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Despite rising employment in many western economies, poverty is not declining.

Working Poverty in Europe

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More than three billion people in the world—half of humankind—live on less than two-and-a-half US dollars per person per day. Excellent books can be found on ending world poverty. These books go into depth on many important aspects of economic development but do not focus on employment and self-employment, work and nonwork. The present volume fills in where these others leave off. For the last several decades, Gary Fields has been teaching, conducting research, and working as a policy advisor on labor market issues. Policy makers, businesspeople, and researchers know a great deal about how the Policy makers, businesspeople, and researchers know a great deal about how the world's poor work and what has improved conditions for them.

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Working Hard, Working Poor: A Global Journey

This rich synthesis is both a story of American workers and an attempt to reinvigorate Labor History. While he debunks the idea that the working class had become submissive at that time, he also argues that liberal policymakers helped set up a system of industrial relations that the workers would not have obtained alone. Like any impressive book, State of the Union has areas where the analysis could have been stronger, notably to explain the decline of unions during the s and s. Indeed, the the main focus of the book revolves around the emergence of unions in the first decades of the century and the beginning of their decline after the World War Two. I would argue that this tension resurfaced in the s and s, two decades of tremendous economic prosperity. It is important to note that Lichtenstein clearly shows how the poverty question helped redefine the social question for New Left intellectuals such as Michael Harrington in his famous book, The Other America , published in Hence, Lichtenstein quotes Harrington:.

David Shipler, in The Working Poor: Invisible in America, endeavors to show that, while the causes of poverty are complex, better solutions are possible.

Improving Conditions for the Working Poor

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Policy and research evidence show that there are three major ways to address poverty and inequalities: through work, through education, and through income transfers. The labour conditions faced by the poor are central to social determinants of health. Our case studies examined successful public and private sector policies and programs in Canada and globally that provide good working conditions for low-skilled workers while remaining economically competitive.

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Gary S. Fields

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The Working Poor

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