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Also the Merit of Flaw must be applicable to his own venue and creature type. For example, a Kindred would not be able to take the flaw Chronic Illness as it is not applicable to his venue or his creature type. They should be intrinsic to the character concept.

Merits and Flaws can be selected only during character creation and are purchased using freebie points. Each Merit has its own point cost, while each Flaw has a point value which adds to the amount of freebie points a player can spend during the creation process. No character may have more than seven points' worth of Merits and Flaws.

All of OWOD Merits and Flaws

Main Page. Walk quietly among other men, but know their power, for they are your enemies. Quietly crush them as you work diligently through the night. Pay attention to the man behind the curtain for he is your ally. Drink deeply and lustfully from the foamy draught of evil. Do it to the other guy before he does it to you Forrester, Mystery Science Theater A whisper can be stronger, as an atom is stronger, than a whole mountain. Louise Nevelson. These have been plucked from various sites on the net, such as:.

I hope I have linked to all the sources used; otherwise contanct me and I correct the attributions. Though you do not forget such things as Knowledges or Skills, you do forget names, addresses, and when you last ate. Allergic pt VPG You are allergic to some substance, in a manner not unlike mortal allergies. However, you do not get hives or sneeze, but are actually incapacitated by your reaction.

If the substance was in the blood you drank, the reaction will be very strong, though touch alone is enough to disturb you. Choose from the list below or make up the substance to which you are allergic. Plastic 1pt Alcohol 2pt Illegal Drugs: 2pt Metal 3pt. Amnesia : 2pt VPG You are unable to remember anything about your past, yourself or your family. Your life is a blank slate. However, your past may someday come back to haunt you. Over the course of the story, you and your character will slowly discover them.

The difficulties of all dice rolls related to vision are increased by two. This Flaw is neither nearsightedness nor farsightedness; it is a minor form of blindness, and is not correctable.

You may not take Acute Vision if you take this Flaw. Bad sight pt VtM 3rd All difficulties involving sight are increased by two. As a one point flaw, glasses or lenses can correct it, as a three point flaw, it cannot. You tend to blurt out painful truths at the worst possible times. At least once per high-tension social scene, you must come out with your thoughts. You can avoid this by biting your tongue -- literally.

This inflicts one health level of Bashing damage and costs a Willpower point. Blind : 6 pt VPG You automatically fail all dice rolls involving vision. You cannot see-the world of color and light is lost to you. Catspaw 2 GC You've done the dirty work for someone high up in the city's hierarchy in the past--the sheriff, the primogen or even the prince. However, instead of granting you favor, your deeds have made you an embarassment or a liability.

For the moment, your former employer's concern is to keep you quiet. In the long term, it's to get rid of you. Compulsion : 1pt VPG You have a psychological compulsion of some sort which can cause you a number of different problems. You compulsion may be for cleanliness, perfection, bragging stealing, gaming, exaggeration or just talking.

You feel the need to put your personal spin on the truth. This Trait is especially troublesome when other Cowboys rely on you for information about bounty heads and their habits. You might have to spend a Willpower point to force yourself to be honest, especially if it means revealing a previous lie. Confused : 2pt VPG You are often confused, and the world seems to be a very distorted and twisted place.

Sometimes you are simply unable to make sense of things. You need to roleplay this behavior all the time to a small degree, but your confusion becomes especially strong whenever stimuli surround you such as when a number of different people talk all at once, or you enter a nightclub with loud pounding music. Having been convicted for several misdemeanors or perhaps even a minor felony, you have a bit of a shady past. You are unable to buy firearms legally, and you receive exceptionally poor treatment from law-enforcement officials who know your record.

Deaf : 4 pt VPG You cannot hear sound. Defensive 1pt. You have problems taking responsibility for your actions. When things go wrong, you look for ways to blame others and rarely accept blame or criticism for your actions without contention.

Deformity : 3pt VPG You have some kind of deformity - a misshapen limb, a hunchback or whatever - which affects your interactions with others and may inconvenience you physically. If you take this as a Merit, somebody owes you, but as a Flaw, you owe someone a favor.

For one point, the debt is a socially or emotionally significant one you offered some friendly advice or a shoulder to cry on. You can call in a debt at any time, at which point you lose this Merit. Likewise, the Storyteller can decide to call in a debt you owe, getting rid of your Flaw. Refusing to honor a debt may have serious consequences, not the least of which may be ruining your reputation and turning a friend into an enemy. Convinced that your eternally dark mood is completely natural -- or deserved -- you refuse to seek professional help.

