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In February the ITF officially launched a global campaign aimed at increasing tennis participation worldwide.

Created to increase tennis participation worldwide, the Tennis Play and Stay Campaign aims at giving starter players a positive first experience where they are able to play the game from the beginning. Download the file of the case study. In the ITF officially launched a global campaign aimed at increasing tennis participation worldwide. The Tennis Play and Stay campaign aims to promote tennis as easy, fun and healthy, and to ensure all starter players are able to serve, rally and score from their first lesson. Fundamental to the campaign is the use of slower balls by coaches working with starter players, ensuring that their first experience of tennis is a positive one, where players are able play the game.

About Tennis Play+Stay?

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. The role of the coach in the early stages of development. Cyril Genevois. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. In the ITF officially launched a global campaign aimed at increasing tennis participation worldwide. The Tennis Play and Stay campaign aims to promote tennis as easy, fun and healthy, and to ensure all starter players are able to serve, rally and score from their first lesson.

Fundamental to the campaign is the use of slower balls by coaches working with starter players, ensuring that their first experience of tennis is a positive one, where players are able to play the game. The programme consists of a series of supporting programmes that introduce tennis to the starter player and club based programmes to retain and encourage increased activity. These programmes include Tennis10s for children and-under, and Tennis Xpress for adults. Tennis10s is a fun way to start tennis and makes it easy for children to play the game, develop good technique and tactics and a love for the sport.

Tennis10s is tennis for players aged and-under, played on smaller courts with slower Red, Orange and Green balls. Using the slower balls helps players to develop the most efficient technique and to be able to implement advanced tactics that in most cases could not be performed using the Yellow ball on the full court.

There are three stages of Tennis10s that allow players to start at the suitable level for their ability -Red Stage 3 , Orange Stage 2 and Green Stage 1. Click here to find out more about the three stages. It continues to be implemented in nations around the world, with over 20 nations implementing the programme since the programme was introduced in Tennis Xpress is an easy, active and fun coaching programme for adults which uses the slower balls.

The aim of the course is to enable starter adults to serve, rally and score from the first session and to ensure that by the end of the course all adults know the basic techniques, tactics and the Rules of Tennis, so that they are able to play competition using the Green ball on a full court. It is a resource available aiming to educate parents, coaches and players by offering both practical coaching and tennis specific sport science content on technique, tactics, biomechanics, psychology, sports medicine and coaching methodology.

It is designed to provide specialist information to optimise coaching knowledge and enhance player development. Material is showcased through articles, videos and interviews with some of the leading experts in the game.

If you would like to join Tennis iCoach please visit www. Coaches can also contact their National Association to enquire if their country currently holds a national payment plan which can allow unlimited coaches from those nations to join for free.

It was a condition that consumed her daily thoughts and caused her tremendous turmoil and trauma. As she articulates in an interview, "I always loved to eat but eventually eating overtook my life. I could control a tennis match. This I could not control at all" McNeil, , p. What led Monica Seles from the lofty heights of World No.

Further, the implications for coaches of this fascinating yet harrowing journey are explored. Before addressing these items, the defininition of binge eating should be considered.

What is binge eating? Binge eating is an eating disorder defined as the recurrent at least two days per week and persistent at least over a six month period overeating of large quantities of food American Psychiatric Association [APA], The disorder is associated with a lack of control, emotional distress and persistent concerns about body shape or weight. As such, binge eating is akin to a form of addiction with obsessive thoughts about food and a preoccupation and strong compulsion to eat followed by feelings of guilt and angry regret.

Possible warning signs that may indicate binge eating are listed in Table 1. Warning Signs That May Indicate Binge Eating-A preoccupation with food, weight and kilojoules -Eating alone and avoidance of eating in public -Always going on a diet 'tomorrow' -Dramatic weight gain over a relatively short period of time -Mood swings -Negative thoughts about oneself or guilt especially after overeating Table 1.

