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I can read these Biblical terms and not always understand their significance, but the Holy Spirit will speak to me through his written Word to apply them to my life. As an unbeliever I was accustomed to trusting in myself, but as a believer I need to form the habit of trusting God in my daily decisions.

Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being, the exact nature of our wrongs. Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character. Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings.

Attributes of God in Christianity

Minneapolis, Minnesota BTl The science of divine things; the science that deals with God , His laws and moral government, and the way of sal- va tion: theology.

The science of divine things; the science which unfolds the character of God, His laws and moral government , the duties of man and the way of salvation: Theology as the study of divinity: A system of divinity.

He addresses seminars, conferences and campus audiences on the truths of Scripture and the claims of Christ. Preface: A Compiler's Apology. Proposition One: God Is Uncreated. Corollary One: God Is Infinite Corollary Two: God Is Spiritual. Corollary Three: God Is Glorious.. Proposition Two: God Is Creator. Proposition Three: God Is Triune Appendix A: The Names of God All attempts at logical harmony and reconciliation of paradoxical statements are rigorously ex- cluded unless conforming to that criterion.

It can allow lexical, herme- neutic and exegetical observations as long as they are not too speculative. A biblical theology has the merit of being biblical. It ought not to lead to much disagreement or debate, since it supposedly supports no doc- trinal bias. It does, of course, omit the interesting records of Church his- tory, the contributions of Christians to the overall testimony of God.

However, since it is assembled by finite beings, it may still be selective in focus, bia ed, and , not surprisingly, even false. The logical question then is: Who needs any "biblical " theologies? A Bible, with perhaps a stack of con- cordances and lexicons, should be perfectly adequate Christian equip- ment. Yet, the process of teaching always creates the need for some sort of outline; and the best of these are worth calling " biblical. A systematic theology allows the writer to attempt originality But this leads to a greater polarization of sects with differi ng views, proof texts, and dogmas.

Reformers don't like Mystics who don't seem to stick solely to the 13ible. Mystics don't like Fundamentalists who fail to stress the work of the Holy Spirit, using the Bible to defend their loss.

Roman Catholics wonder why others do not give as much weight as they do to Church history and are suspect by both Reformers who know Catho lics arc not biblical and Mystics who know they are not evangelical. Of what usc then is a "systemati c" theology'? Generally speaking, a. Many famous people have written systematic theologies: Augustine, Aquinas, Calvi n. Theologians have to have them. Humans cannot help selectively choosing Scripture to defend a particular view.

We each tend to lock our minds down to a particular way of looking at all divine truth. Once we've decided, it's hard to change our minds. What is beneficial for one generation may be the weakness of another.

What you leave out may hurt as much as what you put in. We all want to see the Church believe truth about God.

Unfor- tunately, when we pick out one thing as important, we minimize others by default. Herein lies the intrinsic weakness of human logic and words. A theology does not usually stress practical obedience or character change. But God seems more interested in having us living ri ghteously than reading correct theology.

It is easier to talk about Him than obey Him. It is far easier to speculate than surrender. It is simpler to write profoundly about God than live deeply for Him. So what kind of th eology is lhis? You can see who some of them were and what they said about these topics. These are the collected compilations of a Fundamental, Catholic-Evan- gelical-Mystic who likes Church history, loves the Bible and seeks to prac- tically honor the present work of the Holy Spirit.

It hardly has pretensions to profundity oth er than the intri nsic nature of its subject. I could call it a " devotional apologetic. Some themes seem- to me at least- to logically fit with great beau ty into all that the universe, history, and revelation testify of th e truth. At other times, as Francis Schaeffer said, there is nothing more one can do than to " take off the hat and worship. There must always be some unavoidable selectivity and simplification among the many great themes of divinity.

I must draw the line somewh ere, however falli ble the selective criteria eventually proves to be. My gracious Lord, forgive the faults, overlook in mercy the omissions, and bless that which in some small measure gives you the honor, the glory, and absolute worthiness due your name.

Pratney Phil. First Edition. George D. Watson " It is a beautiful task to study about God. The human mind can never be employed on any subject so full of rich reward as when trying to find out the knowledge of God. To search after the character and perfection of God is the highest science, the deepest phi losophy, the loftiest poetry, the sublimest history, the truest theology and the most thrilling biog- raphy. Lewis " Everyone has warned me not to tell you what I am going to tell you They all say The ordinary reader does not want Theology; give him plain, practical religion.

I do not think the ordinary reader is such a fool. Theology means 'the science of God' and I think any man who wants to think about God at all would like to have the clearest and most accurate ideas about Him which are avai lable. Robert Drummond " I for one should be very much surprised if when the truth about God is reached we should not find something which is very perplexing to human minds and something which betrays the poverty of human speech.

John Watson "Tell me what your conception of God is and I will work out your doctrine of man , of forgiveness, of life, of punishment. Given the axioms, geometry is only a questi on of process. Given your God, your whole the- ology can be constructed within a measurable time. The chief service of a prophet is not to rebuke sin, nor instruct in virtue; it is to give the world a radiant idea of God.

