Priest and Lieutenant, respectively. Graham Greene addresses the relation between the spiritual and material principle in society and in human soul. He found the perfect story to illustrate this opposition at narrative and ideological levels, tightly and logically interwoven, providing natural action rather than abstraction. The Power and the Glory is not only the best novel in the Catholic trilogy, but also one of the best novels written by Graham Greene. On ideological level, it is unique in Greene's opus as religion is used to promote life, not death.

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(PDF) The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene

The chapter opens with Tench, the dentist, who is looking for his ether cylinder, which is supposed to have come by ship. The first description of the scene is ominous. Vultures are looking down from a rooftop on a scorching Mexican waterfront; they are in search of carrion. Tench throws a stone and hits them.

The power and the glory

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The Power and the Glory

You've discovered a title that's missing from our library. Can you help donate a copy? When you buy books using these links the Internet Archive may earn a small commission. Open Library is a project of the Internet Archive , a c 3 non-profit. See more about this book on Archive. An unnamed Catholic priest, an alcoholic with a shameful past in search of either oblivion or redemption, travels through Mexico administering the rites of the church to the poor landless peasants, hunted by a remorseless police officer and always in fear of being betrayed by those he is attempting to help. Previews available in: English.

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[Graham Greene] The Power and the Glory (Penguin C( (1). Ximena Garcia. The lieutenant walked home through the shuttered town. All his life had.

Look Inside. Named one of the best novels of the twentieth century by Time magazine, it stands today as his masterpiece. Mexico, the late s: A paramilitary group has outlawed the Catholic Church and been executing its clergy.

The power and the glory.

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Greene, Graham - The Power and the Glory

Wherever aesthetics has been separated from the religious imagination, scholars have gone to great pains to describe the relationship between art and religion. In terms of literature, theologians and literary critics alike continue to look at literary texts in order to point to the presence of the sacred--whether it be muted or prominent--or take notice of its absence, in whatever mode that absence has been rendered. Such is the case with the literary work of Graham Greene, one of the great British novelists of the twentieth century. Greene had the ability to blend an acute, modernist realism in his writing with an array of characters who typify the struggle with the [End Page 34] religious dimensions of human life.

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