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Celtic knots Irish : snaidhm Cheilteach , Welsh : cwlwm Celtaidd , Cornish : kolm Keltek are a variety of knots and stylized graphical representations of knots used for decoration, used extensively in the Celtic style of Insular art. These knots are most known for their adaptation for use in the ornamentation of Christian monuments and manuscripts , such as the 8th-century St. Most are endless knots , and many are varieties of basket weave knots.

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Celtic Design Coloring Book

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Mark Stevenson. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Celtic knotworks were created for secular and religious purposes. It was meant for decorative aims to ornate Bible manuscripts and monuments like Celtic crosses and jewellery. The early Celts began this legacy of knotworks that consisted of animals and spirals, drawn with such detail that they became known as the "work of angels".

Each knot meant a virtue like strength or love. Celtic book like the book of Durrow illustrates the early Irish style where ribbons are coloured in a certain way. The book of Kells is renowned as an indispensable source of classic Celtic knots and ornaments, decorating the four Gospels. These books show many variations of Celtic knot works such as interlacing, spiral patterns, key patterns, ropework and plaiting, which are geometric patterns.

Meanings of knotworkResearchers have been trying to discover the secret of knotwork patterns, to find out if there is any particular significance behind each intricate design. In actual fact, the Celts did not assign special ideas or concepts to the patterns but used them mainly as decorations on sculptures and jewellery or to fill up empty spaces in illuminated manuscripts. However, the interlaced patterns reflected the belief of the Celts in the interconnectedness and continuity of life.

Over time, modern meanings have been attached to certain designs but these are based mainly on personal interpretation and may vary between countries and between individuals. General patternsKnotwork Interlace-The pattern shows the interconnection of life and mankind's place within the universe.

Spirals-Spirals shows the accomplishment of an individual to balance his inner and outer self and reflects on his personal spirit. The pattern also symbolizes the Cosmos, Heavens and Water waves. Maze andStep Patterns-It represents the learning process and experiences of an individual as he goes on his journey through life. Geometric motifsCeltic artwork has always been famous for its geometric motifs. Some of these outstanding works date back to BC and can still be found on stone carvings today.

The picture shows a single clockwise spiral. This design has the oldest history and is the most recorded of the motifs.

In some culture, the single spiral may symbolize growth, expansion and even cosmic energy. For instance, the ancient inhabitants of Ireland used the spiral to represent the sun and a tightly wound, clockwise spiral to signify their shrinking winter sun. This loosely wound anti-clockwise spiral is a symbol of the large summer sun.

The dual centered spiral is also frequently used in stone carvings. It has associations with motifs from other cultures such as the Yin Yang symbol. It signifies the duality of nature and balance. A double spiral is used to represent the equinoxes, the period of the year when the length of the day and night are the same and they occupy twelve hours each of the entire day. The Christian monks in earlier times used this Triple centered spiral in their illuminated manuscripts.

The design originated as a symbol of the Triple Goddess, pre-dating Christianity. This pattern is known as Chevrons. It resembles the arrowheads used by hunters and warriors and was a symbol of power among the Celts. The motif looks almost heart shaped and occurs in repeated patterns in ornaments. Flowing scroll patterns were mainly used for decorative purposes. Many examples of such patterns can be found in the Book of Durrow, an illuminated manuscript.

Known as the Ulbster Cross, the design is an illustration of knotwork interlace pattern. A single thread is used to finish the entire design and it symbolizes eternity. KnotsThe Eternity Celtic knot symbolizes the never-ending eternal circle of life. This Shield Celtic knot has protective significances. Found on shields of warriors, children's clothes, the ancient Celts also believed that the knotwork can protect the sick. The Triquetra Knot is also known as the Trinity Knot.

However, this information may not be entirely accurate because the Catholics of Ireland were the first to use the design to as a symbol in reference to the Trinity. It is believed that Celts use this Celtic Cross as a symbol of faith. This is known as Brigit's Cross. These Irish crosses are made with wheat weavings and can be found all over the Irish countryside. According to Irish legends, there was a heroic warrior named Fionn who had courage, intelligence and strength.