If a prophet deal after a satisfying fashion with the idea of God he will be permanent. If a prophet complete and crown the idea of God he will be final. Many may expound him; none can tran- scend him. Greg01y of Nazianzus " Rise from thy low condition by thy conversation, by purity of heart unite thyself with the pure. Wilt thou become a theologian and worthy of the Godhead? Then keep the commandments of God , and walk according to His precepts, for the act is the first step to knowledge.

Encyclopaedia Britannica "To ascend by a chain of reasoning from things visible to things in- visible, from palpable to impalpable, from terrestrial to celestial, from the creature even up to the Creator is the husiness of theology; it is not surprising therefore, that the union of many doctrines is necessary com- pletely to form such a science.

To understand, and properly to interpret the Scriptures or revelation demands not less sagacity than assiduity. William Law " Read whatever chapter of Scripture you will and be ever so delighted. Mere Christianity Huntington. Fontana Publishing, George MacDonald "What a believer the man born blind must have become!

Nothing should be too grand and good for him to believe thereafter- not even the doctrine hardest to common-place humanity, though the most natural and reasonable to those who have beheld it-that the God of the light is a faithful , loving, upright, honest and self-denying being, utterly devoted to the uttermost good of those whom He has made.

Gerhard Tersteegen 0 God, Thou art far other Than men have dreamed and taughl Unspoken in all language, Unpictured in all thought. John Wesley " For God's sake, if it be possible to avoid it, let us not provoke one another to wrath. Let us not kindle in each other this fire of Hell; much less blow it up into a name. If we could discern truth by that dreadful light, would it not be loss rather than gain?

For, how far is love, even with many wrong opinions to be preferred before truth itself without love! We may die without the knowledge of many truths, and yet be carried into Abraham's bosom. But if we die without love, what wi ll knowledge prevail? Just as much as it avails the devil and his angels! The God of love forbid we should ever make the trial!

Rolland Hcin Wheaton. John Wesley, 1'l1e Works of. Robert McAfee Brown "Very often the man who first appears as a heretic turns out to be the one who was recall ing Christendom to a long-neglected truth. He may have shou ted a little too loudly as the on ly way of getting a hearing, bu t had he not shouted, had he not rocked the boat, his fellow-Christians might not have become aware that they were heading for dangerous shoals.

Protestantism has an obligation to 'suffer fools glad ly' lest it sti fle the message of one who is 'a fool for Christ. John Watson "No church since the early centuries has had the courage to formulate an ethical creed for even those bodies of Christians which have no written theological creeds, yet have implicit affirmations or denials of doctrines as their basis. Imagine a body of Christians who should take their stand on the Sermon of Jesus and conceive their creed on His lines. Imagine how it would read: 'I believe in the Fatherhood of God ; I believe in the words of Jesus; I believe in the cl ean heart; I believe in the service of love ; I believe in the unworldly life; I believe in the Beatitudes; I promise to trust God and fol low Christ, to forgive my enemies and seek after the ri ghteousness of God.

15 Amazing Attributes of God: What They Mean and Why They Matter

Sometimes God brings severe consequences in response to human evil. These are crucial questions that the biblical authors love to explore in narrative , poetry , and in the literary design of this Exodus passage. Exodus invites us into a lifetime of pondering the depths and mysteries of the character of God. Want to read through the Bible? How to Read the Bible. Word Studies.

Christians believe that God created the world and everything in it. They find this information in the first chapter of the Old Testament, Genesis, which states:. As well as creating the world and everything in it, Christians believe that God continues to be involved in the world. This is what is meant by God as sustainer. This is the idea that everything in the world is still completely dependent on God for its existence. The term omnipotence refers to the idea that God is all-powerful. There are many stories in the Bible which reveal the power of God.

The Nature and Character of God by Winkie Pratney

Author W. Pratney is an internationally known speaker, teacher and writer whose seminars, conferences, campus lectures and books have challenged thousands of young people with the truths of Scripture and the claims of Christ. Out of that ministry was born his desire for a practical, defensible, life-changing study of the greatness and glory of God to help readers think through and apply to their own lives what they understand and believe concerning the person of God.

Please enter your email address associated with your Salem All-Pass account, then click Continue. We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. When we talk about the attributes of God, we are trying to answer questions like, Who is God, What is God like, and What kind of God is he? An attribute of God is something true about him.

Executive Director of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute. Several years ago, during a challenging and hectic period in my life, I read a statement by President Brigham Young that has meant a great deal to me ever since.

Character of God Series

The attributes of God are specific characteristics of God discussed in Christian theology. Christians are not monolithic in their understanding of God's attributes. Many Reformed theologians distinguish between the communicable attributes those that human beings can also have and the incommunicable attributes those that belong to God alone.

The Nature and Character of God

Minneapolis, Minnesota BTl The science of divine things; the science that deals with God , His laws and moral government, and the way of sal- va tion: theology. The science of divine things; the science which unfolds the character of God, His laws and moral government , the duties of man and the way of salvation: Theology as the study of divinity: A system of divinity.

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The Nature & Character Of God. A Scriptural Primer by Winkie Pratney. Based on the book, "The Nature & Character of God" W. A. Pratney , Bethany House.

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