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Electronic warfare EW is any action involving the use of the electromagnetic spectrum EM spectrum or directed energy to control the spectrum, attack an enemy, or impede enemy assaults.

Modern electronic warfare EW system developers are facing multiple challenges including increased spectral congestion and surveillance of wider bandwidths at a greater level of detection sensitivity. In addition, the push on system developers to reduce development times strains many of the existing development models, resulting in custom hardware and firmware designs to achieve improved levels of performance within size, weight, and power constraints. New gigasample per second GSPS high speed converters, high performance FPGAs, and FPGA IP cores are now changing the status quo, providing designers with off-the-shelf solutions and configurable building blocks to meet the next generation of challenges. EW systems identify and counter electronic threats such as surveillance and tracking radars.

Electronic Warfare Receivers and Receiving Systems by Richard A. Poisel

Electronic warfare EW is any action involving the use of the electromagnetic spectrum EM spectrum or directed energy to control the spectrum, attack an enemy, or impede enemy assaults. The purpose of electronic warfare is to deny the opponent the advantage of, and ensure friendly unimpeded access to, the EM spectrum.

Military operations are executed in an information environment increasingly complicated by the electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum portion of the information environment is referred to as the electromagnetic environment EME. The recognized need for military forces to have unimpeded access to and use of the electromagnetic environment creates vulnerabilities and opportunities for electronic warfare in support of military operations.

Within the information operations construct, EW is an element of information warfare; more specifically, it is an element of offensive and defensive counterinformation. NATO has a different and arguably [ citation needed ] more encompassing and comprehensive approach to EW.

Primary EW activities have been developed over time to exploit the opportunities and vulnerabilities that are inherent in the physics of EM energy. Activities used in EW include: electro-optical, infrared and radio frequency countermeasures; EM compatibility and deception; radio jamming , radar jamming and deception and electronic counter-countermeasures or anti-jamming ; electronic masking, probing, reconnaissance, and intelligence; electronic security; EW reprogramming; emission control; spectrum management; and wartime reserve modes.

Electronic warfare consists of three major subdivisions: electronic attack EA , electronic protection EP , and electronic warfare support ES.

Electronic attack EA previously known as electronic countermeasures ECM involves the offensive use of EM energy, directed energy, or anti-radiation weapons to attack personnel, facilities, or equipment with the intent of degrading, neutralizing, or destroying enemy combat capability including human life.

In the case of EM energy, this action is most commonly referred to as "jamming" and can be performed on communications systems or radar systems. In the case of anti-radiation weapons, many times this includes missiles or bombs that can home in on a specific signal radio or radar and follow that path directly to impact, thus destroying the system broadcasting.

Electronic protection EP previously known as electronic protective measures [EPM] or electronic counter-countermeasures [ECCM] involves actions taken to protect friendly forces personnel, facilities, and equipment from any effects of friendly or enemy use of the electromagnetic spectrum that degrade, neutralize, or destroy friendly combat capability EA.

EP is the ability to defeat EA. Flares are often used to distract infrared homing missiles to miss their target. The use of flare rejection logic in the guidance seeker head of an infrared homing missile to counter an adversary's use of flares is an example of EP. Other examples of EP include spread spectrum technologies, use of restricted frequency lists, emissions control EMCON , and low observability stealth technology.

Electronic warfare self-protection EWSP is a suite of countermeasure systems fitted primarily to aircraft for the purpose of protecting the host from weapons fire and can include, among others: directional infrared countermeasures DIRCM , flare systems and other forms of infrared countermeasures for protection against infrared missiles; chaff protection against radar-guided missiles ; and DRFM decoy systems protection against radar-targeted anti-aircraft weapons.

An electronic warfare tactics range EWTR is a practice range which provides for the training of personnel in electronic warfare. EWTRs are equipped with ground-based equipment to simulate electronic warfare threats that aircrew might encounter on missions. Other EW training and tactics ranges are available for ground and naval forces as well. Antifragile EW is a step beyond standard EP, occurring when a communications link being jammed actually increases in capability as a result of a jamming attack, although this is only possible under certain circumstances such as reactive forms of jamming.

