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The unconquerable country: the Babylonian marshes in the Neo-Assyrian sources

The following public domain book is now available for free download in pdf:. Austin Henry Layard [—], Nineveh and its Remains , abridged. London: John Murray, Readers will recognise many of the objects pictured in this remarkable book, including the Black Obelisk, as they can be seen today in the British Museum in London. This book should be also of interest because many of the places that Layard describes have recently been laid waste Mosul, for example. We should therefore be doubly grateful to him that so many of the treasures he discovered have long since been removed to places of safety.

One need only point to the destruction caused to the archaeological sites of Iraq and Syria by Islamic State to see an example of the role heritage plays in the construction of identities, and of a past serving a contemporary agenda. Most British scholars had long considered the Mesopotamian antiquities to be inferior to Greco-Roman antiquities. Their rejection by the critics was contrasted with both historical and aesthetic admiration by the middle- and working classes. Simultaneously, the critics stood on one side of a developing rift between themselves and the archaeologists of a new discipline. In this article I analyse the appraisal of the Mesopotamian sculptures through a critical appraisal of the historiography and an analysis of the Layard Papers, in order to gain a better insight into the reception of the Assyrian antiquities in Victorian Great-Britain.

He is best known as the excavator of Nimrud and of Nineveh , where he uncovered a large proportion of the Assyrian palace reliefs known, and in the library of Ashurbanipal. Layard was born in Paris, France , to a family of Huguenot descent. His mother, Marianne, daughter of Nathaniel Austen, banker, of Ramsgate , was of partial Spanish descent. Edgar Leopold Layard the ornithologist was his brother. On 9 March at St. Their marriage was happy.

Discoveries Among the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon: With Travels in Armenia ...

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Austen Henry Layard. Samantha Mather survived one curse, and now she's having recurring dreams about the Titanic, and walking the deck with first-class passengers like her aunt and uncle. Then missives from the Titanic begin finding their way to her, along with haunting visions of people who went down with the ship. Her friends in the Descendants are determined to help Sam. First they must unravel who is behind the spell that is drawing her ever further into the dream ship-- and closer to sharing the same grim fate as its ghostly passengers.

Cambridge Core - Middle East Studies - Discoveries in the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon. Frontmatter. pp i-vi. Access. PDF; Export citation.

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Post a Comment. Thursday, April 16, Online resources related to Nimrud. One of the Nimrud Project's aims to bring together online resources related to Nimrud. This page lists bibliographic material available online, plus web resources and other online content.

The Neo-Assyrian Empire was constructed on the base of a powerful, well organized and trained army, which defeated all enemies and seemed to be invincible. Babylonia was a special case, because of the complicated political situation and especially its particular geography. Southern Babylonia nowadays Southern Iraq was a region of marshes and lagoons, an ideal refuge for rebels.

Discoveries in the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon: With Travels in Armenia ...

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Austen Henry Layard

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