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Number Series Questions And Answers Pdf In Hindi

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In this video you will learn English questions and answers for beginners to speak English fluently. So practice with reasoning puzzles pdf. Introduction About Reasoning Analogies.

Number Series Questions and Answers with Explanation PDF Download

Reasoning Ability section is one of the important subjects of all competitive exams. Of all the topics covered under the section, Number or Letter series is asked for marks, which seems to be valuable!

So, knowing all the patterns asked in this topic will really help the candidate to master the topic. And thus save the marks! In this article let us go through a different number series questions and also download a free PDF with questions related to this topic.

Tips and Tricks to solve Number Series Questions. In this question, a series of numbers or letters, following a specific pattern will be given. But a number or letter at some position will be missing or wrongly marked. Candidates have to identify that number and fill the gap or identify the wrong number.

For the same, the simplification part has to be strong and should be able to guess the pattern from the numbers. The series can be of differences, addition, product, squares and cubes, miscellaneous series.

Also, series can be like even number, an odd number, prime number series. Squares and cubes are easily identifiable and scorable among the series.

The combination of all these can also be expected. For letter series, candidates should know the order and rank or position values of each alphabet, which will surely help to solve the series. One can solve the problem from either left to right or vice-versa. Solution: This is a product series. Check the series, the numbers are increasing. If the succeeding number is always larger than the square of the predecessor number, we can expect a product or series with squares or cubes.

For easily following these questions candidates should work with more questions. Also, Candidates should know the shortcut methods for multiplication, division, etc. Follow Entri for more Simplification questions and shortcut methods related to that. Practice a free mock test for Indian Bank PO. Solution: XMFO. Take the position values of CDEF, which is respectively- 3, 4, 5, 6. Solution: WA. Now, we can check some wrong number series pattern.

Candidates have to find the wrong number among the numbers. And the correct number should be Each number is divided by 4. If we are answering the series fro right to left the series will be a multiplication series.

Practice more questions on Missing and wrong number series, alphabet, and alphanumeric series. Regular practice of previous questions and new expected patterns will help you to identify the question patterns easily. The speed and accuracy are crucial for such questions. Download Entri and subscribe to the Banking course. Access the course contents and practice the new mock tests and previous year question papers.

Also, avail the contents like- Daily Current Affairs, subject-wise notes, vocabulary, and sectional quizzes for all Banking exams. Daily rank booster questions will really help candidates to revise the portions. Click here to freely download Entri App-Practice more mock tests and previous question papers to ensure your rank in the upcoming Banking examinations.

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284 Number Series Questions PDF

All most in all the entrance tests, as well as interviews Number Series Questions, are asked to evaluate IQ. Solve these Number Series problems and practice for competitive exams. People who love mathematics definitely enjoy solving Number Series Questions and answers. This section is devoted to all such enthusiast brain buddies. Let's have some important Number Series Questions and Answers to solve yourself for better practice of competitive exams. As well as of these questions, you should know Number Series Problems with Solutions for saving time in the competitive Exams. Show Answer.

The Questions under this topic are usually asked for 5 Marks. Based on computing the Addition and Subtraction of the numbers, applicants need to watch and find the correct number to the series of numbers. A number series is only a sequence of numbers masterminded in some logical manner. Based on division and multiplication In series 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, we can see that it is an increasing series and the series is increasing by the multiple of 2. In the series , 50, 25, 5, 1 we can see that it is a decreasing series and the series is decreasing as the terms are divided by 5.

All the answers are explained in detail with very detailed answer descriptions. We share Advance Mathematics Handwritten Notes PDF. number.

Number Series Reasoning Questions – Free PDF Download

In quantitative aptitude , this topic is very easy to solve on a regular practice. It will fetch good marks in a very few minutes. The logic of the number series will be mostly based on the 6 logics of maths operations.

The difference between the successive numbers is 1, 2, 3 respectively. You can achieve a good marks only if you have a depth knowledge of reasoning skills.

Number Series Question and Answers

You have reached 0 of 0 points, 0. Second term is greater than first term by 5, while the third term is less than the second term by 3. The same order is repeated. There are two alternate series Series I: 6. The given series consists of 2 series i 2, 4, 6, 8 …………. The difference in consecutive numbers follows the sequence, 10, 40, Note that 3,2,5 are being added that order to various numbers to get the next number.

Plan your preparation in a smart way, covering all the important topics. Out of all the important topics, we are here providing you the PDF comprising 30 important and latest pattern based number series. This topic accounts for a minimum of questions in the exam.

में आशा करता हु कि यह Reasoning Test Series आप सब के लिए बहुत उपयोगी होगी। अगर आपको मेरा.

Reasoning Number Series Question-Answer in Hindi

Logical Reasoning Number Series Question and Answers

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Number Series Problems with Solutions Pdf Download

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In this section, you can find numerous aptitude questions with answers and explanation.

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Reasoning Ability section is one of the important subjects of all competitive exams.

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Candidates must practice the reasoning section thoroughly to make sure you can not miss scoring high marks in this particular section.

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Number Series Reasoning Notes for Coaching Classes, Questions and Answers, Quiz for Online test practice and PDF in Hindi for Download.

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