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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internal Sources Of Finance Pdf

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Using financial resources other than credit cards, venture capital, loans and stock sales have advantages and disadvantages to your business. The most obvious benefits of internal funding include paying less interest and giving less of the company away, but these benefits might not always outweigh the disadvantages. An understanding of the benefits of operating your company with internal funding will help you make the most effective financial decisions for short-term situations and long-term strategic planning.


This is the finance or capital which is generated internally by the business unlike finances such as loan which is externally arranged by banks or financial institutions. Finance is a constant requirement for every growing business. There are several sources of finance from where a business can acquire finance or capital which it requires. But, the finance manager cannot just choose any of them indifferently. Every type of finance has different pros and cons in terms of cost, availability, eligibility, legal boundaries, etc. Choosing the right source of finance is a challenge.

The Advantages of Internal Funding

There's no reason to borrow from a bank every time your business is poised to grow. If you're savvy and plan well, you can pay for many types of business expenditures out of the money your company generates on its own. This approach to managing company capital is called "internal finance" and it can include capital infusions from owners, surpluses from operations and sale of business assets. One advantage of using internal sources of finance is your ability to maintain autonomy and control. When you take out a business loan, you must repay it according to a schedule that may or may not correspond with the rhythm of your company's earnings. Most loans require consistent monthly payments, but your business income may fluctuate dramatically from month-to-month and season-to-season. Using internal capital such as an owner's savings or the profits you've made form sales allows you to schedule your repayments for when it makes the most sense for your company.


There are two general sources of finance that are available to a business today. Short-term finance sources must be paid back within 12 months. Long-term finance sources are allowed to be paid back over many years instead. Within these sources, you can have either internal or external sources of finance as well.

Internal Sources of Finance

In the theory of capital structure , internal financing is the process of a firm using its profits or assets as a source of capital to fund a new project or investment. Internal sources of finance contrast with external sources of finance. The main difference between the two is that internal financing refers to the business generating funds from activities and assets that already exist in the company whereas external financing requires the involvement of a third party. Internal financing is generally thought to be less expensive for the firm than external financing because the firm does not have to incur transaction costs to obtain it, nor does it have to pay the taxes associated with paying dividends. Many economists debate whether the availability of internal financing is an important determinant of firm investment or not.

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The Advantages of Internal Sources of Finance

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List of the Advantages of Internal Sources of Finance. It allows an organization to maintain full control. It improves the planning process. It reduces the overall cost of most projects. It improves the overall value of the company. It limits outside influences on the company.

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The biggest advantage of internal sources of finance is that it avoids the dilution of ownership and control. A business, by using internal source of financing, retains.

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External financing is any kind of business funding you acquire from sources outside the company.

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There are many sources of finance a business can obtain to fund its business activities.