One of the reasons for the difficulty of getting statistics is the secretive nature of the binge eater. Due to the lack of research evidence, it is reasonable to assume that Monica Seles is not an isolated case of binge eating among tennis players.

Causes of binge eatingThe literature indicates that the causes of binge eating for athletes are many and varied. According to Sundgot-Borgen and Torstveit , elite athletes often feel pressured to achieve the 'ideal' physical body and improve performance. These authors contend that many elite athletes feel that their weight, shape and size are constantly evaluated by coaches.

What insight does Seles provide as to the cause of her binge eating? According to Seles she 'plunged into a fog of darkness and depression' following the now infamous and horrific stabbing incident when playing a match in Hamburg against Magdalena Maleeva on 30 April When leading , and while she was towelling off during a changeover she was assaulted by a man who plunged a nine-inch serrated boning knife into her left shoulder. While the physical scars took several months to heal, Seles' 'darkness' grew with concerns about her father's diagnosis with cancer and her own self-doubts as to whether she was able to, or wanted to, return to tennis.

Further adding to her fragile mindset were concerns that her attacker, Gunter Parche, never spent a day in prison only receiving a two-year suspended sentence for causing grievous bodily harm and subsequently undergoing psychiatric treatment. Her failed lawsuit against the German Tennis Federation for inadequate security was a costly and unfair outcome.

Seles also alluded to the fact that she felt pressure from well-meaning coaches, trainers and nutritionists in her attempts to regain her 'world-best' status in the game. She turned to food as solace and comfort in exceptionally challenging times both on a professional and personal level. Monica Seles's strategies to combat her binge eating In her book Seles describes a number of strategies that she adopted to address her binge eating.

These make for fascinating reading because she abandoned simply relying on others for solutions and turned her thoughts inward. Suddenly I knew that the problem wasn't what I was eating. It was what was eating me' Seles, , p. Instead she adopted a new lifestyle habit by eating a range of foods including cake, cookies and pasta in moderation, and taking time to savour each mouthful. As described by Seles, she refused to say she was on a diet, and learned to live 'in the liberating and calming grey area of moderation' Seles, , p.

Adopting the 'less is more' principle Seles realised that there was truth to the 'less is more' principle in relation to food intake and exercise. Having always been one to believe she had to do more training and practice to achieve success in her tennis, Seles learned to let go of excessive or extreme behaviours.

As she says, she learnt 'how to live my life more fully by choosing less' Seles, , p. Adopting the 'second rule' Seles realised that she used food to cope with her emotions so she adopted the 'second rule'. Rather than turn to food for comfort when distressed about a problem, Seles would slowly count to 20 thereby giving her time to think about how best to tackle the problem.

Most times she would find an answer before the count of Integrating walking into daily routine Taking a daily minute walk became a saviour to Seles. Walking was her time for reflection, rebuilding and exercise.

As such, it was her therapy and 'time out' when faced with the temptation of food or feeling anxious about problems. Most significantly, walking gave Seles the opportunity to really get to know her true self that had been difficult to achieve when she had played on the circuit and had been required to travel extensively, attend media conferences, fulfil sponsor requirements, train, practise and compete.

As dexplained by Seles, 'My walks helped me heal the rift between my mind and my body. These soothing walks did more to quiet the demons in my head than any of the punishing workouts I endured' Seles, , p. Accepting and empowering herself to make positive choices at meal times Allowing time to really understand her true core, Seles realised that, whilst she had perfectionistic tendencies e.

Meal time subsequently became a time to reinforce her positive image of herself as it was a regular opportunity for her to make liberating decisions by choosing sound nourishment and balance i. Finding new interests Seles embarked on new activities including a parachute jump, wandering around Paris and organising the photographs her father had collected of her year career into photo albums. In doing so, Seles found meaning, satisfaction and enjoyment in a range of new pursuits that filled her days and alleviated the boredom she felt when away from the tennis circuit.

