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Visual Basic 6 Programming Black Book Pdf

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Visual Basic 6.0 Black Book Pdf

Introduction Welcome to your Visual Basic support package. Thats what this book has been designed to be: your complete VB support package. Have we reached that goal yet? It s up to you to decide. If what youre looking for is not in this edition, well work hard to make sure its in the nextI encourage your suggestions. Please feel free to write. Well put in the time to make sure this book is the most complete one available on Visual Basic, edition after edition.

This is the book we want you to come back to again and again. Ive used Visual Basic back before version 1 even came out publicly and have written many books on the program. I put Visual Basic to work for a very wide range of uses day after day; in fact, its is my favorite programming package of all, and it comes close to being my favorite program period.

But Ive never written a book on Visual Basic as complete as this one and never included as many features, documented or undocumented, examples, and tips in one volume. This book has been designed to give you the coverage you just wont find in any other book. Other books often omit not only the larger topics, like deploying your program after youve created it and creating Help files, but also the smaller ones, like covering in depth just about every control that comes with Visual Basic, including the ActiveX controlsfrom the MS chart control to flat scroll bars, from the serial port comm control to the Internet transfer control.

Reluctantly, I must admit that its impossible for one volume to be utterly comprehensive on the subject of Visual Basic impossible because its not physically possible to bind a book that big yet , but were trying our best.

Its true that some specialty books might have more coverage on a few topics, but if you want to see more on a particular topic, write in and well work seriously on adding more of that topic to the next edition.

How This Book Works The task-based format we use in this book is the one most programmers appreciate because programming is a task-based business. Rather than reading about subjects in the order the author thinks best, you can go directly to your topic of interest and find the bite-sized nugget of information you need, such as opening an FTP connection, adding a Web browser to your program, supporting online user registration from Visual Basic, adding a method to an ActiveX control, creating an error handler, flipping or stretching an image, opening an RDO database connection, playing CDs from the computers CD-ROM drive, and literally hundreds of other topics.

And best of all, theres a working example in code for almost every programming topic in the book. The actual process of programming is not abstract; its very applied. So instead of vague generalities, we get down to the specificsall the specificsthat give you everything you need to understand and use Visual Basic. In the old days, programming books used to be very top-down, with chapters on subjects like conditional branching, loop structures, variable declarations, and so forth.

But who sits down to program by saying, Im about to create a conditional program flow branch? Instead, programmers are more interested in performing useful tasks, like adding buttons, menus, list boxes, or toolbars to a window; creating graphics animation; creating dialog boxes; creating setup programs; working with files; supporting online Help; and so on. And this book is written for programmers. Because this book is written for programmers, each chapter is broken up into dozens of practical programming tasks.

After selecting the chapter you want, you can turn to the table of contents, or to the first page in that chapter, to find the task youre interested in.

Hundreds of tasks are covered in this book, chosen as those that programmers most want to see. In addition, this book is filled with nearly examples, covering just about every Visual Basic programming area there is. These examples are bite-sized and to the point, so you dont have to wade through a dozen files trying to understand one simple topic.

And theyre as comprehensive as we could make them, covering every programming area in the book. Besides programming tasks and examples, the book also has overviews designed to bring all the pieces together into a coherent whole, giving you the entire picture.

The first chapter is designed specifically to give you an overview of Visual Basic itself, along with some of the best programming practices to use, including those recommended by Microsoft. Every subsequent chapter starts with an overview of the subject it covers before digging into the specifics, making sure we never get lost in details. Well also see discussions on best programming practices, program design, program testing, what makes a professional Windows application professional, and much more, as befits a book that wants to be your complete Visual Basic support package.

In addition, the CD that accompanies this book holds the code for all the major projects we develop. To open and use a project, look for the Visual Basic project file for example, browser.

Besides the code from the book, note that the CD has hundreds of megabytes of tools and software, ready for you to use. Whats In This Book Just about everything we could write about Visual Basic is in this book, and thats a lot of ground to cover.

From language reference to ADO database handling, from creating Web browsers to dragging and dropping data across applications, from email applications to multimedia players, from creating ActiveX controls and ActiveX documents to setup programs, its all here. Heres some of what well see how to create in this book: " ActiveX controls. Visual Basic is a very large topic, and the topics well cover number in the hundreds.

And if you have suggestions for more, please send them in. What Youll Need To use this book profitably, you should have some experience with Visual Basicnot necessarily a lot, but enough to get through Chapter 1 without trouble.

We assume you have some familiarity with the essentials of Visual Basic in this book, although those essentials are not very hard to pick up. If you do have trouble with Chapter 1, you might take a look at an introductory book before proceeding. As far as software goes, just about all you need to use this book is already in Microsoft Visual Basic well use version 6 in this book.

Visual Basic comes with an enormous set of tools and resources, and well have our hands full putting them to work. We try to be as self-contained in this book as possibleeven creating the database files well use in examples with Visual Basic itself, not with a database application.

The graphics files we use in various examples are on the CD, and the multimedia files we ll play in our multimedia examples come with Windows. Where can you go for additional Visual Basic support? You can find Visual Basic user groups all over, and more are appearing every day. You can also find Visual Basic information and advertising at the Microsoft Visual Basic home page at www. Although the content varies in accuracy, there are many Usenet groups dedicated to Visual Basic as well, but be careful what you read theretheres no guarantee its accurate.

About two dozen of those groups are hosted by Microsoft, including: " microsoft. And that all the introduction we needits time to start digging into Visual Basic. As weve said, we intend this book to be your complete support package for Visual Basic, so, again, if you see something that should be covered and isnt, let us know. In the meantime, happy reading! He also wrote Advanced Visual Basic 4.

