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Concise Oxford Companion To The English Language Pdf

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Where dictionaries have appeared in multiple editions, only those which are cited in the text are listed explicitly here. For early dictionaries mentioned in chapter 10 , see also Chronology this volume. Axel Schuessler.

Concise Oxford companion to the English language

The esteemed contributors including over 50 new to this edition range from internationally renowned academics to some of the most famous wine writers and wine specialists in the world.

Over 60 per cent of all entries have been revised ; and useful lists and statistics are appended, including a unique list of the world's controlled appellations and their permitted grape varieties, as well as vineyard area, wine production and consumption by country.

For more about the new entries, see Nine years of new words. And click here to listen to Julia's full-length podcast, recorded by Qin Xie, on how she came to work for Jancis and further insights into the complex process of updating The Oxford Companion to Wine.

The first person outside the wine trade to have passed the notoriously tough Master of Wine exams, she writes daily for the award-winning JancisRobinson. Among all Masters of Wine she was selected for the Noval Award for Excellence in Communication in and was co-author of Wine Grapes , published in and winner of every major book award.

These infographics use facts and figures taken from the fourth edition of The Oxford Companion to Wine. Click on the image to see the full version. Online versions will be published both on the Purple Pages of JancisRobinson. About the book. About the authors. Sample pages. Learn about wine. Awards and reviews. Buy the book s. Oxford Companion to Wine. View fullsize. Learn about wine These infographics use facts and figures taken from the fourth edition of The Oxford Companion to Wine.

The book is also just as interesting to the layman who drinks the odd glass or two And for anyone building up their own cellar - it is indispensable. Peter Hepburn, Library Journal , 1 March The entries are frequently entertaining reads in their own right, their academic rigour matched by a flair for incisive wit and even humour.

Even especially! Mel Priestley, Vue Weekly , 4 February Read the review 'Now in its fourth incarnation, Jancis Robinson's book is the one to own if you have any sort of interest in wine. It's my go-to reference for research into current and historical grapes and wines.

Read the review 'If you're a wine novice, this one volume could teach you more about wine than any other; and if you're a full-time wine professional, you will still find much in here that you didn't know. Read the review 'the weighty gold standard when it comes to every region, grape, style and technical term to do with wine'.

Membership is only a little more than the book's cost, so it's a no-brainer not to go that route. When you need something quickly, this enormous book is completely searchable on line. Read the review 'Any wine lover would surely love to receive this book as a gift - even if they have one of the previous editions. Read the review 'An essential piece for a wine lover's shelves. Read the review 'If someone is to own just one wine book, Ms. Read the review ' Tim James, Grape , 17 November Read the review 'weighty, authoritative, indispensable' Elin McCoy, Bloomberg , 6 November It's now on my MacBook, iPhone, iPad mini, and with many dozens of new entries — e.

The new e-book and Kindle formats, as well as the traditional hardcover edition, now render this fount of vinous erudition even more accessible and eminently more portable. Read the review 'It also has semi-hidden pleasures amid the dry discourse. These Easter eggs elevate Oxford from becoming an encyclopedic brain dump. They sum up wine, in its current state, with finesse. Read the review 'Long considered the standard text of wine scholarship, I feel comfortable as an admirer of both wine writing and Oxford companions in observing that it also sets a standard for the Oxford series.

Read the review 'I asked the students to give me feedback about the various readings. When it came to the Oxford Companion there was nearly unanimous praise. Concise, detailed, informed, well-written — they liked everything about it. Read the review 'It has authority running through it like the stripes in a tube of toothpaste. Read the review 'The mother of all reference books on wine. Read the review 'The Oxford Companion is exhaustively researched and the inclusion of a grape or region in its pages lends a level of credibility that Wikipedia does not [have].

Read the review 'It may be the most essential wine book any enthusiast should possess - a fastidiously researched and well-crafted book on just about everything in wine from a-z. Read the review 'By some distance the greatest wine reference book ever created. Read the review 'A handy barometer on how the wine world is doing. Read the review 'If you find yourself embroiled in dinner-table debates about wine, the Oxford Companion is your final arbiter. Read the review 'A comprehensive compendium that deserves a spot on every aficionado's shelf.

Read the review 'A must-have in any serious wine library. Even wine writers refer, and defer, to it. Read the review 'As well as a huge weight of information, this wonderful book also manages to entertain and delight.

A selection from reviews of and awards for previous editions. Buy the book US. UK and the rest of the world.

The concise Oxford dictionary of English literature

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The Concise Oxford Companion to English Literature (Oxford

By turns sacred or profane, mystical or earthy, scathingly satirical, and modern or achingly nostalgic for the ever-receding past, the literature of Ireland has long entranced and entertained readers the world over. Now in a new concise edition with completely new entries, this impressive work provides a comprehensive and delightfully readable guide to the evolution and achievements of Irish writers and writing across sixteen tumultuous centuries. Written by a distinguished team of writers from Ireland and around the world, this remarkable edition offers over 2, entries that provide insight into the intimate fusion of history, literature, and culture that distinguishes so much of Ireland's poetry, drama, and fiction.

English Language and Literature

The Oxford Companion to English Literature first published in , edited by the retired diplomat Sir Paul Harvey — , was the earliest of the Oxford Companions to appear.

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Oxford Companion to the English Language

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