Giving herself permission to grieve for her father There was no denying the devastating loss Seles felt when her father died. He had been her 'rock', inspiration, coach, mentor and friend before succumbing to cancer. Seles allocated time to grieve for her father and, in doing so, gained an acceptance that she would be able to cope on her own and she could live with the fact that she may never win another Grand Slam title.

Seles realised it was possible to find new meaning in life without her adored father and tennis. Although it was size four, and Seles was several sizes heavier at the time of purchase, the dress became an inspiration. As described by Seles, 'that little black dress became a symbol of reclaiming the real me -my true core' Seles, , p. Taking control where it was possible to do so Seles adopted a new philosophy to control what she could and let go of those things that she could not control.

While she could not control her father's death or the stabbing incident in Hamburg for example, she realised that she could control the way she treated her body and herself. She would now do this with 'kindness' versus criticism and adopt nutritious eating habits as something she chose to do rather than being forced or told to do so.

Eating sensibly was now a personal choice that she initiated and controlled. Referring to her food journal Seles kept a food journal in which she recorded her food intake, exercise regime, resolutions and other personal thoughts. She would read this journal when she needed additional inspiration or motivation claiming 'I read some of my old journals and it helped me realise that I did not want to go back there' Wertheim, , p.

One of the best ways to de-emphasise weight is to avoid comments about weight but rather focus on performance enhancement via psychological, technical and physical skill development. Words are extremely powerful so coaches need to choose these wisely and prudently. Singling out players because of their body shape or weight should be avoided. Coaches should be mindful that a player's tennis can be greatly affected by life's issues and pressures.

No two players are alike and, accordingly, care needs to be taken to understand the individual as a person and not just as a tennis player. This is best achieved if a coach can try to see things 'through the eyes' of the individual player.

Recommendations for Coaches-Become educated about binge eating to increase awareness -Emphasise proper nutrition and healthy eating and exercise to players versus focusing on weight and appearance -Use role models with normal body weight -Focus on and emphasise skill development instead of body weight as a means to achieve performance goals -Be careful of choice of words e.

Rather than advocating the fact that weight or body fat determines success, coaches can assure players that better nutrition, and subsequent better health, should improve performance. A player who is properly nourished and hydrated will likely outperform one who is not, as will a player who is not depressed and obsessed with eating, food and weight related issues.

In this context coaches can emphasise skill development over body weight as a means of achieving playing success. Given coaches are often critical role models for players this can be most effective in reinforcing the importance of proper nutrition.


Finally, we do hope you will enjoy this issue of the ITF Coaching and. Parents play a critical role in the development of tennis players. Inappropriate involvement can lead to a number of negative. As such, enhancing. This article will provide some recommendations to coaches regarding how they. The results of this study can help to establish a range. Table 4.

Tennis teaching legend Dennis Van der Meer, former world No. The PTR International Tennis Symposium—held virtually last week, reports record-breaking attendance, with more than 1, tennis coaches registered from 61 countries. The survey and report monitor more than different sports and activities participated in by Americans. The ITA announces a multi-year partnership extension with PlaySight as an official live streaming partner. The International Tennis Hall of Fame will commemorate Black History Month by hosting two free online speaking programs that shine a light on the history of Black tennis and its cultural impact on and off the tennis courts. The ITF is considering a series of proposals by event partner, Kosmos Tennis, to enhance the Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals following a thorough review of the inaugural event in Under the proposals, the ITF Board has already approved the Finals becoming an day event with the edition set to take place from 25 November to 5 December.

About Tennis Play+Stay?

A tennis ball is a ball designed for the sport of tennis. Tennis balls are fluorescent yellow in organised competitions, [1] [2] but in recreational play can be virtually any color. Tennis balls are covered in a fibrous felt which modifies their aerodynamic properties, and each has a white curvilinear oval covering it. Modern tennis balls must conform to certain criteria for size, weight, deformation, and bounce criteria to be approved for regulation play. Balls must have masses in the range

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issue looking back at the impact of the ITF 'Tennis Play and Stay'. campaign, in the tenth anniversary year since the campaign's. launch in

The role of the coach in the early stages of development

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