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Internship Report On Credit Risk Management Pdf

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Credit Risk Management of Uttara Bank Limited

Would you please kindly accept my. Acknowledgement For the successful accomplishment of this report, first of all I would like to thank Almighty. This report is an effort to reflect a clear idea about the strategies, activities and performance. Report this document. This was assigned to me as a part of my BBA program. To prepare this report I have conducted interview with the officials of the bank to collect my required data, papers and documents etc.

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Assignment Point - Solution for Best Assignment Paper

This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using this DMCA report form. Report DMCA. Home current Explore. Words: 14, Pages: On the other hand internship is a course which is related to our course curriculum. As a student of BBA in International Islamic University Chittagang IIUC my intention is to capture some theoretical concept and to know how implement this theoretical concept in our real life solution.

Banking sector is one of the important sectors for the economic development of a country. Generally banks deal with others people deposits. It is also important that any amounts of the depositors are not used for any personal interest. Bank should try to extend its credit to different borrowers to diversify its credit risk. Nowadays, many banking organizations have experienced similar problems with bad loan. Loans typically exhibit the greatest credit risk. The credit risk arises when it assumes that the borrower will default, that is, they will not repay the principal and interest on a timely basis.

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Internship Report On CREDIT RISK MANAGEMENT OF ...

Would you please kindly accept my. Acknowledgement For the successful accomplishment of this report, first of all I would like to thank Almighty. This report is an effort to reflect a clear idea about the strategies, activities and performance. Report this document.


In: Business and Management. Dear Sir, I am pleased to submit this internship report as you entitled me. Our BBA program also has an internship program, relating to the exchange of theoretical knowledge into the real life practical situation. To support my internship report I will work as an intern in Sonali Bank Ltd. My name is Maiful Kausar Ikra. It was great opportunity for me to complete my internship program in the largest state owned commercial bank "Sonali Bank Ltd.

To prepare this report, I have gathered what I believe to be the most complete information available. The experience will remain as a valuable asset of immense useful in my life. I have worked hard preparing this report and sincerely tried to make the paper a comprehensive one within the given time span. I will be always available for answering any query regarding this paper.

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Credit Risk Management of Sonali Bank Limited

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Internship Report On Credit Risk Management Of Ncc Bank Limited

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Sir, As a part of MBA program an internship report is enclosed herewith. The report was prepared on “CREDIT RISK MANAGEMENT PRACTICES OF SONALI​.

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