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Sound Unseen Acousmatic Sound In Theory And Practice Brian Kane Pdf

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Acousmatic sound

Sound Unseen explores acousmatic sound—a sound that one hears without seeing its cause. In part I, the origins of the word acousmatic are traced from Pythagoras to 18th- century France, and then to the present. After showing the mythic use After showing the mythic use of the term throughout history, a rationale is given for a better way to uncover the history of acousmatic sound.

In part II, a sketch of the history of acousmatic sound in music is presented, focusing on the use of unseen sounds in 19th- century music aesthetics and concert practice. In part III, the theory is applied in two case studies: first, on the guitarist and inventor Les Paul; and second, on the role of the acousmatic voice in 20th-century philosophy, starting with Husserl and Heidegger, and ending with Mladen Dolar,The book concludes with some final thoughts about acousmatic sound, music studies, and sound studies.

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Sound Unseen - Acousmatic Sound in Theory and Practice by Brian Kane

Sound coming from outside the field of vision, from somewhere beyond, holds a privileged place in the Western imagination. When separated from their source, sounds seem to manifest transcendent realms, divine powers, or supernatural forces. AccordingMoreSound coming from outside the field of vision, from somewhere beyond, holds a privileged place in the Western imagination. According to legend, the philosopher Pythagoras lectured to his disciples from behind a veil, and two thousand years later, in the age of absolute music, listeners were similarly fascinated with disembodied sounds, employing various techniques to isolate sounds from their sources. With recording and radio came spatial and temporal separation of sounds from sources, and new ways of composing music. An unusual and neglected word, acousmatic was first introduced into modern parlance in the mids by avant garde composer of musique concrete Pierre Schaeffer to describe the experience of hearing a sound without seeing its cause. Working through, and often against, Schaeffers ideas, Brian Kane presents a powerful argument for the central yet overlooked role of acousmatic sound in music aesthetics, sound studies, literature, philosophy and the history of the senses.

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Sound Unseen. Acousmatic Sound in Theory and Practice. Brian Kane Pierre Schaeffer, the Sound Object, and the Acousmatic Reduction PART TWO.

Review of Brian Kane, Sound Unseen: Acousmatic Sound in Theory and Practice (Oxford, 2014)

Benjamin M. By Brian Kane. In Sound Unseen , Brian Kane gathers an impressively broad set of philosophical perspectives, historical and etymological genealogies, and musical case studies in the service of his theory of acousmatic sound—sound whose source is concealed. This dizzying breadth, however, belies the tightly focused ontology that enables it. In fact, one could read the entire book as Kane's defense of his ontology of sound and its complementary, if not

Kane, Brian - Sound Unseen. Acousmatic Sound in Theory and Practice

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Acousmatic sound is sound that is heard without an originating cause being seen.