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Paper: 96cm square of Kozu, 45gsm I had a hard time finding this paper, too. They carry rolls of Japanese paper, and I bought 2 meters 1 of which I used.

Accueil Contact. Robert J. Lang, origami has transcended its humble roots as a traditional Japanese papercraft to take a place among the global fine arts.

Scaled Koi (Robert J. Lang): Back View

Origami, as Robert Lang describes it, is simple: "You take a creature, you combine it with a square, and you get an origami figure. His repertoire includes a snake with one thousand scales, a two-foot-tall allosaurus skeleton, and a perfect replica of a Black Forest cuckoo clock. Each work is the result of software which Lang himself pioneered that manipulates thousands of mathematical calculations in the production of a "folding map" of a single creature. The marriage of mathematics and origami harkens back to Lang's own childhood. As a first-grader, Lang proved far too clever for elementary mathematics and quickly became bored, prompting his teacher to give him a book on origami. His acuity for mathematics would lead him to become a physicist at the California Institute of Technology, and the owner of nearly fifty patents on lasers and optoelectronics.

The complete book of origami : step-by-step instructions in over 1000 diagrams : 37 original models

Photo: Timothy Archibald. Over a muggy June weekend, more than paper-folding enthusiasts from around the globe are gathered in New York for the annual Origami USA conference. The late-'50s-era classrooms at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Chelsea, where the conference is being held, are a study in beige, from the linoleum to the walls to the dressmakers' mannequins kibitzing in a corner. In one, 20 students ranging in age from 9 to mids wait eagerly, packs of brightly colored paper spread out before them on the long, narrow tables. Their instructor for this course, Robert Lang, notes that the turnout is impressive, considering he didn't provide a sample of the model they'd be folding for the display downstairs in the great hall. Lang, MS '83, has certainly folded his share of creepy crawlies—a scorpion with stinger poised to strike, a Japanese "samurai helmet" beetle with formidable forked horn, even a pair of mating praying mantises—each from a single sheet of paper.

Robert J. Lang born May 4 , is an American physicist known for his contributions to the art of origami. Lang started his career in origami forty years ago, and many think he is now one of the world's best paperfolders. He travels often, giving lectures about how origami is related to other topics, like science , mathematics , and technology. Lang is also the author of nine books, and has written articles in several origami magazines. He has found many uses of origami in real life situations, like airbag design and an expandable space telescope. Before being a professional origamist, Lang had many different jobs.

Robert J. Lang - Origami Insects Vol. Uploaded by: Carlos Argueta; 0; 0 If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using.

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For most origami enthusiasts, the ancient Japanese art of folding and making creases is a mere hobby, and a grand pursuit for those giddily obsessed with the mathematics or aesthetics of how mere paper can be contorted into objects of beauty and interest. For Robert J. This article is about the American paperfolder. For the Czech hockey player, see Robert Lang.. Robert J.

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