This is often referred to as simply reconnaissance, although today, more common terms are intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance ISR or intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance ISTAR. The purpose is to provide immediate recognition, prioritization, and targeting of threats to battlefield commanders.

Signals intelligence SIGINT , a discipline overlapping with ES, is the related process of analyzing and identifying intercepted transmissions from sources such as radio communication, mobile phones , radar or microwave communication. Analysis parameters measured in signals of these categories can include frequency , bandwidth , modulation , and polarization.

The distinction between SIGINT and ES is determined by the controller of the collection assets, the information provided, and the intended purpose of the information. Electronic warfare support is conducted by assets under the operational control of a commander to provide tactical information, specifically threat prioritization, recognition, location, targeting, and avoidance.

However, the same assets and resources that are tasked with ES can simultaneously collect information that meets the collection requirements for more strategic intelligence.

The history of Electronic Warfare goes back to at least the beginning of the 20th century. The captain of the Russian warship, Orel, requested permission to disrupt the Japanese communications link by attempting to transmit a stronger radio signal over the Shinano Maru's signal hoping to distort the Japanese signal at the receiving end. Russian Admiral Zinovy Rozhestvensky refused the advice and denied the Orel permission to electronically jam the enemy, which in those circumstances might have proved invaluable.

The intelligence the Japanese gained ultimately led to the decisive Battle of Tsushima. The battle was humiliating for Russia. The Russian navy lost all their battleships and most of its cruisers and destroyers. These staggering losses effectively ended the Russo-Japanese War in Japan's favor.

As time progressed and battlefield communication and radar technology improved, so did electronic warfare. Electronic warfare played a major role in many military operations during the Vietnam War. Aircraft on bombing runs and air-to-air missions often relied on EW to survive the battle, although many were defeated by Vietnamese ECCM. As another example, in , an Israeli attack on a suspected Syrian nuclear site during Operation Outside the Box or Operation Orchard used electronic warfare systems to disrupt Syrian air defenses while Israeli jets crossed much of Syria, bombed their targets, and returned to Israel undeterred.

Some reports say [8] Israeli EW systems deactivated all of Syria's air defense systems for the entire period of the raid, infiltrating the country, bombing their target and escaping. In December , the Russian army received their first land-based Army operated multifunctional electronic warfare system known as Borisoglebsk 2 developed by Sozvezdie. Development of the system started in and evaluation testing successfully completed in December The Borisoglebsk-2 brings four different types of jamming stations into a single system with a single control console helping the operator make battlefield decisions within seconds.

The Borisoglebsk-2 system is mounted on nine MT-LB armored vehicles and is intended to suppress mobile satellite communications and satellite-based navigation signals. The 'Borisoglebsk-2', when compared to its predecessors, has better technical characteristics: wider frequency bandwidth for conducting radar collection and jamming, faster scanning times of the frequency spectrum, and higher precision when identifying the location and source of radar emissions, and increased capacity for suppression.

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Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. EW can affect a military force's use of the electromagnetic spectrum to detect targets or to provide information. Recent developments in artificial intelligence AI suggest that this emerging technology will have a deterministic and potentially transformative influence on military power.

Use the skills and knowledge developed through the IEW Concepts Course to venture into the more complex environment of new radar types mono-pulse, pulse doppler with advanced electronic protection ultra-low side lobe, side lobe canceller and blanker , new types of communications threats Low Probability of Intercept and new EW tools Direct Digital Synthesis, Digital RF Memory, etc. This course is presented in a similar style to a typical graduate seminar, with high levels of class participation. Accreditation: National accreditation is currently not available for this course. Trainer: Dr David L. Terms and conditions. Simply fill out one of the below Course Registration Forms and return via email to training babcock. Back to technical courses.

Electronic Warfare Receivers & Receiving Systems

He was formerly the chief scientist at the U. Monmouth, New Jersey. He received his M.

Receivers systems are considered the core of electronic warfare EW intercept systems. Without them, the fundamental purpose of such systems is null and void. This book considers the major elements that make up receiver systems and the receivers that go in them. This resource provides system design engineers with techniques for design and development of EW receivers for modern modulations spread spectrum in addition to receivers for older, common modulation formats.

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Taming the Wideband Conundrum with RF Sampling ADCs

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Taming the Wideband Conundrum with RF Sampling ADCs

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