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Input And Output Functions In C Pdf

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It is this standardized version that is covered in the rest of the article. Most of the classes in the library are actually very generalized class templates.

In C Language input and output function are available as C compiler function or C library provided with each C compiler implementation.


In other words, there is no keyword like read or write. Instead, it left the IO to the compiler as external library functions such as printf and scanf in stdio library. In input operations, data bytes flow from an input source such as keyboard, file, network or another program into the program. In output operations, data bytes flow from the program to an output sink such as console, file, network or another program. Streams acts as an intermediaries between the programs and the actual IO devices, in such the way that frees the programmers from handling the actual devices, so as to archive device independent IO operations. In formatted or high-level IO, bytes are grouped and converted to types such as int , double , string or user-defined types.

Input means to provide the program with some data to be used in the program and Output means to display data on screen or write the data to a printer or a file. C programming language provides many built-in functions to read any given input and to display data on screen when there is a need to output the result. In this tutorial, we will learn about such functions, which can be used in our program to take input from user and to output the result on screen. All these built-in functions are present in C header files, we will also specify the name of header files in which a particular function is defined while discussing about it. The standard input-output header file, named stdio.

They are classified into two broad categories. Keyboard and screen together called console. This is the behind the name of these functions. They provide the flexibility to receive the input in some fixed format and to give the output in desired format. As I already explained them in one previous article so I will not discuss them here. Consider below example to understand this.

C Programming/Simple input and output

Each program requires at least one header file to work. Before we begin our discussion, it is important to understand, what are preprocessor directives? Before the source code is compiled, it gets automatically processed due to the presence of preprocessor directives. Stay updated with latest technology trends Join DataFlair on Telegram!! Header files offer these features by importing them into your program with the help of a preprocessor directive called include. The name of the header file is enclosed within angular brackets.

Machines process things. We feed stuff into a machine and get different stuff out. A saw turns trees into planks. An internal combustion engine turns gasoline into rotational energy. A computer is no different. But instead of physical materials, computers process information for us. We feed information into the computer, tell the computer what do with it, and then get a result back out.

Input, process and output processed data is the main goal of every computer program. A program without data is a useless program. C provides a header file stdio. In C we use getchar function to read single character from keyboard. The getchar function returns an integer i. ASCII value of input character.

C programming language provides a set of built-in functions to read given input and feed it to the program as per requirement. When we are saying Output that.

C Input Output (I/O)

Actually, every operating system has its own functions for reading and displaying input-output to and from devices. Hence, the developers of C compilers write programs that would link the C compiler to those input-output function of the operating system. The major difference is that formatted function allows us to format the input from the keyboard and the output to be displayed on the screen. Format control string in printf function describes the output format which consists of conversion specifiers, precisions, flags, field widths and literal characters.

Basic input and output in C

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C – Library functions

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Therefore, for effecting input/output functions, C program must include the statement. #include. This statement will tell the compiler to search for this.