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Educational psychology is the branch of psychology concerned with the scientific study of human learning. The study of learning processes, from both cognitive and behavioral perspectives, allows researchers to understand individual differences in intelligence , cognitive development, affect, motivation , self-regulation, and self-concept, as well as their role in learning. The field of educational psychology relies heavily on quantitative methods, including testing and measurement, to enhance educational activities related to instructional design, classroom management, and assessment, which serve to facilitate learning processes in various educational settings across the lifespan.

Educational psychology

Very good website, thank you. Store D. Today I will provide you the complete notes on educational psychology. Educational psychology i s a part of our course so it is important to get educational psychology notes in order to prepare for the upcoming examination. Educational psychology notes also suitable for M. You will get complete notes on educational psychology starting from concept to conclusion.

The International Journal of Educational Psychology IJEP is an Open Access journal which has as its main objective the publication of top research in the area of educational psychology which seeks to be applied in a variety of educational contexts, formal and informal, involving different education levels, individuals and groups of all ages. The articles published in IJEP deal with problems that are relevant for the international scientific and education communities and their contributions serve as scientific tools to improve educational processes and outcomes. A second objective of IJEP is the publication of theoretical articles that advance the literature in educational psychology, opening new lines of research in the field. For both types of articles IJEP emphasizes those that deepen in the understanding of the processes, tools, contexts, and outcomes of school and non-school learning. These are works that can address, among others, the analysis of the dynamics of classroom interactions, the relationships between learning and development, the design of effective learning environments, learning processes in non-school contexts such as the home, the street, after school programs, ICT , discourse use in those contexts, and interactions between learning and identity.

Educational Psychology

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Attribution CC BY. This text provides a relatively comprehensive overview of most foundational educational psychology theories. However, there are some important elements missing, as well as an over-emphasis on classroom management and assessment that veer away from Comprehensiveness rating: 3 see less. However, there are some important elements missing, as well as an over-emphasis on classroom management and assessment that veer away from the curriculum normally taught in an introductory educational psychology class for undergraduate students.


If you are interested in studying psychology, then take the first step on your path of educational success with us here at Ivy Tech Community College. Adventures in Psychology. By responses or behavior is meant all forms of processes,. Tolerance of ambiguity: a review of the recent literature.

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Cross-cultural psychology is the study of similarities and differences in behavior among individuals who have developed in different cultures. This article provides a brief overview on some of the major issues related with learning. While the tutorials are aimed at a class in educational psychology the cover several developmental topics.

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Formats Available. PDF Content is accurate, error-free, and not significantly biased in any one section or area overall. The major concepts of educational psychology are present, including the major theories and theorists This book covers the general areas explored in an introductory educational psychology course.