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During the regime of Gen. A Sufi council was formed and a few seminars and some musical concerts were held; a Sufi University is still being worked on.

Pakistan: A Hard Country is a descriptive survey of the politics of contemporary Pakistan. Lieven is a journalist, but he uses ethnographies, histories, and so forth as well as observations, anecdotes, and quotes drawn from firsthand experience over two decades, including conversations with Pakistanis from all walks of life. A Hard Country begins with a brief historical account, covering the creation of Pakistan but focusing on the contrasting personalities and approaches of four leaders, Ayub Khan, Zulfilkar Ali Bhutto, Zia-ul-Haq, and Pervez Musharraf. Most of the work, however, is devoted to a more synchronic description of its contemporary political system.

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Every country has two facets. The public and the private. It is but of course the private that one is most after — the eagerness to know more and be able to make sense of it. Pakistan as a country has been quite mysterious. Like a detective novel enticing the reader and arousing almost all senses.

The prevailing transnational threat of terrorism in the presence of nuclear weapons has associated the probabilities of nuclear terrorism to Pakistan. The well-articulated research work of a London based scholar Lieven under the title of Pakistan: A Hard Country is a remarkable contribution in the ongoing debate on Pakistan and its allegedly continuous standing in world politics. The debate begins with the significance of nontraditional security threat to Pakistan. The first portion deals with the historical foundations of the state along with its cultural, demographical and geographical characteristics. The second part of the book emphasizes the internal structure of the state which is generally based on justice, religion, military and politics.

P akistan, Anatol Lieven writes in his new book, is "divided, disorganised, economically backward, corrupt, violent, unjust, often savagely oppressive towards the poor and women, and home to extremely dangerous forms of extremism and terrorism". It is easy to conclude, as many have, from this roll call of infirmities that Pakistan is basically Afghanistan or Somalia with nuclear weapons. Or is this a dangerously false perception, a product of wholly defective assumptions? Certainly, an unblinkered vision of South Asia would feature a country whose fanatically ideological government in conducted nuclear tests, threatened its neighbour with all-out war and, four years later, presided over the massacre of 2, members of a religious minority. Long embattled against secessionist insurgencies on its western and eastern borders, the "flailing" state of this country now struggles to contain a militant movement in its heartland.

Book Review: Pakistan: A Hard Country by Anatol Lieven

Lieven's profound and sophisticated analysis paves the way for clearer understanding of this remarkable and highly contradictory country. Few writers offer the insight and deep knowledge that Lieven has of a country critical for the West but one often caricatured by the media and rarely understood by Western policy makers Timely and compelling. This is a wonderful book, full of learning, wisdom, humour and common sense. One cannot give Lieven enough credit

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Pakistan: A Hard Country by Anatol Lieven – review

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Pakistan A Hard Country By Anatol Lieven

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While governance is chaotic and state services minimal, Pakistan is highly unlikely to collapse or succumb to radical Islamist elements.

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Writer' choice of words is stinging some times, yet amusing.