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Do share and register For More Study Materials. The Poem Focuses on the foolishness of following others blindly and indiscreetly. In this poem, a nightingale fails to use her own individual thinking and falls into a trap of a cunning frog who has an own axe to grind.

The Frog and the Nightingale by Vikram Seth - Poem Class 10 Video | EduRev

Where did the Frog sit and sing? But with me you'll be a winner". What does this reveal about the frog's character? Come to earth before my eyes". What does this reveal about the Nightingale's character? Explain the lines: "And the Sumac tree was bowed with a breathless titled Crowd". Explain the lines: "And the frog with great precision counted heads and charged admission". Give two reasons to support your answer. But far too long the technique was fine, of course, but it lacked a certain force".

What does this reveal about the Frog's nature? Give a character sketch of the Frog. Give a character sketch of the Nightingale. How did the Nightingale meet her death?

How did the Frog scheme to break the birds spirit and destroy her? Is the Frog right in his view? Give reasons to support your answer. In spite of having a melodious voice and being a crowd puller the nightingale turns out to be a loser and dies. Is she responsible for her own downfall?

And the foghorn of the frog blared unrivalled through the bog. Explain 'foghorn' b. Why was he 'unrivalled' now? What was the philosophy of the frog? Do you agree with it?

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The Frog and The Nightingale

His voice was very loud and unpleasant. He croaked in a loud noise continuously throughout the night. Insults, brick-bats and complaints, too, could not make the frog stop his croaking. So they had no choice but to listen to him every night. A Nightingale comes there and sings One night in the cold moonlight, a nightingale came there. She perched on the sumac tree and began to sing melodiously. All the creatures in the Bog cheered and clapped her song.

It is a fable about a frog and a nightingale. It was originally published by Evergreen Publications, and was later used by the Ministry of Education in India as a poem for school students. The poem is a fable and like most fables it has a moral. Various themes are intertwined. The poem can be seen as exposing the role of critics towards any fresh talent; it can be read as exploitation of a simple, genuine talent by a personal gain or as a poem about a jealous person who does not let real talent flourish by discouraging and finally eliminating it.

Her melodious voice captures the admiring attention of the creatures of the Bingle Bog. Ducks and herons swim towards the Sumac tree to hear the nightingale.

The Frog And The Nightingale Class 10th | Summary, Notes, Video PDF Download

Listed below are a few character traits of people. Some are positive qualities, while others are not. Tick mark the ones you feel are desirable qualities in a person. Have a class discussion about such people and why you feel as you do.

Minstrels were found in the olden ages, when they sang of kings, battles, beautiful princesses and famous love affairs. Here, the word is used as a verb. Mark the alliteration in Bingle Bog, dusk to dawn, crass cacophony. Neither stones nor prayers nor sticks. Insults or complaints or bricks Stilled the frogs determination To display his heart's elation.

Where did the Frog sit and sing? But with me you'll be a winner". What does this reveal about the frog's character? Come to earth before my eyes".

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The Frog and the Nightingale by Vikram Seth - Poem Class 10 Video | EduRev

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Read Vikram Seth's poem: The Frog and the Nightingale. Once upon a time a frog. 1. Croaked away in Bingle Bog. Every night from dusk to dawn.