This Celtic knot has been linked with some articles that are reputed to have belonged to him. The Irish Shamrock is the traditional symbol of the Trinity. This knotwork shows 8 hearts bounded by a Celtic circle. On looking closely, one will find the rune of love "X" hidden within the design.

The Celtic Love Knot is believed to be able to enliven relationships, heighten passions and to attract true love. Mathematical observationsThere are many types of knotwork in various religions or groups. However, below are the observations that distinguished celtic knots from others:1 The strong diagonals in celtic knots are based on the triangle, otherwise known as the right-angle triangle.

This is done so as to connect the cord element to fit a corner. To explain, this means that ifwe cut a single cord, pull the two ends, and the panel tightens, then it is a Celtic knot. If it unravels then it is interlace. Step 2:Connect the dots diagonally 45degrees , forming crosses between the 2 horizontal lines. Step 3Step 4Step 3:Extend the set of diagonal lines to form points above and below the initial lines.

If you number the top row of dots 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on, from left to right, your peaks should be between 1 and 2, 3 and 4, etc. Not between 2 and 3, 4 and 5, etc. To check, you will get a zig-zag path-like figure. Step 4:Connect the points with arches. The points that move into the corners are shaped with points. Make sure that the arches are of constant width. Step 5Step 6Step 5:Erase the dots. Step 6:Erase the cord lines from each intersection so that one cord goes over the other.

Remember that you must alternate between "overs" and "unders"to create a weaving effect. Step 7Step 8Step 7:Clean up any stray marks. This stage is known as the knotwork plait.

Step 8:Break the plait at every 5cm horizontally by erasing the lines where they b Iain Bain's 4-cord designcross so that we get 3 rectangles each measuring 5cm by 3cm. Then Step 2:ng is a line through which the knot is not allowed to pass. These A splitti lines are drawn slightly shorter than 2cm, and are centered on the dots drawn in the previous step. Place splittings on all the dots along the border of the grid external spittings.

Step 3:All internal splittings are either horizontal or vertical, and only 1 splitting can be placed at each dot. Draw the internal splitting as shown:PS: This is only one example of an internal splitting. Step 4:Connect the remaining dots diagonally.

However, do not connect them completely from dot to dot so that we have a small distance between the connecting lines and dots. Step5: diagonally outwards from each dot, if the dot is approaching a Going splitting, draw a short curve out from just past the dot to the edge of the grid square, making sure not touching it.

The curve should go straight towards the dot, and should be parallel at the peak of the curve to the splitting where it meets the grid edge. Take note that the curve should not touch the dots. Step 6: Wherever a horizontal splitting and a vertical splitting meet in a corner, the knot will also have a sharp corner. Draw these corners in a way such es smoothly. Fill in the disjoints bStep 8:Wherever there is a dot, fill in the space as followsOn odd rows, let the right piece overlap the left piece.

Step 9:Erase all construction lines and the knot is complete. UsesThere are a wide variety of uses for Celtic knots. Its complicated and yet, tricate designs have enabled artists to incorporate them into their orks. Celtic knots can be used to decorate simple merchandise and also be used to bring about a dignified e to every occasion.

The Celtic knots have graced many different types of jewellery. The uniqueness of using only one cord to weave a complicated patternA sacred symbol of the Celts, The Triscele represents the eternal rhythm of life that mankind are a part of. This ancient symbol represents the trinity of life and was adorned at their most sacred.

This amulet design symbolizes peace. Ancient Celts wear it, hoping to attain peace in oneself and in relationships with others.


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Intricate and compelling, these Celtic designs encompass a dazzling range of knotwork, spirals, key patterns, and Great Book of Celtic Patterns: The Ultimate Design Sourcebook for Artists and Crafters pdf.

[PDF Download] Great Book of Celtic Patterns: The Ultimate Design Sourcebook for Artists and

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Courtney Davis. Intricate and compelling, these Celtic designs encompass a dazzling range of knotwork, spirals, key pattes, and animal forms.

The Celtic Design Book

As a general rule, the major disliked formal meetings and avoided holding them whenever possible. So an orders group such as the one they saw forming probably meant action was imminent. The designs can be scanned, enlarged, reduced, or used same size, and they can be adapted, or mixed and matched with other images, allowing you to develop your own projects in innovative ways. Celtic Designs Clip Art.

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The Celtic Design Book

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