Stevens books have sold over a million copies and have been translated into 15 languages around the world. Steven was on the faculty of Cornell University for 10 years, where he earned his Ph. Hes also been on the faculty at his undergraduate school, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Steven loves to travel, and has been to over 30 countries, from Afghanistan to India, from Borneo to Iran, from Sweden to Thailand, with more to come. He and Nancy live in a small, picturesque town on the New England coast and spend summers in their house in the Austrian Alps.

Acknowledgments The book you are holding is the result of many peoples dedication. I would especially like to thank Stephanie Wall, Acquisitions Editor, for her hard work; Jeff Kellum, the Project Editor who did such a great job of bringing this project together and shepherding it along, as well as Wendy Littley, the Production Coordinator who kept things on track; Joanne Slike, the copyeditor who waded through everything and got it into such good shape; and April Nielsen, who did the interior design.

Special thanks to Harry Henderson for the terrific tech edit. Thanks to all: great job! Dedication To my Sweetie, Nancy, the best editor in the world, with more kisses than there are pages in this book and every one of those kisses is well deserved. Its no secret that Visual Basic is the favorite programming environment of many programmers.

In fact, youre reading a book written by one of those programmers right now. When Visual Basic first appeared, it created a revolution in Windows programming, and that revolution continues to this day. Never before had Windows programming been so easyjust build the program you want, right before your eyes, and then run it. Visual Basic introduced unheard-of ease to Windows programming and changed programming from a chore to something very fun. In time, Visual Basic has gotten more complex, as well as more powerful.

In this book, were going to see how to use Visual Basic in a task-oriented way, which is the best way to write about programming. Instead of superimposing some abstract structure on the material in this book, well organize it the way programmers want it task by task. This book assumes you have some familiarity with Visual Basic; when you use this book, youll usually have some task in mindsetting a programs startup form, for example, or optimizing for a specific processorand this book will provide the answer.

Well try to be as complete as possible unlike the frustrating recordings of frequently asked questionswhich never seem to address your particular problem you can access while on hold for tech support. This book is designed to be the one you come back to time and time again.

Its not just to learn new techniques, but it is also to reacquaint yourself with the forgotten details of familiar methods. Well start with an overview of Visual Basic, taking a look at topics common to the material in the rest of the text.

In this chapter, well create the foundation well rely on later as we take a look at the basics of Visual Basic, including how to create Visual Basic projects and seeing whats in such projects. Well also get an overview of essential Visual Basic concepts like forms, controls, events, properties, methods, and so on.

And well examine the structure of a Visual Basic program, taking a look at variables, variable scope, and modules. In other words, were going to lay bare the anatomy of a Visual Basic program here. Well also take a look at programming practices common to all Visual Basic programs. This overview chapter is the place to take a look at those practices because they involve the rest of the book.

Most Visual Basic programmers do not have formal programming training and have to learn a lot of this material the hard way. As programming has matured, programmers have learned more and more about what are called best practicesthe. Well take a look at those practices in this chapter, because they are becoming more and more essential for programmers in commercial environments these days, especially those programmers that work in teams. And well look at those practices from the viewpoint of programmers who program for a living; frequently theres a gap between the way best practices are taught by academics and how they are actually needed by programmers facing the prospect of writing a 20,line program as part of a team of programmers.

Well start our overview chapter by creating and dissecting a Visual Basic project, jumping right into the code. There are three different editions of Visual Basic: " The Learning Edition, which is the most basic edition. This edition allows you to write many different types of programs, but lacks a number of tools that the other editions have.

This edition contains all that the Learning Edition contains and more, such as the capability to write ActiveX controls and documents. This edition is targeted towards professional programmers who may work in a team and includes additional tools such as Visual SourceSafe, a version-control system that coordinates team programming.

Well use the Enterprise Edition in this book, so if you have either of the other two editions, we might occasionally use something not supported in your Visual Basic edition. Well try to keep such occurrences to a minimum. In Figure 1.

Visual Basic 6 Black Book

Assuming you all are beginners to visual basic, each and every lesson in this tutorial is explained step by step with examples and source code. NET Standard soon to be released These editions are primarily for hobbyist, student, or beginner who wants to try their hands on basic language features. Java Books. Java PDF Books. Modular Programming in Java 9 Pdf.

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Book. Language English. Title. Visual Basic 6 black book. Author(S) Steven Holzner. Publication. Data. Scottsadle, Arizona: The Coriolis Group. Publication.

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This book provides a hands-on introduction to all aspects of application development with Visual Basic. The topics are reinforced through a series of hands-on lab exercises in which the reader creates a fully functional Visual Basic application. The lab setup and solution diskette included with the book provides the files required to perform the hands-on labs, and includes a set of solutions to the lab exercises for student review. Available in version 6. Book Site.

A guide for Visual Basic programmers to create sophisticated professional applications. Exploring the system of extensions, techniques, design, third party tools and controls which have grown up around this language. Includes a CD that contains all working code samples, executable files and project files. This tool analyzes the application components and the relationships between them from an upgrade perspective, considering elements, constructs, and features that consume resources during an upgrade. Hi all, I am developing an application which will split the given PDF file into multiple.

Visual Basic 6 Programming Black Book By Steven Holzner Pdf 15

visual basic 6.0

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Introduction Welcome to your Visual Basic support package.

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Visual Basic 6 Black Book:Table of Contents To access the contents, click the The Visual Basic Application Wizard Visual Basic Programming Conventions.