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This is a real treasure for any practicing or future marine engineer. The textbook is truly a perfect one owing to the exhaustive coverage of the motor engineering aspects. You will find the information about literally everything here. The structure of the publication was developed to provide readers with the detailed descriptions of the marine diesel engines installed on board the majority of the ships, and also covers the engine components.

The text is well-illustrated and written in a very easy-to-read manner. This is a new edition of the textbook with the content duly reflecting all developments and including all recent updates. The particular attention was paid to the safety and protection of the marine environment from the pollution. We would definitely recommend this title to all students of marine engineering discipline preparing for their exams, as well as to the practicing marine engineers willing to refresh their theoretical knowledge.

Have a look into this volume which is the latest edition of the book specifically designed for use by people interested in the basics of the engineering processes, including those taking place in the machinery installed on board ships and offshore installations.

This normally includes internal combustion engines , heat exchangers and many others. The content of the document will help readers with solving the various engineering issues, providing them with dozens of technical shortcuts and associated calculations. Moreover, the author covered all recent developments in the geo-information systems as well as pipeline toughness and safety management. It will be an excellent handbook for the process engineers and also be a great reference for the students.

The information contained in the book shall be used for the preliminary designs of the plants and when assessing their operations. In short, it contains all technical knowledge that shall be possessed by the practicing chemical and process engineers and as such is recommended to both professionals in the field and the students who will all benefit from going through all chapters.

The equipment design has been paid particular attention. The main intention of this classic volume was to treat in a very connected and consistent way, the essential theory of the ship propulsion and to provide readers, mainly students of marine engineering, with the useful and effective methods, formulas and rules to be applied when dealing with such manners.

The contents of the book are prepared on the basis of the model experiments conducted by the world famous William Froude in England. At the time of the initial release of this book, the subject experiments were considered the most effective method of investigation of the ship propulsion and ship hull resistance. Every effort was made by the author to underline the limitations of this method and the regions where it can be applied and stay reliable.

Note that the powering of ships and sea trials have been covered in the separate chapters. Here is an absolutely excellent publication and a must have one for many marine engineer, from students to the practicing professionals.

However, it will be of particular practical interest to those marine engineers who are in need of upgrading their ratings. The information contained in the pages of this volume will help them test their grasp in the scope falling within the endorsement exam. The author added hundreds of questions to provide better coverage.

There are also several subchapters newly introduced that address the machine shop devices, maintenance procedures to be followed in the pump room, troubleshooting of the shipboard machinery, electrical review and so many other aspects. The sections related to the routing maintenance of the equipment and applicable regulatory framework, piping and pumping arrangements, HVAC, lubrication, bearings etc. According to the numerous reviews, this title is one of the most helpful ones of those available today.

The author has covered info that the marine engineers shall be aware of so that they perform the troubleshooting of the engines and all associated equipment. Recommended to all people involved in operation and maintenance of the machinery installed on board ships. Have a look into one of the most comprehensive volumes on internal combustion engines available today.

The book may serve as an excellent introductory text for the beginners; however, the content will be equally interesting to the specialists willing to refresh their knowledge. This third edition of the valuable reference source features lot of newly included material.

The text of the book is informative and thorough containing detailed descriptions of the theory together with the practical overview of the subject. The readers may easily starts at near-zero point and move to the operation of the engines.

The explanations provided in the pages of this text-book are easy enough to understand even to the people with not too much of experience; this is why it gained so much popularity even among non-engineers. The book will be of particular interest to the people who want to understand all why's of the internal combustion engines since it gives complete and detailed information on the theory of engine operation.

Most of the theoretical information normally required by the engine enthusiasts has been provided. The content is duly updated and reflects all latest developments in the design and construction of the engines. This excellent reference book was designed to give its readers a really comprehensive and professional insight into the contemporary diesel injection and electronic control systems, mainly focusing on the minimization of the emissions to the atmosphere and on the treatment of exhaust gases.

The technical innovations introduces by the specialists of the Bosch company in the diesel-injection field have significantly contributed to the boom in the diesel industry. This nice publication opens with a very brief but interesting historical overview, that is followed by the chapter describing the main areas where the diesel engines are commonly used. The next chapter explains the basic, fundamental principles of operation of the diesel engines, while the following chapter is concentrating on the fuel oils.

The remaining chapters of the publication cover the rest of important aspects of the construction and operation of the subject type of engines, such as their control systems, common-rail systems, unit injector- and unit pump systems, pressure lines, sensors, start-assist arrangement, troubleshooting, service technology and so many others, covering even the emission-related legislation.

We are hereby offering the latest and popular English edition of maybe the most popular handbooks of diesel engines providing remarkably comprehensive overview of every type and size of subject engines, from the smallest single cylinder diesel engines and up through the huge two stroke diesel engines installed on board marine vessels. The material presented in the book is mainly based on the valuable contributions made by almost sixty world recognized industry experts collaborating together.