You do not regain Willpower per day as most characters do. Instead you may only gain Willpower through actions, and even those must ardently reaffirm your goals. Distinguishing Characteristics [1 or 2 point Flaw]. You have a physical appearance that makes you very easy to pick out in crowds, such as elaborate tattoos, a scar or an obvious birthmark. This Flaw is worth one point if the characteristic is hidden easily under clothes, two points if it is not. Driving Goal : 3pt VPG You have a personal goal, which sometimes compel and directs you in startling ways.

The goal is always limitless in depth, and you can never truly achieve it. It could be to eradicate the Sabbat or achieve Golconda..

Because you must work toward your goal, it will get you into trouble and may jeopardize other actions. Choose your driving goal carefully, as it will direct and focus everything your character does. Enemy : pt VPG You have an enemy, or perhaps a group of enemies, who seek to harm you.

You must decide who your enemy is and how you became enemies in the first place. An Archmage or Methusalah would be a 5 pointer, someone near your own power would be 1 point. You have some traumatic experience in your past that you sometimes recall with terrifying clarity. You tend to mistake people, places and things for similar things in your memory and may act on those erroneous conclusions. If you botch your Willpower roll, you become almost catatonic, entirely lost in your recollections.

You can spend a Willpower point to ignore the effects of this Flaw for one scene. The need for gaining and keeping material wealth is greater in you than in most. To avoid a situation which would gain you personal wealth at any cost, you must make a Willpower roll Difficulty 7 for the 1 pt Flaw, 8 for the 2 pt, and 9 for the 3 pt.

A Willpower Point may be spent to avoid the temptation for one scene. You have a lot of trouble separating truth from fiction.

You are not stupid, you just tend to believe what people tell you rather than to take things with a grain of salt. Hard of hearing 1pt VtM 3rd All difficulties involving hearing are increased by two. Hatred : 3pt VPG You have an unreasoning hatred of a certain thing. This hate is total and largely uncontrollable. You may hate species of animal, a class of person, a color, a situation- anything. You constantly pursue opportunities to harm the hated object or to gain Dower over it.

When people could use a word of encouragement or positive reinforcement, you tend to speak the truth about the thing: weight, looks, a family members health, et al…. Illiterate : 1pt VPG Through lack of education or as the result of a condition like dyslexia, you are unable to read or write. Impatient : 1 GC You have no patience for standing around and waiting.

You want to do things now and devil take the hindmost. Everytime you are forced to wait around, you may go haring off on your own instead. You tend to dress with an eye toward impressing others rather than personal comfort. Unless you explicitly state that you dress appropriately for physical activity, you wear tight jeans, high heels or something else that hampers physical activity. You are spectacularly bad at something.

Pick a single Ability. You believe you have the proficiency equal to three dots in that Trait, when in reality you almost always ruin any effort involving it. Whenever you try to use the Ability, treat the outcome as if you rolled a botch. Intolerance : 1pt VPG You have an unreasoning dislike of a certain thing.

This may be an animal, a class of person, a colour, a situation, or just about anything at all. Note that some dislikes may be too trivial to be reflected here-a dislike of White Wolf Magazine or tissue paper, for instance, will have little effect on play in most chronicles. Your feeling for the need of sexual stimulation exceeds the normal parameters.

World Of Darkness Merit Compendium

Merits and Flaws can be selected only during character creation and are purchased using freebie points. Each Merit has its own point cost, while each Flaw has a point value which adds to the amount of freebie points a player can spend during the creation process. No character may have more than seven points' worth of Merits and Flaws. Merits and Flaws are divided into several categories: physical, mental, and so on. The physical category describes Merits or Flaws that deal with a character's physical make-up or abilities, while the Mental category addresses intellectual abilities or patterns of behaviour. Share on.

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Merits, Universal (2nd Edition)

Flaws Mental Merits [ 1 ] Common Sense Demon Player's Guide -- Page 81 Your character has been gifted with practical, everyday wisdom that allows her to avoid making stupid, obvious mistakes. Whenever she's about to act in a way that's contrary to common sense, the Storyteller can make a suggestion as to the likely outcome of the action, possibly warning you off. Unlike Demon's Intuition Ability, this Merit doesn't allow you to make good guesses, nor does it offer you any particular insight.

The difficulties for all tasks involving the use of this particular sense are reduced by two. This merit can be combined with the Discipline of Auspex to produce superhuman sensory acuity. Ambidextrous 1pt. The rules for taking multiple actions still apply, but you do not suffer a difficulty penalty if you use two weapons or are forced to use your off hand. Bruiser 1pt.

Merits & Flaws [V20]

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