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Read aloud the evocation to summon the angelic spirits.

The Union of Isis and Thoth: Magic and Initiatory Practices of Ancient Egypt

Osborne Phillips. Thoth Publications. For students of Western mystery traditions, it worth study. These rituals are far more Greek-oriented than most other Western occult material. While the work shows some similarity to some Freemasonic material, the similarity is more mild than what one sees in direct offshoots such as the Golden Dawn etc.

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The Osiris myth is the most elaborate and influential story in ancient Egyptian mythology. It concerns the murder of the god Osiris , a primeval king of Egypt , and its consequences. Osiris's murderer, his brother Set , usurps his throne. Meanwhile, Osiris's wife Isis restores her husband's body, allowing him to posthumously conceive their son, Horus. The remainder of the story focuses on Horus, the product of the union of Isis and Osiris, who is at first a vulnerable child protected by his mother and then becomes Set's rival for the throne.

“The Union of Isis and Thoth is a fine distillation of Nicki Scully and Normandi Ellis's work defining the essential characteristics of the neteru, and they share their.

Boylan - P - Thoth - The Hermes of Egypt 1922

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Temples were not places you visited once a week; they were centers of community, divine work, healing, and wisdom, places where Heaven and Earth meet. This union of Heaven and Earth--the sacred temple--is also a union of Thoth and Isis: the Egyptian god of wisdom and the creative cosmic force and the Egyptian goddess of civilizing knowledge. In this initiatic guide to temple building on the spiritual and physical planes, Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully explain how to create a communal spiritual structure for connecting with the ancient Egyptian pantheon as well as how to consecrate yourself and become a vessel suitable for divine wisdom and a home for your personal gods.

This highly readable book offers valuable insights and simple practices that enable readers to move beyond misperceived limitations and create lives overflowing with love, peace, and happiness. Lipton, Ph. This excellent book with beautiful photos and illustrations offers their shared path for housing the divine in the world, amazingly in a pure and simple text that comes from very high places. It begins with cautionary information about metaphysical practice and proceeds through a sweeping overview of the gods of ancient Egypt, revealing that the origin of the ancient word for a divine being--neter--and the root of the Coptic word netjer, meaning "god," etymologically become the English word nature. This book is a rich resource destined to become a classic.

The Union of Isis and Thoth

We hear natural law mentioned often today in terms of affirmations and abundance thinking. Most of us will agree that power has a way of creeping into ego-centered interactions with others to try to control them. Although other esoteric groups engaged in trying to counter those activities, Hitler and others before and after him distorted the ancient wisdom for personal gain.

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Osiris myth

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