Moreover, in addition to the theoretical fundamentals, this publication treats in detail the critically important subjects of the atmospheric emission, energy efficiency matters, injection systems and exhaust gas after treatment, electronic engine control and management, as well as the conventional and newly introduced alternative fuels.

This handbook would actually serve as a truly indispensable companion to the study of both theoretical and practical issues of the diesel engines.

The pumps, including centrifugal type pumps, and their systems are widely presented in ship hull systems. What it actually means is that every single industry professional dealing with the pump design must possess a very good theoretical knowledge and fully understanding of their working principles.

But note that is not enough, and they shall also be familiar with all practical applications of pumps together with the main engineering correlations for flow phenomena. The chapters of this publication cover such interesting and important topics as various pump types and their performance data, fluid dynamic principles, physical concepts and pump hydraulics, various performance characteristics, part-load operation, cavitation and suction capability, design of the various hydraulic components, issues connected with the vibration and noise, hydraulic forces, pump operation, general characteristics of turbine operation, selection of materials exposed to high flow velocities, medium influence, selection of pump and associated quality considerations, and pump testing.

Definitely useful publication for the crew members as well as people willing to get some basic knowledge of pumping technology and systems. The "Read Later" function allows you to add material to this block with just one click. Just click on the icon and read the articles that interest you at any convenient time.

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Basic Marine Engineering ebook

The basic marine engineer job description is someone who is trained to maintain, update and operate large vessels used for the production and transportation of Marine Technicians operate and maintain highly technical propulsion, all marine systems engineering equipment onboard ship, troubleshoot failures, advise The first stage of training is the Basic Military Qualification course, or Basic Merchant Navy Engineering Officers keep ships moving literally and figuratively. Qualified engineers alike and are all available in the Marine Society Shop. It deals with the basic principals, starting at an elementary level. Basic Question arises on mind What is Marine Engineering? The term 'Marine' hits everyone mind that it is something related to water. Yes, you all are right! Back to Top.

Download Introduction to Marine Engineering

Over the past several decades, we could observe numerous significant developments and advances in the field of marine engineering, particularly related to the shipboard diesel engines installed on board both ships and offshore installations. So many new technologies were introduced, each of them deserving closest attention by all people engaged in the maritime industry. The publication was prepared in order to fulfil all needs of the marine engineers willing to stay in touch with the latest information on the modern marine diesel engines slowly replacing the ones of the older series.

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Marine Engineering: eBooks

Progress has been made in many areas of marine engineering since the first edition of this book was published. A greater emphasis is now being placed on the cost-effective operation of ships. This has meant more fuel-efficient engines, less time in port and the need for greater equipment reliability, fewer engineers and more use of automatically operated machinery. The marine engineer is still, however, required to understand the working principles, construction and operation of all the machinery items in a ship. The need for correct and safe operating procedures is as great as ever. There is considerably more legislation which must be understood and complied with, for example in relation to the discharging of oil, sewage and even black smoke from the funnel.

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Fresh water generator FWG is one of the essential machineries on board ship, After-all a large amount of fresh water is utilized on s The books and study notes are property of the their author and the publisher. These books are found on various websites and We just provided link to these files. The below links are for educational purpose only. If you Have any complain or query regarding these link or this post kindly contact us! We will act ASAP! Just write to us regarding the same at jontipo gmail.

Download PDF of Introduction to Marine Engineering 2nd Edition D. A. Taylor for free | PDF Free Download. Contents of Marine Engineering PDF Book.

Naval Architecture for Marine Engineers focuses on resistance, propulsion, and vibration aspects of ships. The book first discusses the functions, layouts, and types of ships and terms used. The text looks at classification societies and governmental authorities influential on the design, construction, and safety of ships. The book also highlights ship calculations, including trapezoidal rule, Simpson's rule, and other rules for calculation.

Naval Architecture for Marine Engineers

This is a real treasure for any practicing or future marine engineer.

Marine engineering a text-book. Online library. This ebook is usually downloaded with: Practical marine engineering for marine engineers and students, with aids for applicants for marine engineers' licenses by William Frederick Durand A manual of marine engineering: comprising the design, construction, and working of marine machinery by Albert Edward Seaton A text book of naval architecture : for the use of officers of the Royal Navy by J. John Joseph Welch The naval architect's and shipbuilder's pocket-book of formulae, rules, and tables and marine engineer's and surveyor's handy book of reference by Clement Mackrow The marine steam turbine; a practical description of the Parsons marine turbine as presently constructed, fitted, and run, intended for the use of students, marine engineers, superintendent engineers, draughtsmen, works' managers, foremen engineers, and others by J.


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Over the past several decades, we could observe numerous significant developments and advances in the field of marine engineering, particularly related to the.

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This is a real treasure for any practicing or future marine engineer. This book is intended to complement another volume of the Reed's series.