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A heuristic definition of ethnopoetics or cultural poetics is given as the various traditions of such recurrent patternings of linguistic forms and the thwarting of such expectations of such patternings. The continuing relevance of a Hymesian-inspired anthropological philology is noted. After framing the discussion of poetry and poetics as both linguistic and ethnographic questions, this article engages questions of linguistic relativity and its relationship to poetics, as well as poetry and poetics as social practices.

Abstract In this paper, travelogues and scientific reports on the exploration of Central Africa ca are read against a background of renewed interest in the anthropology of material culture. Concentrating on the concept of recognition and its denial, the paper argues that objects found their place in Western museums and schemes of interpretation to the extent that they were dematerialized; decontextualization was constitutive of ethnographic objects and their collection. Comparing ethnographic objects with ethnic artefacts, commonalities and differences are shown to have been rooted in contrasting, yet inextricably linked, projects of creating identity as well as alterity. Before I get again to the Other as object, toward the end of this paper, I want to reflect on the construction of otherness in objects.


About thirty years ago I first felt the need to think publicly about criteria that make ethnographic research and writing objective Fabian b. Of course, many ethnographers had already concerned themselves with objectivity, but focused, sustained, general, and in that sense public discussions of objectivity in ethnographic work did not exist at that time. Characteristically, however, these approaches were concerned with theory and rules of method, rather than with foun-dations of knowledge. An outstanding example of meticulous critique that remained within the accepted frame of theory and method was J. For Barnes who, incidentally, found most of that work wanting scientific logic as conceived, for instance, by the logical positivists was the standard of evaluation.

While rarely explicitly recognized in our disciplinary frameworks, the openness and curiosity on which Modern Languages in the UK is founded are, in many ways, ethnographic impulses. Ethnographic theories and practices can be transformative in relation to the undergraduate curriculum, providing an unparalleled model for experiential and holistic approaches to language and cultural learning. As a form of emplaced and embodied knowledge production, ethnography promotes greater reflexivity on our geographical and historical locations as researchers, and on the languages and cultures through which we engage. An ethnographic sensitivity encourages an openness to less hierarchical and hegemonic forms of knowledge, particularly when consciously seeking to invert the traditional colonial ethnographic project and envision instead more participatory and collaborative models of engagement. Modern Languages scholars are at the same time ideally placed to challenge a monolingual mindset and an insensitivity to language-related questions in existing ethnographic research located in cognate disciplines. For Modern Languages to embrace ethnography with credibility, we propose a series of recommendations to mobilize these new research and professional agendas.

Conviviality at the Crossroads pp Cite as. Within the extant literature, however, there exists little thinking on the methodological possibilities of conviviality: What can conviviality do , or rather, what can researchers do with it in efforts to understand the connections between media, mediation, and migration? How can researchers across disciplines do conviviality as part of an interventionist research praxis? In this chapter, I draw on a research project in which conviviality becomes a prism to understand media practices related to migration and refugees, and I discuss how the concept is best appropriated as a methodological tool in research designs informing current and future activist-based studies. In this chapter, I explore the potentials of conviviality as a methodological tool for studying media, broadly conceived, in a migration context.

The Americas

The Americas Advertisement for donkey rides, Thailand: "Would you like to ride on your own ass? A challenge that many—if not all—students of other cultures face is how to make the exotic familiar, or, in other words, how to bridge the gap between "them" and "us. By "perspective" I mean viewpoint: insider emic or outsider etic. Perspective, in turn, affects, others might say "determines," interpretation. Often unstated is the elusive goal to move consistently from an etic to an emic interpretation of the "other.

Cultural Poetics (Ethnopoetics)

By insuring the reproduction of the wealth and status of elite families, such business succession processes serve in turn to maintain the structural inequalities shaping Brazilian society. Marcio Pochmann and colleagues 29 , in a rare attempt to calculate the true level of wealth inequality in Brazil, estimated in that the combined patrimony of a group of five thousand families 0. Specifically, this article focuses on the role played in elite succession processes by philanthropy and corporate social responsibility CSR practices, and on family and corporate narratives on historical and contemporary commitment to these practices.

A statue of stainless steel cast in China and placed at the entrance of the new National Stadium in Mozambique sparked controversy between Chinese donors and Mozambican recipients in the period leading up to the stadium's inauguration. Based on ethnographic fieldwork among the Mozambican and Chinese nationals involved in the project, we explore the multiple misunderstandings surrounding the statue and show how they came to define Sino-Mozambican relations. Entextualized through materiality, the misunderstandings assumed a monumental form in the statue, and the message of mutual incomprehension continued to reverberate across the social terrain of Sino-Mozambican relations long after the statue itself had been removed. Misunderstandings, we argue, should not be dismissed as ephemeral communicative glitches, but seen as productive events that structure social relations.


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Johannes Fabian - Ethnographic Objectivity

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